Daily Current Affairs June 04

Dear Champions, as you all know that a lot of competitive exams have been notified consequently. Candidates have to prepare themselves according to the level of competition and expectation of the Recruitment board. Regarding that one of the most important topic is Daily Current Affairs June 04. Current Affairs in the form of contemporary events of national & international play a crucial role in almost every competitive exams like Banking, Insurance, SSC, UPSC, TNPSC, Railway etc.

Current affairs are the most dynamic yet scoring among all sections and need to be prepared from the right source. Here, we cafunsta team, providing  Daily GK Updates, Current Affairs Questions, and Monthly  current affairs pdf.


June 04| Daily Current Affairs 2022

Important Days – Daily Current Affairs June 04

1. International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression is observed on which date?
A) June 3
B)June 5
C) June 4
D) June 2
E) June 1
Answer: C) June 4

  • With children being one of the most vulnerable members of society, they are subject to a range of crimes and violence throughout the world.
  • Acknowledging the pain and suffering experienced by the children who are victims of emotional, physical and mental abuse, June 4 is observed as the International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression.


  • The United Nations General Assembly had decided to mark June 4 as the International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression at its emergency session on August 19, 1982.
  • The session was held after the Lebanon war started on June 6 that year and claimed the lives of numerous people including many Palestinian and Lebanese children.
  • The UN noted that it was “appalled at the great number of innocent Palestinian and Lebanese children victims of Israel’s acts of aggression”.

Banking and Finance – Daily Current Affairs June 04

2. The Reserve Bank has imposed a penalty of ______ on Punjab & Sind Bank for non-compliance with certain directions issued by it on ‘external benchmark-based lending’?
A) Rs 67.5 lakh
B) Rs 7.5 lakh
C) Rs 27.5 lakh
D) Rs 37.5 lakh
E) Rs 47.5 lakh
Answer: C) Rs 27.5 lakh

  • The Reserve Bank on Friday said it has imposed a penalty of Rs 27.5 lakh on Punjab & Sind Bank for non-compliance with certain directions issued by it on ‘external benchmark-based lending’.
  • A statutory examination of Punjab & Sind Bank revealed non-compliance with the directions, inter-alia, to the extent the bank linked certain floating rate retail loans and floating rate loans to micro and small enterprises, extended by it after October 1, 2019, to MCLR instead of an external benchmark, RBI said.
  • A show cause notice was issued to the bank.

3. Which Small Finance Bank partners with Mobisafar Services for banking services across India?
A)Fincare Small Finance Bank
B)ESAF Small Finance Bank
C)North East Small Finance Bank
D)Suryoday Small Finance Bank
E)Utkarsh Small Finance Bank
Answer: D)Suryoday Small Finance Bank

  • Suryoday Small Finance Bank (SFB) is partnering with Mobisafar Services to provide banking services through the latter’s franchisees and business correspondent network across the country.
  • Suryoday SFB is present across 13 states and Union Territories with over 565 banking outlets.
  • This is aimed at extending digital banking services such as savings account opening, deposit/withdrawal of money, balance enquiry etc. to remoter areas.
  • As per the press release, Mobisafar Services is a neobank with a presence in 13,000 plus pincodes that provides services like domestic money transfer, cash withdrawal, mini ATMs, PAN card applications, travel bookings, among others, to customers across rural India.
  • It will help onboard new customers for Suryoday SFB digitally through eKYC (know your customer).
  • This will also help the bank extend social security schemes such as Pradhan Mantri Suraksha BimaYojana (PMSBY), Pradhan MantriJeevanJyotiBimaYojana (PMJJBY) & Atal Pension Yojana (APY) to currently underbanked customers.

Suryoday Small Finance Bank:

Headquarters: Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
MD & CEO: R BaskarBabu
Tagline: A Bank Of Smile

4. India International Exchange (India INX) and which stock exchange signed a co-operation agreement through which the two bourses?
A)NASTAQ Stock Exchange
B)Bombay Stock Exchange
C)Singapore Stock Exchange
D)Luxembourg Stock Exchange
E)New York Stock Exchange
Answer: D) Luxembourg Stock Exchange

  • BSE’s international arm India International Exchange (India INX) and Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE) signed a co-operation agreement through which the two bourses will enhance the visibility of listed Indian securities towards international investors by facilitating admission of such securities on LuxSE.
  • The agreement builds on the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the two institutions in November 2020, which placed a specific focus on advancing green finance in India, India INX said in a statement.
  • Today’s announcement marks the next important step undertaken by the two international exchanges to bridge the gap between India and international capital markets and strengthen cross-border cooperation in sustainable finance, it added.
  • Also, the parties announced the admission on LuxSE of a green bond issued by Power Finance Corporation.
  • The EUR 300 million green bond, which is already listed on India INX, is now registered on LuxSE’s Securities Official List and displayed on the Luxembourg Green Exchange, the world’s leading platform for sustainable securities.

Books and Authors – Daily Current Affairs June 04

5. “Behram’s Boat” is authored by whom?
A) AdiPocha
B) Ravi Pocha
C) Rajesh Pocha
D) Raj Pocha
E) VinothPocha
Answer: A) AdiPocha

  • AdiPocha released his debut fiction Novel “Behram’s Boat” in Mumbai.
  • Born into a show-biz family, (his father was a comedian, his mother a doctor and a singer, and his aunt is UshaUthup) AdiPocha started his writing career in 1984 as a copywriter in an advertising agency called Shilpi, after which he was hired by Lintas in 1985, and was made Creative Head of Lintas’ Calcutta office in 1987.
  • Adi has a love for writing and that inspired him to write his Novel. The event was attended by many well know faces UshaUthup, Farhan Akhtar, Ashish Vidyarthi, PrahladKakar, Nikhil Kapoor, Brian Tellis, Parvati, Mohan Kapur, Anjali, Sushma, AsshuTrikkha, Namrata, Ajay Srinivasan, Avantika, Ahana, etc.

Appointments – Daily Current Affairs June 04

6. SAI DG Sandip Pradhan gets extension up to _____?
A) September 2022
B) September 2023
C) September 2024
D) September 2025
E) September 2028
Answer: C) September 2024

  • The deputation tenure of Sandip Pradhan (IRS-IT:1990) as Director General (DG) of Sports Authority of India (SAI) has been extended up to September 30, 2024.
  • According to an order issued by the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT), the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet has approved the extension of deputation tenure beyond 05.06.2022 for a period up to 30.09.2024.

Awards – Daily Current Affairs June 04

7. ToneTag has successfully participated and won in how many categories in RBI’s first global hackathon, “HARBINGER 2021 – Innovation for Transformation”?
A) 5
B) 4
C) 3
D) 2
E) 1
Answer: D) 2

  • ToneTag, voice-based commerce and payments solution provider announced it has successfully participated and won in two categories in RBI’s first global hackathon, “HARBINGER 2021 – Innovation for Transformation”.
  • The Bangalore-based company uses audio technology to enable voice-based communication and payment services, has aced two categories – Non-mobile Digital Payment Solutions and Context-based Retail Payment Solutions.
  • The event registered participation from 363 organisations globally with only 24 making it to the final round.
  • As India witnessed significant growth in terms of digital payments, the aim of the first-ever global hackathon by RBI was to discover and support the business models that have the potential to make digital payments accessible to the underserved, improving payment convenience and enriching user experience while enhancing security.
  • The winners in each category were selected on the basis of problem comprehension, inventiveness, solution comprehensiveness, ease of implementation, demonstration/user experience etc.
  • ToneTag won in two categories, namely:
  • Non-Mobile Digital Payment Solutions – ToneTag’s Plug & Play acoustics omnichannel solution provides a faster and autonomous payment and checkout experience to businesses and customers alike with its ground wreaking audio and voice technology.
  • This solution enables customers to make secure and reliable peer-to-peer (P2P) or peer-to-merchant (P2M) payments on any mobile device using their voice in any language and dialect.
  • It generates an identification code that is unique to the customer’s voice which is then used for authenticating payments, it said in a press statement.
  • Context-Based Retail Payment Solutions – ToneTag’s Plug & Play Zone is engineered to create a virtual area or ‘Sound Zone’ inside a store that can be detected by the customer’s mobile phone.
  • The hardware-agnostic audio and voice technology enables sound-based proximity engagements and payments that are contactless, frictionless and secure.
  • The customer can simply use their voice to select products, find their location in the store and pay the bill without having to physically interact with any store staff or cashiers.
  • The module operates on tokenised data followed by audio encryption frameworks that allow for a completely secure transaction process, it said.

Science and Technology – Daily Current Affairs June 04

8. China unveiled a how many-member astronaut crew that will travel by the Shenzhou-14 spacecraft on a six-month mission?
Answer: C)3

  • China unveiled a three-member astronaut crew that will travel by the Shenzhou-14 spacecraft on a six-month mission to complete the construction of the country’s space station currently orbiting the earth.
  • The Shenzhou-14 spacecraft carrying astronauts Chen Dong, Liu Yang and Cai Xuzhe will dock with the Tiangong space station currently under construction, the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA) announced.
  • The Shenzhou-14 spaceship will be launched with a Long March-2F carrier rocket on Sunday from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre in northwest China.
  • Earlier, a three-member Chinese astronaut crew, which included a woman returned to the earth in April after spending a record six months building vital parts of the space station which was expected to be ready by this year.
  • They completed the verification of key technologies of its space station, according to the CMSA.
  • Once ready, China will be the only country to own a space station.
  • The International Space Station (ISS) of Russia is a collaborative project of several countries.
  • China Space Station, (CSS) is also expected to be a competitor to the ISS built by Russia.
  • Observers say CSS may become the sole space station to remain in orbit once the ISS retires in the coming years.
  • Chen, who will be the commander of the new mission, participated in the Shenzhou-11 crewed spaceflight mission, Liu in the Shenzhou-9 mission and Cai is a newcomer to space, Lin Xiqiang, deputy director of the CMSA, said at the press conference at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre.
  • The trio will stay in orbit for six months, Lin said.
  • The Shenzhou-14 mission will complete the construction of the Tiangong space station, with a basic three-module structure consisting of the core module Tianhe and the lab modules Wentian and Mengtian.
  • The Shenzhou-14 mission will build the space station into a national space laboratory, Lin Xiqiang, the deputy director of the CMSA, was quoted as saying by the state-run Xinhua news agency reported.
  • During their stay in orbit, the Shenzhou-14 crew will witness the two lab modules, Tianzhou-5 cargo craft and Shenzhou-15 crewed spaceship dock with the core module Tianhe.
  • They will rotate with the Shenzhou-15 crew in orbit, and return to the Dongfeng landing site in north China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in December, Lin said.
  • Shenzhou-14 will be the third of four crewed missions – and the seventh of a total of 11 missions – needed to complete the space station by the end of the year.
  • China began constructing its three-module space station in April 2021 with the launch of Tianhe – the first and biggest of the station’s three modules.

International Affairs – Daily Current Affairs June 04

9. UN agrees to change Turkey’s official name to _____?
A) ‘Türkice’
B) ‘Türkige’
C) ‘Türkiyae’
D) ‘Türkiya’
E) ‘Türkiye’
Answer: E) ‘Türkiye’

  • The United Nations has changed the Republic of Turkey’s country name at the organisation from “Turkey” to “Türkiye”, following a request from Ankara for the change.
  • UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said that a letter had been received on Wednesday from the Turkish foreign minister MevlutCavusoglu addressed to Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, requesting the use of “Türkiye” instead of “Turkey” for all affairs.
  • The spokesman said the country name change became effective from the moment the letter was received.


Capital: Ankara
Currency: Turkish Lira

National Affairs – Daily Current Affairs June 04

10. Which state launches mobile app to keep vigil on beaches?
E)Madhya Pradesh
Answer: A)Goa

  • With an aim to ensure the holistic management of beaches, Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant launched “Beach Vigil App”.
  • Speaking at the occasion, Sawant said, “The Beach Vigil App shall benefit the institutions working in beach tourism sector and tourists.
  • The collaboration of information technology with the tourism sector shall open many avenues in future.”


Capital: Panaji
CM: PramodSawant
Governor: PS Sreedharan Pillai

11. Which state has become the second Indian state to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to save soil by preventing and reversing desertification of fertile lands?
E)Madhya Pradesh
Answer: D)Rajasthan

  • Rajasthan has become the second Indian state to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to save soil by preventing and reversing desertification of fertile lands.
  • In the Save Soil programme held in Jaipur on Friday night, Rajesh Chand Meena, state minister for panchayat raj and rural development, LalchandKataria, state agriculture minister with Sadhguru, Founder of Isha Foundation, called for immediate policy-driven action to save the state and country’s agricultural land from becoming barren.
  • Kataria and Sadhguru exchanged MoU to save the soil of the state by making farmer and soil friendly agriculture policies.
  • Sadhguru, who is currently on a 100-day, 30,000-km solo motorcycle journey across Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East to build a global consensus to address soil health, hit the Indian coast on May 29 at the port of Jamnagar, Gujarat.
  • During Sadhguru’s stay in Jamnagar, the state of Gujarat became the first Indian state to sign an MoU to save soil.
  • Meanwhile Meena speaking on the occasion said: “Everything we see in nature comes from the soil and will go back to the soil.
  • This movement is not Sadhguru’s personal movement, it is for the benefit of the common man.”
  • Thousands of people flocked to the Jaipur Exhibition and Convention Centre (JECC) for the event.
  • With music and dance performances by renowned folk artists IlaArun, Kutle Khan and Isha’s home troupe, Sounds of Isha and IshaSanskriti.
  • Sadhguru launched the global movement to save soil in the wake of dangerous soil erosion, which could lead to the desertification of 90 per cent of the earth’s agricultural soils by 2050, less than three decades from now.
  • The basic objective of the Save Soil campaign is to tackle the extinction of soil and to insist on ensuring at least 3-6 per cent organic matter in agricultural land through immediate policy reforms on all the countries of the world.

Special Health Care Abhiyan ‘Anchal’ launched for pregnant women in Rajasthan’s Karauli:

  • In Rajasthan, a Special Health Care Abhiyan ‘Anchal’ has been launched in the Karauli district for pregnant women. More than 13 thousand women have benefited from this Abhiyan.
  • During the campaign, 13,144 pregnant women were tested for their hemoglobin levels, out of which 11,202 were found to be anemic.
  • These women were advised to take the right medicine and necessary nutritious diet.
    They were also advised to keep themselves stress-free.
  • This unique campaign was started on the initiative of District Collector Ankit Kumar Singh to ensure all necessary medical aid to pregnant women at the pre and post-natal stage so that maternal and infant mortality rates could be reduced.
  • Under this campaign, it is also ensured that the Auxiliary Nurse Midwife and ASHA workers in the district will keep in constant contact with the pregnant women of their respective areas and provide them with necessary counseling and treatment as and when required.


Capital: Jaipur
CM: Ashok Gehlot
Governor: Kalraj Mishra

12. Who launches new residential school scheme for SC students?
B)Anurag Thakur
C)Virendra Kumar
D) Nitin Gadkari
E)Narendra Modi
Answer: C)Virendra Kumar

  • Aspiring to become IAS officers and entrepreneurs, several students belonging to the Scheduled Caste took a step towards fulfilling their dream after getting selected for a newly-launched government scheme wherein they can study at private residential schools free of cost.
  • Union Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment Virendra Kumar launched the Scheme for Residential Education for Students in High Schools in Targeted Areas (SRESHTA) which aims to provide quality education and opportunities to the poorest SC students, as per the constitutional mandate.
  • Under the scheme, Scheduled Caste (SC) students from across states/UTs are selected through a transparent mechanism of a National Entrance Test for SRESHTA (NETS), conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA).
  • Several students were awarded the scholarships under SRESHTA at the event by Kumar.
  • Under the scheme, 177 private schools have been identified, and 1,300 seats in 9th class and 1,700 seats in 11th class are reserved for these students.
  • To qualify for the scheme, the parental income of the students shall not be more than Rs 2.5 lakh per year and the scholarship will cover school fee (including tuition fee) and hostel fee (including mess charges).
  • The scholarship amount for class 9 is Rs 1 lakh, class 10 Rs 1.10 lakh, class 11 Rs 1.25 lakh and class 12 is Rs 1.35 lakh per annum.

13. Govt approves __________ as interest rate on provident fund deposits for 2021-2022?
A) 8.2 per cent
B) 8.3 per cent
C) 8.4 per cent
D) 8.6 per cent
E) 8.1 per cent
Answer: E) 8.1 per cent

  • The labour ministry notified the 8.1% interest rate on provident fund deposits of the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation following a go-ahead from the finance ministry.
  • This will pave the way for crediting the interest into the accounts of over sixty million EPFO subscribers in 2021-22 earlier than usual.
  • In the previous years, interest rate had been generally credited into the subscribers’ account around Diwali or later due to delay in approval from the finance ministry.
  • The interest rate of 8.1% for 2021-22 is the lowest in more than four decades and is a significant cut from 8.5% credited in 2020-21 and 2019-20. EPFO had credited 8.0% as interest rate in 1977-78. Since then, it has been either 8.25% or more.
  • The interest rate of 8.1% has been declared based on EPFO’s estimated income for the year at Rs 76,768 crore and this will leave the retirement fund body with a surplus of Rs 450 crore

14. The Department of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare, Government Of India has extended the deadline for making PM Kisan account KYC compliance till _____?
A) 31st July 2022
B) 31st July 2023
C) 31st July 2024
D) 31st July 2025
E) 31st July 2026
Answer: A) 31st July 2022

  • The Department of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare, Government Of India has extended the deadline for making PM Kisan account KYC compliance.
  • The centre had fixed a deadline of 31st May 2022, but it has now been extended till 31st July 2022 for the benefit of farmers to receive the 11th installment of ₹2000.
  • According to PM Kisan Portal “eKYC is MANDATORY for PMKISAN Registered Farmers.
  • OTP Based eKYC is available on PMKISAN Portal or nearest CSC centres may be contacted for Biometric based eKYC.
  • Deadline of eKYC for all the PMKISAN beneficiaries has been extended till 31st July 2022.”
  • The central government recently announced the 11th installment of the Pradhan MantriKisanSammanNidhi (PM-KISAN) scheme, by fixing an amount of around ₹21,000 crore for 10 Crore farmers.
  • Farmers must complete the KYC norms on or before the new deadline to be eligible to receive the benefit.
  • Under the PM-KISAN scheme, every landholding farmer’s family would receive a cash benefit of Rs.6000 per year, payable in three equal installments of Rs.2000 each every four months.
  • All landholding farmers’ families with cultivable land holding in their names are eligible for the scheme’s benefits.
  • If farmers do not get the installment after completing eKYC for any reason, they can contact PM Kisan Helpdesk at 011-24300606 or PM Kisan’s toll free number at 18001155266, or they can send an email to pmkisan-ict@gov.in and pmkisan-funds@gov.in.

15. Indian Navy Ships Nishank and Akshay were decommissioned on 03 June 2022 after rendering ____ years of glorious service to the nation?
A) 31
B) 32
C) 33
D) 34
E) 35
Answer: B) 32

  • Indian Navy Ships Nishank and Akshay were decommissioned on 03 June 2022 after rendering 32 years of glorious service to the nation.
  • The decommissioning event was conducted at Naval Dockyard, Mumbai in a traditional ceremony wherein the national flag, the naval ensign and the decommissioning pennant of the two ships were lowered for the last time at sunset.
  • While INS Nishank was commissioned on 12 September 1989, INS Akshay was commissioned a year later on 10 December 1990 at Poti, Georgia.
  • INS Nishank and INS Akshay were part of the 22 Missile Vessel Squadron and 23 Patrol Vessel Squadron respectively under the operational control of Flag Officer Commanding, Maharashtra Naval Area.
  • The ships were in active naval service for more than 32 years and during their illustrious journeys, participated in several naval operations including Op Talwar during the Kargil War and Op Parakram in 2001.
  • Admiral R Hari Kumar, Chief of the Naval Staff, was the Chief Guest for the function. Vice Admiral Ajendra Bahadur Singh, Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Western Naval Command and Vice Admiral BiswajitDasgupta, Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief Eastern Naval Command, were among the dignitaries present for the ceremony.
  • Vice Admiral RK Pattnaik (Retd) and Vice Admiral SPS Cheema (Retd), the first Commanding Officers of INS Akshay and INS Nishank, were Guests of Honour for the event.

16. Who inaugurated DD News Conclave on 8 years of Government?
B)Anurag Thakur
C)Virendra Kumar
D) Nitin Gadkari
E)Narendra Modi
Answer: B)Anurag Thakur

  • Union Minister Shri Anurag Thakur today inaugurated DD News Conclave on 8 years of Government.
  • The inaugural session consisted of a detailed discussion with the Minister on aspects covering the activities undertaken by the Government in last 8 years.
  • The critical discussion included questions on the current state of economy and the country.
  • The Minister said that the Government has been able to sow seeds of development in the remotest corners of India.
  • This is evident in the historically high number of people who have been brought above poverty line, an achievement in itself in the past 8 years.
  • “The Government has been able to achieve in past 8 years what has not been done in past many decades” Shri Thakur remarked.

Govt approves new guidelines for scheme to promote MSMEs in North East with enhanced financial support:

  • Days after announcing modifications to the Prime Minister’s Employment Generation scheme (PMEGP), the government said it has approved new guidelines for the scheme Promotion of MSMEs in North Eastern Region (NER) and Sikkim.
  • The revised scheme will be implemented during 15th Finance Commission Cycle (FY22-FY26 to provide financial support for enhancing the productivity, competitiveness and capacity building of MSMEs based in the NER and Sikkim.
  • The existing guidelines of the scheme were approved in 2019.
  • Under the new guidelines, the MSME Ministry has enhanced the upper limit of financial assistance for various components of the scheme.
  • For instance, maximum financial support to state governments for setting up new and modernizing existing Mini Technology Centres has been increased from Rs 10 crore to Rs 13.50 crore as 90 per cent of the project cost.
  • Projects for creation of common facilities to supplement manufacturing, testing, packaging, R&D, product and process innovations and training for natural resources such as fruits, spices, agriculture, forestry, sericulture and bamboo etc. available in NER and Sikkim would be given priority, the ministry said.
  • Likewise, financial assistance for development of new and existing industrial estates, flatted factory complexes has been increased to Rs 9 crore for new industrial estates and Rs 13.50 crore for existing ones.
  • Earlier, the upper limit was Rs 8 crore for both new and existing estates.
  • In terms of percentage, the share if support has been enhanced to 90 per cent of the project cost from 80 per cent in previous guidelines.
  • However, the maximum project cost for calculation of assistance should be Rs 15 crore for new industrial estate and Rs 10 crore for existing estate in the revised guidelines.
  • Moreover, the scheme may also consider projects for creation of common services such as kitchen, bakery, laundry and dry cleaning, refrigeration and cold storage, IT infra, etc., in a cluster of home stays under the revised guidelines.
  • “There has to be linkages of projects with local MSEs.
  • The financial assistance of central government will be 90 per cent for projects with maximum assistance of Rs 4.50 crore,” the ministry added.

Information and Broadcasting; andYouth Affairs and Sports:

Minister: Shri Anurag Singh Thakur
Constituency: Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh

17. Which organisation signs MoU with IMD for better electricity grid management?
Answer: E)POSOCO

  • National grid operator POSOCO signed a memorandum of understanding with India Meteorological Department (IMD) where both the parties agreed that weather information provided by IMD will be used by the Power System Operators across the India for better management of Indian Power System and for the purpose of analysis.
  • The MoU was signed by Sh. S. R. Narasimhan, Chairman and Managing Director (CMD), POSOCO and Dr.MrutyunjayMohapatra, Director General (DG), IMD at NRLDC, POSOCO office.
  • The meeting was attended by other senior officials from both sides.
  • IMD will make available current weather information every hour or at lesser intervals.
  • It will provide weather forecasts of temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall up to next 36 hours for the identified stations.
  • It will also provide the snowfall forecast of hilly States and also along the route of important transmission lines passing through hilly terrains.
  • It will provide weather parameters forecast at Renewable Energy plant locations.
    The last MoU between POSOCO and IMD was signed on 18 May 2015.
  • Power System Operation Corporation is a wholly owned Government of India Schedule A enterprise under the Union Ministry of Power.
  • It is responsible to ensure the integrated operation of the National Electricity Grid in a secure manner.
  • It consists of five Regional Load Despatch Centres (RLDCs) and the National Load Despatch Centre (NLDC) under The Electricity Act, 2003.

18. Which UT Administration, IAF sign MoU on Heritage Centre in Sector 18?
B)J & K
E) Chandigarh
Answer: E) Chandigarh

  • The UT Administration and the Indian Air Force (IAF) today signed an MoU on the Indian Air Force Heritage Centre coming up at the Government Press building in Sector 18 here.
  • UT Administrator BanwarilalPurohit, MP KirronKher, Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari, Chief of the Air Staff, and UT Adviser Dharam Pal witnessed the MoU-signing ceremony.
  • The centre will have simulators, decommissioned aircraft, aero engines and other IAF artefacts.
  • The centre will include virtual reality and AI technology.
  • It will be informative and motivate our youth to join the armed forces.
  • This will also provide job opportunities to the youth.
  • The centre will highlight the crucial role of the IAF in various wars and assistance rendered by IAF for civil air operations.
  • The Chief of Air Staff also presented a model replica of a propeller of an IAF aircraft as the first IAF artefact of this centre.
  • The Administrator said the heritage centre would bring awareness in the region, particularly among students, about the role and contribution of the IAF to national security and defence.
  • The heritage centre will attract tourists from different regions and will also be one of the most educative and informative centres for the people.
  • On August 27 last year, the UT Administration and the IAF had signed an Agreement in Principle (AIP) for setting up of the heritage centre in the presence of the then UT Administrator VP Singh Badnore and had started the work.


Capital: Chandigarh
Lt Governor:BanwarilalPurohit

19. Which UT to rename streets and colonies with ‘Harijan’ in their names after Ambedkar?
B)J & K
E) Chandigarh
Answer: D)Delhi

  • Delhi’s AamAadmi Party government is planning to rename streets and colonies in the city with the word “Harijan” in their names after BR Ambedkar.
  • A proposal to this effect has been tabled by Social Welfare Minister Rajendra Pal Gautam.
  • According to government sources, the minister has also chaired a meeting in this regard with senior officials to expedite the process.
  • The proposal has come in the wake of the central government’s guideline advising against the use of the word “Harijan”, considered derogatory by scheduled caste communities.


Capital: New Delhi
CM: Arvind Kejriwal
Governor: Vinai Kumar Saxena

20. India has set up a liquid-mirror telescope, the country’s first and the largest in Asia in which state?
E)Madhya Pradesh
Answer: B)Uttarakhand

  • India has set up a liquid-mirror telescope, the country’s first and the largest in Asia, atop a mountain at an altitude of 2450 metres in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand to keep a watch on the skies for transient objects like debris and asteroids falling from space.
  • Built by astronomers from India, Belgium and Canada, the International Liquid-Mirror Telescope (ILMT) will also help in observing supernovae and several galaxies just by staring at the strip of sky that passes overhead.
  • The novel instrument has been placed at the Devasthal Observatory campus of Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences (ARIES).
  • It has a 4-metre-diameter rotating mirror made up of a thin film of liquid mercury to collect and focus light.
  • Another thin transparent film of mylar protects the mercury from the wind.


Capitals – Dehradun (Winter), Gairsain (Summer).
Governor: Gurmit Singh
Chief Minister: Pushkar Singh Dhami

21. Which organisation signs agreement with VVDN Technologies and WiSig Networks to develop 5G Open RAN?
Answer: E) C-DOT

  • The Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DOT) has signed an agreement with WiSig Networks Private Limited and VVDN Technologies Private Limited for collaboration in the area of Open RAN-based Radio Network for 5G solution.
  • The Ministry of Communications said that it is a major step for Indigenous development of 5G Open RAN under Aatmanirbhar Bharat Initiative.
  • The Ministry informed that this collaboration aims to leverage the technical competencies and complementary strengths of Indian Research and Development and industry in evolving a mutually productive alliance leading to indigenous design, development, manufacturing and deployment of cost-effective 5G products and solutions.
  • The Ministry further informed that this engagement will augment the indigenous Intellectual Property and create new avenues for wider adoption and monetization of home-grown 5G products and solutions
  • Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DOT) is the premier R&D centre of the Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications, Government of India.
  • C-DOT has indigenously designed various cutting-edge Telecom technologies including 4G solution and is keenly working in the area of 5G.
  • WiSig Networks Private Limited is an upcoming start up engaged in the business of developing, marketing, and offering various communications solutions including 5G Mobile Communication Products and Solutions.
  • VVDN Technologies Private Limited is a leading product engineering and manufacturing company in various technology domains including 5G, Networking & Wi-Fi, IoT, and cloud storage services.

22. The government has set a target to increase the number of Jan AushadhiKendras to 10,000 by _____?
A) March 2023
B) March 2024
C) March 2025
D) March 2026
E) March 2027
Answer: B) March 2024

  • Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Bureau of India (PMBI), the implementing agency of Pradhan MantriBhartiyaJanaushadhiPariyojana (PMBJP) has for the first time ever crossed 100 crore rupees sales this month.
  • The government has set a target to increase the number of Jan AushadhiKendras to 10,000 by March 2024 with a vision to provide quality medicines at an affordable rate for the common man, especially the poor.
  • More than 15,000 crore rupees have been saved by the general public under this Pariyojana in the last five years.
  • Under the PMBJP, 739 districts of the country have been covered.
  • PMBI is committed to ensuring the uninterrupted availability of essential medicines at the PMBJKs.
  • In its journey of the last eight years, starting from the annual turnover of eight crore rupees in the year 2014-15, PMBI has clocked its highest monthly sales turnover of 100 crore rupees in this month.
  • At present, these Kendras make available more than 1,600 medicines and 250 surgical devices including nutraceuticals, Ayush products and Suvidha Sanitary pads which are sold at one rupee per pad.
  • Under PMBJP, new applications have also been invited to cover 3,579 blocks of 406 districts to provide quality generic medicines through Jan AushadhiKendras to every citizen of the country.
  • Residents of small towns and block headquarters can now avail the opportunity to open Jan AushadhiKendras.
  • The scheme provides for incentives of five lakh rupees and special incentives of up to two lakh rupees for various categories including women, SC/ST, Hill districts, Island districts and the North-Eastern States.
  • Accordingly, PMBI has strengthened the supply chain system by setting up of four warehouses at Gurugram, Chennai, Guwahati and Surat.
  • In addition, there is a strong distributor network of 39 distributors across country for timely supplies.

Over All Review

Important Days

  • June 4 – International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression.

Banking and Finance 

  • The Reserve Bank – Penalty of Rs 27.5 lakh on Punjab & Sind Bank for non-compliance with certain directions issued by it on ‘external benchmark-based lending’.
  • Suryoday SFB + Mobisafar Services – Banking services across India.
  • Luxembourg Stock Exchange + India INX – Strengthen cooperation.

Books and Authors

  • “Behram’s Boat” – Authored by AdiPocha.


  • Sandip Pradhan – SAI DG gets extension up to September 2024.


  • ToneTag – The winner in two categories in RBI’s first global hackathon.

Science and Technology

  • China – Crew for Shenzhou-14 manned space mission.

International Affairs

  • UN – Change Turkey’s official name to ‘Türkiye’.

National Affairs

  • Goa CM – Mobile app to keep vigil on beaches.
  • Rajasthan – Second Indian state to sign MoU to save soil.
  • Government – New residential school scheme for SC students.
  • Govt – 8.1 per cent as interest rate on provident fund deposits for 2021-2022.
    Centre – Extends PM KisaneKYC deadline till July.
  • Centre – Extends PM KisaneKYC deadline till July.
  • Indian Navy Ships Nishank and Akshay – Decommissioned on 03 June 2022 after rendering 32 years of glorious service to the nation.
  • Shri Anurag Thakur – Doordarshan News Conclave.
  • POSOCO + IMD – Better electricity grid management.
  • Chandigarh Administration + IAF – Heritage Centre in Sector 18.
  • Delhi – Rename streets and colonies with ‘Harijan’ in their names after Ambedkar.
  • Uttarakhand – India Gets Its 1st Liquid Mirror Telescope, To Track Debris From Space.
  • C-DOT + VVDN Technologies and WiSig Networks – develop 5G Open RAN.
  • PMBI – Implementing agency of PMBJP crosses 100 cr rupees sales in May.


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