Current Affairs Memory Based Questions for SBI PO 2021 Mains Exam:

Dear Champions, The SBI PO Notification 2021 has been released by the State Bank of India on 04th October 2021 to recruit 2056 Probationary Officers (PO) in different offices of SBI in India. This recruitment process has been started for the selection of candidates for the post of PO in the State Bank of India and its Associate banks. The mains examination for the recruitment of SBI PO took place on January 02, 2022. Candidates who are about to attend SBI PO are strongly urged to cover these questions in order to achieve excellent exam scores. Questions asked in SBI PO 2021 is as follows:

  1. “All In An Autobiography” book?
  2. Maximum Financial assistance provided to a “Major cluster” (SFURTI)
  3. FDI in Defence sector.
  4. FIDE Chess Champion winner.
  5. PM MITRA: 7 MITRA textile parks, Brownfield / Greenfield sites, 300 crore manufacturing Incentive. (Find the correct options)
  6. Balkrishna Doshi: Royal Gold Medal of _______ (country)
  7. Darmen Galgut: Booker prize for _____ (book)
  8. CCS Survey by RBI => Current Situation Index: ______ (%)
  9. National Commission for Women “Pan-India building Programme” _____?
  10. BOB merged 2019 with which bank?
  11. Ombudsman: Centralised Receipt & Processing Centre setup at _____? (Place)
  12. Person of the year “Elon Musk” by ______? (Forbes, Fortune, Time Magazine)
  13.  GDP
  14. Ultrafast comet (71 Km/sec) _____? (Name)
  15. WPI ↑ to a ____ year high. (System, II year, 10 years)
  16. Public Sector Bank had a total branches of _____?
  17. Not related to KVIC (choose among the option)
  18. PCA as revised by RBI in November 2021 ______? (choose among the options)
  19. PMAY-G _______? (choose among the option)
  20. “Blinkit” renamed: ______?
  21. Miss Universe: Harnaaz Sandhu _____? (Edition)
  22. “Omicron” ____th letter Greek.
  23. “Skill India Mission” based question.
  24. Government approved a GST for MMF approval: MMF abbreviation.
  25. Company: CEO (Match the following)
  26. Star Health reduced its IPO sites _____G?
  27. Jio (RIL & SBI) SBI shares % _____?
  28. Committee: Resolution framework for Covid-19 related issue constituted by RBI chairperson ______?
  29. Inequality report 2021. Most Inequality region ___?
  30. Name the public procurement portal launched to monitor the implementation of public procurement from MSEs by central public sector Enterprises.
  31. Haiderpur Wetland (UP Ramsar Site).
  32. Not listed under “State List” in 7th Schedule of “Constitution of India”.
  33. Part of World Bank established in 1960 _____? (IMF, IBRI, IFC, IDA)
  34. Topped in Non-FMCG & FMCG category.
  35. Eligibility Criteria for Census Town (2011).
  36. 13th ASEM Summit host country _____?
  37. “Samudrayan Mission” related question.
  38. Australia cancelled France order for procurement of which defence equipment? Options- submarines, Aircrafts, fighter jets.
  39. IMPS limit increased from ____ to _____ ?
  40. NCW campaign – She is a changemaker question.

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