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May 25 | Daily Current Affairs 2021


1. World Thyroid Day is observed on which date?
A) May 23
B) May 25
C) May 24
D) May 22
E) May 21
Answer: B) May 25

World Thyroid Day:

  • The Department of Health (DOH) joins the rest of the world in observing the International Thyroid Awareness Week (ITAW) and World Thyroid Day (WTD) 2021, with the theme “Mother-Baby-Iodine: The Importance of Iodine on the Woman and her Baby”, which aims to raise awareness on Iodine Deficiency Disorders on women of reproductive age, especially pregnant and lactating mothers, and on children during their first 1000 days of life from conception.
  • ITAW is observed every 4th week of May of every year, while WTD is observed every May 25th, as declared by the 11th European Congress of Endocrinology in April 2009.

International Missing Children’s Day:

  • Every year, May 25 is observed as International Missing Children’s Day.
  • It is a day to spread awareness for the children who go missing around the world, continue efforts to find those missing and remember those who have been victims of crime.
  • May 25 is also observed as the United States’ National Missing Children’s Day.
  • The symbol for IMCD is the forget-me-not flower.

International Missing Children’s Day History:

  • Launched in 1998 as a joint venture of the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children and the US’s National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, the Global Missing Children’s Network, also known as GMCB, is a network of nations to help recover missing and abducted children.

World Wrestling Day 2021:

  • World Wrestling Day 2021 is celebrated on May 23 across the globe.
  • On this day in 1904, the inauguration of World Greco-Roman Wrestling Championships was held in Austria’s Vienna.
  • Through this day, wrestlers and fans of the sport try to make people aware about the benefits and importance of wrestling.


2. Col Panjab Singh passed away. He won which award?
A) Vir Chakra
B) Maha Vir Chakra
C) Kirti Chakra
D) Param Vir Chakra
E) Param Vishit Seva Medal
Answer: A) Vir Chakra

  • Col Panjab Singh, Vir Chakra awardee and a decorated veteran of the 1971, war passed away at the Command Hospital in Chandimandir, in Haryana = due to post-COVID complications.
  • Born on February 15, 1942, Col. Singh was commissioned into the 6th Batallion of the Sikh Regiment on December16, 1967.
  • He went on to command the Battalion from October 12, 1986 to July 29, 1990.
  • In the 1971 war, during Operation Cactus Lilly, the 6th Sikh occupied 13 kms of front on the heights above Poonch in Jammu and Kashmir covering two strategic points, the loss of which would have directly threatened Poonch. Col. Singh, then a Major, was commanding a company deployed at Tund which had been actually limited to a platoon with the company headquarters.
  • For this brave act, Col. Singh was awarded the third highest wartime gallantry award, the Vir Chakra, on December 24, 1971.
  • After his retirement, Col. Singh was the Director of Sainik Welfare, Himachal Pradesh, and was also the Vice-President, Indian Ex-Service League, Himachal Pradesh of Southern area.

Col Panjab Singh – Vir Chakra awardee and a decorated veteran of the 1971 war.


3. Which Bank announced the implementation of TransUnion’s onboarding solution will enable it to onboard its credit card customers seamlessly?
A) IndusInd Bank
B) Canara Bank
D) Yes Bank
E) HDFC Bank
Answer: D) Yes Bank

  • Private sector lender YES Bank announced the implementation of TransUnion’s onboarding solution, which will enable it to onboard its credit card customers seamlessly.
  • The solution has been uniquely designed to enable a digital, streamlined onboarding process that delivers the experience consumers prefer such as fewer customer information fields to input, no physical paperwork, and comparatively lesser time required for completing the credit card application.
  • The solution also reduces the integration time and effort for the bank, while encompassing credit and risk decision workflow for digital end-to-end on-boarding.

Yes Bank:
Hq: Mumbai,Maharashtra
MD and CEO : Prashant Kumar
Tagline: Experience our Expertise

YES Bank – Implement TransUnion’s onboarding solution.

4. Which payment app has launched ‘Pay Later’ facility for its customers?
A) Google Pay
B) PhonePe
C) PayPal
D) PayU
E) Freecharge
Answer: E) Freecharge

  • Freecharge has launched ‘Pay Later’ facility for its customers.
  • Using Pay Later, customers can pay their electricity bills, recharge their mobiles, order food, medicines, grocery online without the need for any card.
  • On successful onboarding on Pay Later, customers receive a monthly credit limit of up to ₹5,000 and this usage limit gets enhanced in the future, depending on the customer’s profile.
  • There is no processing fee but a small interest is levied on usage.
  • However, the interest will be credited back to the customer’s Freecharge wallet in the form of a ‘Cashback’ on the repayment of the Pay Later bill at the end of the month.

Founded: 15 August 2010
Owner: Axis Bank
CEO: Siddharth Mehta
Headquarters location: Mumbai

Freecharge – ‘Pay Later’ for its customers.

5. Which insurance company has introduced a retirement solution by combining two variants of ‘Guaranteed Pension Plan’ (deferred and immediate annuity)?
A) Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance
B) Aegon Life Insurance
C) SBI General Insurance
D) Bharti AXA Life Insurance
E) ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
Answer: E) ICICI Prudential Life Insurance

  • ICICI Prudential Life Insurance has introduced a retirement solution by combining two variants of ‘Guaranteed Pension Plan’ (deferred and immediate annuity), which offers a guaranteed return on investments.
  • The annuity products enable customers to plan for their retirement and are available in two variants i.e. immediate and deferred annuity.
  • The immediate annuity option allows customers to start receiving regular income immediately by paying a one-time premium.
  • On the other hand, the deferred annuity option gives customers the flexibility to start receiving income in the future, for instance closer to retirement.
  • Customers have the option to defer the start of the income for a maximum period of 10 years.
  • The longer the deferment, the higher would be the income.

Key benefits:

  • Guaranteed lifelong annuity: Pay once (purchase price) and get guaranteed regular income for your entire life (annuity).
  • Choose your retirement date: Choose to receive your annuity now or defer it by 1-10 years.
  • Flexibility to receive annuity monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly.
  • Option to take the plan for single life or joint lives.
  • Wide range of annuity options: Choose from 11 annuity options to suit your financial needs.
  • Early return of purchase price options: Options to receive purchase price back from age 76 or at age 80.
  • The ICICI Pru Guaranteed Pension Plan annuity product offers a benefit of early return of purchase price from the age of 76 years or on turning 80.
  • It also offers return of purchase on death or upon being diagnosed with specific critical illnesses or permanent disability due to an accident.

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance:
Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra
MD & CEO: N. S. Kannan

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance – Retirement plan with guaranteed returns.


6. India has attracted highest ever total Foreign Direct Investment or FDI inflow of ________ during the financial year 2020-21 and it is _____ higher as compared to the last financial year 2019-20?
A) US$ 81.72 billion, 12%
B) US$ 71.72 billion, 10%
C) US$ 80.72 billion, 10%
D) US$ 81.72 billion, 10%
E) US$ 81.72 billion, 14%
Answer: D) US$ 81.72 billion, 10%

  • India has attracted highest ever total Foreign Direct Investment or FDI inflow of US$ 81.72 billion during the financial year 2020-21 and it is 10% higher as compared to the last financial year 2019-20 (US$ 74.39 billion).
  • FDI equity inflow grew by 19% in the F. Y. 2020-21 (US$ 59.64 billion) compared to the previous year F. Y. 2019-20 (US$ 49.98 billion).
  • In terms of top investor countries, ‘Singapore’ is at the apex with 29%, followed by the U. S. A (23%) and Mauritius (9%) for the F. Y. 2020-21. ‘Computer Software & Hardware’ has emerged as the top sector during F. Y. 2020-21 with around 44% share of the total FDI Equity inflow followed by Construction (Infrastructure) Activities (13%) and Services Sector (8%) respectively.

India – Record Highest Ever FDI Inflow Of US$ 81.72 Billion In FY21.


7. Guillermo Lasso Mendoza is appointed as the new President of Ecuador. What is the currency of Ecuador?
A) Hong Kong Dollar
B) Singapore Dollar
C) Australian Dollar
D) New Zealand Dollar
E) United States Dollar
Answer: E) United States Dollar

Capital: Quito
Currency: United States Dollar

Guillermo Lasso – Ecuador’s new President.

8. West Bengal Chief Secretary Alapan Bandyopadhyay was granted an extension for a period of how many months?
A) 5
B) 4
C) 3
D) 2
E) 1
Answer: C) 3

  • West Bengal Chief Secretary Alapan Bandyopadhyay was granted an extension for a period of three months.
  • Bandyopadhyay, a 1987-batch IAS officer, was to superannuate at the end of this month.
  • He took over as the chief secretary of West Bengal after Rajiva Sinha retired in September last year.

West Bengal:
Capital: Kolkata
CM: Mamata Banerjee
Governor: Jagdeep Dhankhar

Alapan Bandyopadhyay – Extension as West Bengal Chief Secretary.


9. Who receives renowned ‘Rudolf V Schindler’ Award from ASGE?
A) Dr Nageshwar Reddy
B) Dr Narasimhan Reddy
C) Dr Sakthi Reddy
D) Dr Nagarajan Reddy
E) Dr Siva Reddy
Answer: A) Dr Nageshwar Reddy

  • AIG Hospitals, one of the country’s largest super specialty Hospitals here has announced that its Chairman Dr D Nages hwar Reddy has been bestowed with the renowned ‘Rudolf V. Schindler’ Award from The American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ASGE), one of the apex bodies in the world of GI Endoscopy.
  • The award was presented to Dr Reddy in ASGE’s annual Crystal Awards at a virtual ceremony.
  • Dr Reddy became the first-ever Indian medical practitioner to get this recognition from ASGE for his exemplary work in the field of endoscopy.

Dr Nageshwar Reddy – Renowned ‘Rudolf V Schindler’ Award from ASGE.

10. Mohini Singh won British Order of Merit. She was related to which state/UT?
A) Chandigarh
B) Mizoram
C) Manipur
D) Andhra Pradesh
E) Punjab
Answer: A) Chandigarh

  • Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II has appointed Indian citizen Mohini Singh, who works at the British deputy high commission in Chandigarh as a consular officer, as an honorary Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE).
  • This honour is conferred by the Queen in recognition of Mohini’s services to British people during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Chandigarh’s Mohini Singh – British Order of Merit.


11. Which space agency will design a new Earth System Observatory that will be dedicated to study climate change and mitigate its effects?
Answer: E) NASA

  • American space agency NASA will design a new Earth System Observatory that will be dedicated to study climate change and mitigate its effects.
  • NASA will design a new set of Earth-focused missions to provide key information to guide efforts related to climate change, disaster mitigation, fighting forest fires, and improving real-time agricultural processes.
  • With the Earth System Observatory, each satellite will be uniquely designed to complement the others, working in tandem to create a 3D, holistic view of Earth, from bedrock to atmosphere.
  • NASA is currently initiating the formulation phase for the observatory. “Among its first integrated parts is NASA’s partnership with the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), which brings together two different kinds of radar systems that can measure changes in Earth’s surface less than a half-inch.
  • This capability will be utilized in one of the observatory’s first missions intended as a pathfinder, called NISAR (NASA-ISRO synthetic aperture radar),” NASA added.
  • This mission will measure some of the planet’s most complex processes such as ice-sheet collapse and natural hazards such as earthquakes, volcanoes, and landslides.

Abbreviation: National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Establishment – 1958
Administrator – Bill Nelson
Chief Scientist – Jim Green
Headquarter – Washington D.C, United States

NASA – Earth System Observatory, ISRO will be key partner.

12. Which institution has developed an UV-C air duct disinfection system?
Answer: E) CSIR-CSIO

  • The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research-Central Scientific Instruments Organisation (CSIR-CSIO) has developed an UV-C air duct disinfection system.
  • The system helps in deactivating over 99 per cent of viruses, bacteria, fungus and other bio-aerosols etc with appropriate dosages using 254nm UV light.
  • It is an energy efficient system which improves airflow through coils, enhances indoor air quality and requires less maintenance, a PIB release said here.
  • The technology has been developed according to the requirements for deactivation of SARS COV-2 virus contained in an aerosol with necessary ventilation measures, necessary safety and user guidelines and tested bio-safety standards etc.
  • This will provide a relatively safer environment for indoor activities in the current pandemic.
  • The CSIR-CSIO developed product is tested for more than 99 per cent disinfection and could be used as a retrofit solution to air handling units (AHUs) of buildings, transport vehicles and other spin off applications.
  • The system comes with commercialized standards and certifications.

CSIR-CSIO – UV disinfection technology to combat SARS-CoV-2.


13. Which country launches plans for global pandemic radar to detect Covid-19 variants?
B) China
C) Oman
D) Iran
E) Iraq
Answer: A) UK

  • UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that the United Kingdom will work with the World Health Organization, other partners and nations to develop an advanced international pathogen surveillance network to identify COVID-19 variants and emerging diseases.
  • The prime minister also claimed that the “Global Pandemic Radar,” as the network was called, will ensure the early detection of new variants and emerging pathogens, so vaccines and treatments needed to stop them can be rapidly developed.
  • The Global Pandemic Radar is expected to become fully operational before the end of 2021.

The United Kingdom (UK):
Queen: Queen Elizabeth II
Capital: London
Prime minister: Boris Johnson
Currency: Pound sterling

UK – Plans for global pandemic radar to detect Covid-19 variants.


14. The Union Cabinet has approved the opening of a new Consulate General of India in which country?
A) Pakistan
C) Iraq
D) Iran
E) Maldives
Answer: E) Maldives

  • The Union Cabinet has approved the opening of a new Consulate General of India in Addu City, Maldives in 2021.
  • India and Maldives share ethnic, linguistic, cultural, religious and commercial links steeped in antiquity.
  • Maldives occupies an important place in the ‘Neighbourhood First Policy’ and the Security and Growth for All in the Region vision of the Indian government.
  • Opening of a Consulate General in Addu City will help augment India’s diplomatic presence in Maldives and make it commensurate with the existing and aspired level of engagement.
  • According to the Ministry, the momentum and energy in the bilateral relationship has reached unprecedented levels under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi and President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.
  • ‘This is also a forward-looking step in pursuit of our national priority of growth and development or ‘SabkaSaathSabka Vikas’.
  • Augmentation of India’s diplomatic presence will, inter-alia, provide market access for Indian companies and bolster Indian exports of goods and services.
  • This would have a direct impact in augmenting domestic production and employment in line with our goal of a self-reliant India or ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’.

Capital: Malé
Currency: Maldivian rufiyaa

Cabinet nod – Open of new Consulate in Addu city Maldives.

15. The Mohali International Hockey Stadium will be dedicated to Padma Shri Balbir Singh Senior. This stadium is related to which state?
A) Himachal Pradesh
B) Mizoram
C) Manipur
D) Andhra Pradesh
E) Punjab
Answer: E) Punjab

  • The Mohali International Hockey Stadium will be dedicated to Padma Shri Balbir Singh Senior in a formal tribute ceremony at the Hockey Stadium on May 25 on the death anniversary of legendary sports person.
  • Balbir Singh Senior played an important role in the Indian hockey team to be the three-time Olympic champion as no one has been able to break his Olympic final record, till date.
  • In 1957 Singh became the first recipient of the Padma Shri award in the sports category.
  • He scored five goals in India’s 6-1 victory over the Netherlands in the final of the 1952 Olympic Games.
  • Balbir Singh Senior was the manager and Chief coach of the 1971 World Cup winning Indian hockey team.
  • He served as the Director, Sports Department, Punjab and encouraged the youth for the sports arena.

Mohali hockey stadium – Name after Padma Shri Balbir Singh Senior.

16. Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy credited how much amount under ‘YSR Free Crop Insurance’ scheme?
A) Rs.1320.23 crore
B) Rs.1420.23 crore
C) Rs.1520.23 crore
D) Rs.1620.23 crore
E) Rs.1820.23 crore
Answer: E) Rs.1820.23 crore

  • Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy credited Rs.1820.23 crore, under ‘YSR Free Crop Insurance’ scheme, into the bank accounts of 15.15 lakh farmers who have lost their Kharif crop during 2020.
  • A total of Rs.3,788.25 crore had been spent alone on this crop insurance scheme in the last 23 months, including the pending dues of Rs.715.84 crore left by the previous government.
  • Besides these, the state government had spent Rs 83,000 crore towards farmer welfare in the last 23 months, whereas for Rythu Bharosa alone Rs. 17,029 crore was spent.
  • Besides these, the government had spent Rs.18,342 crore for procuring paddy and Rs.4761 crore towards purchasing other crops and supporting the farmers.
  • In order to provide free nine-hour electricity to farmers during daytime, Rs.17,430 crore was spent.
  • Additionally, the government had cleared Rs.960 crore paddy procurement arrears and Rs.384 crore seed procurement arrears left by the previous government, Mr Reddy said.
  • The government is setting up multi-purpose centers under each RBK at a cost of Rs.14,000 crore.
  • Under the YSR Jala Kala scheme, the government had provided over two lakh borewells at a cost of Rs.4932 crore, also providing motors to poor farmers.

Andhra Pradesh:
Capital: Visakhapatnam (executive), Amaravati (legislative), Kurnool (judicial)
CM: Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy
Governor: Biswa Bhushan Harichandan

Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy – Rs 1,820.23 Cr under YSR Free Crop Insurance scheme.

17. Govt extends deadline for mandatory hallmarking of gold jewellery till which date?
A) July 15
B) June 15
C) August 15
D) September 15
E) October 15
Answer: B) June 15

  • The Centre further extended the deadline for mandatory hallmarking of gold jewellery and artefacts by a fortnight till June 15 in view of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The decision in this regard was taken at a meeting chaired by Consumer Affairs Minister Piyush Goyal.
  • In November 2019, the government had announced that hallmarking of gold jewellery and artefacts would be made mandatory across the country from January 15, 2021.
  • However, the deadline was extended for four months till June 1 after jewellers sought more time in view of the pandemic. Gold hallmarking is a purity certification of the precious metal and is voluntary in nature at present.
  • A committee, headed by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Director General Pramod Tewari, has been formed to ensure proper coordination and resolve the implementation issues.
  • The committee would also comprise Nidhi Khare, additional secretary, Department of Consumer Affairs and representatives of jewellers associations, trade and hallmarking bodies, among others.
  • The BIS has been running a hallmarking scheme for gold jewellery since April 2000.
  • Around 40 per cent of gold jewellery is being hallmarked currently.
  • India imports 700-800 tonnes of gold annually.

Govt – Extend deadline for mandatory hallmarking of gold jewellery till June 15.

18. Centre releases how much amount to 8 North Eastern states under Jal Jeevan Mission to provide tap water supply to rural homes?
A) Rs 1605 crore
B) Rs 1205 crore
C) Rs 1305 crore
D) Rs 1105 crore
E) Rs 1505 crore
Answer: A) Rs 1605 crore

  • The Union Government has released Rs 1605 crore to eight North Eastern states under Jal Jeevan Mission to provide tap water supply to rural homes in the current financial year.
  • Jal Shakti Ministry said, this is the first tranche of the four to be released in this financial year.
  • There are about 90 lakh rural households in all the North East States, with a maximum 63.35 lakh in Assam.
  • In the last financial year, about 11 lakh new tap water connections were provided in all these states.
  • The Ministry said, 16.27 lakh households in the region are getting tap water supply in these states in comparison to 3.2 lakh households in August, 2019.
  • The Jal Jeevan Mission was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 15th of August 2019, with the aim to provide assured tap water supply to every rural home by 2024.
  • The Mission is being implemented in partnership with States and Union Territories.
  • Despite challenges faced due to COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, over 4.20 crore households have been provided with tap water supply.
  • Goa, Telangana, Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Puducherry have become ‘Har Ghar Jal’ States and UT.

Centre – Rs 1605 crore to 8 North Eastern states under Jal Jeevan Mission to provide tap water supply to rural homes.

19. Health and Family Welfare Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan chaired which edition of World Health Assembly virtually?
A) 75th
B) 76th
C) 77th
D) 78th
E) 74th
Answer: E) 74th

  • Health and Family Welfare Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan chaired the 74th World Health Assembly virtually.
  • Director-General of the World Health Organisation Dr Tedros was also present on the occasion.
  • Chairman of WHO Executive Board Dr Harsh Vardhan noted that the Board called for further efforts to ensure fair and equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines through the COVAX Facility.

Health and Family Welfare, Science and Technology; and Earth Sciences:
Minister: Dr Harsh Vardhan
Constituency: Chandni Chowk, Delhi

Dr Harsh Vardhan – Chair 74th World Health Assembly.

20. Which state gave its approval for implementation of a monthly income support scheme for eligible families?
A) Himachal Pradesh
B) Mizoram
C) Manipur
D) West Bengal
E) Punjab
Answer: D) West Bengal

  • The West Bengal Cabinet gave its approval for implementation of a monthly income support scheme for eligible families and two other programmes promised in the election manifesto of the Trinamool Congress.
  • The Cabinet also gave the green signal to introduce a new credit card scheme for all eligible students to pursue higher education, as well as the programme of free doorstep delivery of monthly ration to 1.5 crore households.
  • According to the credit card scheme, it will have a credit limit of Rs 10 lakh with an interest rate of only 4 per cent and easy repayment options so that students do not have to depend on their parents to pursue higher studies.
  • The party manifesto had also promised that under the ‘Khadya Sathi’ scheme, 1.5 crore families will get free doorstep delivery of monthly ration.

West Bengal:
Capital: Kolkata
CM: Mamata Banerjee
Governor: Jagdeep Dhankhar

West Bengal Cabinet – Three schemes promised in TMC poll manifesto.


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