Dear Champions, As we know today IBPS Clerk 2020 Mains Examination has completed here are the memory based General Awareness Questions asked given below Kindly Make use of it.


  1. Bhawana Kanth related to which State?
  2. ‘Tiger” tractor introduced which company?
  3. ASMI Missile.
  4. SEBI banned which group of company?
  5. Member assembly of West Bengal count?
  6. The flagship of Road & Highway development project in GoI?
  7. Brand finance most valuable compand (3rd)?
  8.  NIKKeI 225  which stack mark market index?
  9.  Individual world cup wrestling women 57 kg category silver medal?
  10. Twitter Co-foundr?
  11. RBI Nationlised in which year?
  12. Asset Reconstruction company? What?
  13. Which report said one of the largest zoo in Jamnagar, Gujarat?
  14. Stamp post 75th anniversary UN?
  15. Ustand Shahid Parvez Khan which instrument?
  16. Vector bone disease insurance coverage name?
  17. NDMA is headed by which ministry?
  18. Street hawker culture & community dinning of which country joined in

UNESCO list?

  1. Diego Mardona won famous god 1986 world cup, inland of god Goal,

against which team?

  1. IEA’s report India world ________ energy consumer in 2030?
  2. Adivasai mela celebrated in which state?
  3. GDP of RBI %?
  4. Centre of wetland conservation and management set up in?
  5. Tapovain – Vishnugad hydro power project belong to which Ltd?
  6. DD is valid ______ from the date of issuance?
  7. Union budge NBFC minimum loan size reduced to ____.
  8. FASTag which tech?
  9. World largest renewable energy park in _______ foundation stone?
  10. Currently outbound remittances through NEFT system permitted which


  1. Electoral bond value days?
  2. Toy manufacturer cluster in which state?
  3. Irfan khan first international firm?
  4. Senior citizen saving scheme maturity period?
  5. First Nuclear reactor on the moon by the end of 2006?
  6. Kram Puri  _______ which state?
  7. LHP Project?
  8. OPC company reduced from 182 days to _____.
  9. The struggle of 1. fe authored by
  10. Mutual funds regulated by?
  11. Aushyman bharat chief replaces whom?
  12. SCB have to achieve the target / sub target set up _____-?
  13. Which bank open to branch in Nepal?
  14. Which payment company shop their project in India?
  15. One branch to another branch send remittance of funds?
  16. Recapitalization of PSB in budget amount?
  17. ICC men’s T20I. player of Decade?
  18. Which count elected the president ISA?
  19. How many offices banking ombustar coving in ________ state / UT.
  20. WTO HQ?
  21. GoI & RBI shar holding % in NABARD?

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