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Current affairs are the most dynamic yet scoring among all sections and need to be prepared from the right source. Here, we cafunsta team, providing  Daily GK Updates, Current Affairs Questions, and Monthly  current affairs pdf.


May 18 | Daily Current Affairs 2021


1. Which day is observed on May 18?
1)World Bee Day
2) International Museum Day
3) World AIDS Vaccine Day
A) Only 2 & 3
B) All of these
C) Only 3
D) Only 2
E) Only 1
Answer: A) Only 2 & 3

International Museum Day:

  • International Museum Day is observed on May 18 every year to raise awareness among people about the museums.
  • Museums are an important means of cultural exchange and the development of mutual understanding, cooperation, and peace among people.

International Museum Day 2021: Theme:

  • Each year there is a specific theme for International Museum Day.
  • The theme for International Museum Day 2021 is “The Future of Museums: Recover and Reimagine.”

International Museum Day 2021: History:

  • International Museum Day was first held in 1977.
  • Since then, it has gained increasing attention. The International Museum Day in 2009 attracted 20,000 museums, hosting events in more than 90 countries.
  • The very next year, in 2010, 98 countries were a part of the International Museum Day celebration, whereas, in 2011, 100 countries joined the celebration.
  • In 2011, the official IMD poster for the International Museum Day was translated into 37 languages.
  • In 2012, 129 countries were a part of it, with almost 30,000 museums taking part in the celebration.


  • The National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), New Delhi, announced the launch of the NGMA’s Audio-Visual Guide App on the occasion of International Museum Day.
  • It will be possible for museum viewers to listen to anecdotes and stories related to the treasured Indian modern art exhibited at the Gallery, on a smartphone, anywhere, anytime.
  • The app is an audio-visual guide for exploring the modern art treasures on display across galleries of the Museum.

World AIDS Vaccine Day:

  • May 18 is observed as World AIDS Vaccine Day, every year, globally.
  • The day is also addressed as HIV Vaccine Awareness Day, an initiative that is directed towards raising awareness regarding the requirement of HIV vaccines to prevent the HIV infection and AIDS.

History and Significance of World AIDS Vaccine Day:

  • It was in 1998, May 18 that the world witnessed the observance of the first World AIDS Vaccine Day.
  • The concept of HIV Vaccine Awareness Day stemmed from a commencement speech delivered by the former US President Bill Clinton at Morgan State University in 1997 (May 18).
  • He had cited the absolute necessity of the vaccine to contain and eradicate the fatal disease.
  • Clinton had emphasized putting science, technology to optimum use and generating a vaccine that would boost individual’s ability to fight HIV; and thus protect the world from the deadly clutches of AIDS.
  • Since then, World AIDS Vaccine Day is celebrated all across the globe by various organizations to reiterate and remind people about the preventive measures, and spread education about AIDS, encourage researchers; and ensure common man’s complete participation in this noble drive.

Theme of World AIDS Vaccine Day:

  • In keeping with the goal of World AIDS Vaccine Day, every year a particular theme is chosen as part of its awareness campaign.
  • World AIDS Vaccine Day theme this year is ‘Global solidarity, shared responsibility’.


2. Shivraj Singh Lodhi passes away. He was related to which field?
A) Politician
B) Actor
C) Industrialist
D) Writer
E) Singer
Answer: A) Politician

  • Former Damoh MP Shivraj Singh Lodhi passed away due to age-related illness at a hospital.
  • The BJP leader will be cremated at his native place Banda.
  • He was elected to the 15th Lok Sabha from Damoh Lok Sabha constituency in Madhya Pradesh in 2009 on a BJP ticket.
  • He also served as a member of the Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly for two terms during 1977-1980 and 1984–1989.

Popular Tamil writer, Sahitya Akademi winner Ki.Ra passes away:

  • Sahitya Akademi award winner and the grand old man of Tamil literature Ki.Rajanarayanan, popularly called as ‘Ki.Ra’, died in Puducherry
  • His first short story ‘Mayamaan’, published in 1959 in the magazine ‘Saraswathi’, heralded the arrival of a new writing.
  • His works captured the lives of the people of Karisal Bhoomi — hot and dry land — of southern Tamil Nadu in their authentic language.
  • He won the Sahitya Akademi award in 1991 for his novel ‘Gopallapurathu Makkal’ depicting the Telugu people who had migrated to southern parts of Tamil Nadu.
  • It was followed by another novel ‘Andaman Naicker.’

Shivraj Singh Lodhi – Former Damoh MP.


3. What is the rank of Jeff Bezos in the list of the Bloomberg Billionaires Index?
A) 5
B) 1
C) 2
D) 3
E) 4
Answer: B) 1

Rank Name Source
1 Jeff Bezos Amazon
2 Bernard Arnault & family LVMH
3 Elon Musk Tesla, SpaceX



4. Which insurance company launched industry first digital offering named IPOS (Integrated Partner On-boarding Solution)?
A) Cholamandalam MS General Insurance
B) Bajaj Allianz General Insurance.
C) Edelweiss General Insurance
D) Apollo Munich Health Insurance
E) Digit General Insurance
Answer: C) Edelweiss General Insurance

  • InsurTech start-up Edelweiss General Insurance (EGI), has launched yet another industry first digital offering, IPOS (Integrated Partner On-boarding Solution).
  • This is a fully automated onboarding solution for all its existing and prospective partners including Agents, Brokers and Web Aggregators.
  • EGI and its partners stand to gain through improved throughput and enhanced efficiency using this digital platform, which would entail minimal manual intervention.
  • IPOS will enable the sales workforce to create or upload any number of prospects in real time, with the ability to scrutinise, approve and digitally process them with greater efficiency.
  • IPOS has been envisioned to address the protracted time taken to onboard agents.
  • It can help complete the whole process in under 24 hours!.
  • The digital platform allows the partner to undergo a DIY journey of uploading the documents and initiating the onboarding process with EGI.
  • IPOS is a unified portal for all partner related onboarding requirements.
  • It has multiple features like easy visualisation capabilities, a built-in learning system where partners can take up practice tests.
  • The platform has taken care of privacy and data security requirements.
  • It will also allow for more accurate data filing with the regulator.
  • Overall, a digital platform that empowers partners and enhances their experience, resulting in a self-guiding onboarding journey.

Edelweiss General Insurance:
Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra
MD & CEO : Shanai Ghosh

Edelweiss General Insurance – IPOS (Integrated Partner On-boarding Solution).

5. RBl has imposed a monetary penalty of how much amount on Priyadarshini Mahila Nagari Sahakari Bank Limited, Beed, Maharashtra?
A) Rs 5 lakh
B) Rs 4 lakh
C) Rs 3 lakh
D) Rs 1 lakh
E) Rs 2 lakh
Answer: D) Rs 1 lakh

  • The Reserve Bank of India (RBl) has imposed, a monetary penalty of Rs1 lakh on Priyadarshini Mahila Nagari Sahakari Bank Limited, Beed, Maharashtra (the bank) for non-adherence/ violation of specific directions issued to the bank by the RBI under Supervisory Action Framework (SAF).
  • This penalty has been imposed in exercise of powers vested in RBI under the provisions of Section 47 A (1) (c) read with Section 46 (4) (i) and Section 56 of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949, taking into account the failure of the bank to adhere to the aforesaid directions issued by RBI.

Reserve Bank of India:
Act: Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934
Headquarters– Mumbai, Maharashtra
Governor– Shaktikanta Das
Deputy Governors– 4 (T Rabi Sankar, Mahesh Kumar Jain, Michael Debabrata Patra, M. Rajeshwar Rao)

RBI – Monetary penalty of Rs 1 Lakh on Priyadarshini Mahila Nagari Sahakari Bank.


6. Which organisation released a report ‘Net Zero by 2050: a Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector’?
B) Niti Aayog
Answer: E) IEA

  • The pathway to building a global energy sector with net-zero emissions in 2050 is narrow and requires an unprecedented transformation of how energy is produced, transported and used globally, the International Energy Agency said in a special report released.
  • Climate pledges by governments to date – even if fully achieved – would fall well short of what is required to bring global energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to net zero by 2050 and give the world an even chance of limiting the global temperature rise to 1.5°C, according to the report, ‘Net Zero by 2050: a Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector’.
  • The report is a comprehensive study of how to transition to a net zero energy system by 2050.
  • Building on the IEA’s unrivalled energy modelling tools and expertise, the Roadmap sets out more than 400 milestones to guide the global journey to net zero by 2050.
  • These include, no investment in new fossil fuel supply projects, and no further final investment decisions for new unabated coal plants.
  • By 2035, there are no sales of new internal combustion engine passenger cars, and by 2040, the global electricity sector has already reached net-zero emissions.

Renewable Push:

  • The pathway calls for annual additions of solar PV to reach 630 gigawatts by 2030, and those of wind power to reach 390 gigawatts.
  • Together, this is four times the record level set in 2020.
  • Total annual energy investment surges to $5 trillion by 2030 in the net zero pathway, adding an extra 0.4 percentage points a year to global GDP growth, based on a joint analysis with the International Monetary Fund.
  • The jump in private and government spending creates millions of jobs in clean energy, including energy efficiency, as well as in the engineering, manufacturing and construction industries.
  • All of this puts global GDP 4 per cent higher in 2030 than it would reach based on current trends.
  • The special report is designed to inform the high-level negotiations that will take place at the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26) of the United Nations Climate Change Framework Convention in Glasgow in November.
  • It was requested as input to the negotiations by the UK government’s COP26 Presidency.

International Energy Agency:
Headquarters location: Paris, France
Founded: November 1974

IEA – Report ‘Net Zero by 2050: a Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector’.

7. Reliance Jio undersea cable system to be ready starting mid-which year?
A) 2024
B) 2026
C) 2025
D) 2023
E) 2022
Answer: D) 2023

  • Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd is deploying two undersea cable systems with global partners and supplier SubCom to support the data demand in India, the company said in a statement.
  • India-Asia-Xpress (IAX) System, which will connect India with Singapore, will be ready for service by mid-2023, and India-Europe-Xpress (IEX) system, which will connect India to the Middle East and Europe, is expected to be ready in early 2024.
  • The high-speed systems will provide over 200 TBPS (terabyte per second) of capacity spanning across 16,000 kilometers.
  • The projects, equipped with open-system technology and the latest wavelength switched branching units, will ensure rapid upgradation and flexibility to add/drop waves across multiple locations.
  • The IAX system will connect Mumbai and Chennai in India to Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, while the IEX project extends the country’s connectivity to Italy, landing in Savona, and additional landings in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • The two systems will also be connected to the Reliance Jio Global Fiber Network beyond Asia Pacific and Europe, linking the east and west coast of the US

Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited:
Founder: Mukesh Ambani
Founded: 2007
Headquarters: Mumbai

Reliance Jio undersea cable system – Be ready starting mid-2023.


8. World Economic Forum cancels Singapore meet in view of Covid pandemic. The next Annual Meeting will held in which year?
A) 2024
B) 2026
C) 2025
D) 2023
E) 2022
Answer: E) 2022

  • The World Economic Forum cancelled its Special Annual Meeting in Singapore which was to take place just three months from now.
  • The next Annual Meeting will instead take place in the first half of 2022, WEF said in a statement.
  • Final location and date will be determined based on an assessment of the situation later this summer.

World Economic Forum:
Headquarters: Cologny, Switzerland
Founded: January 1971
Executive Chairman: Klaus Schwab

World Economic Forum – Cancel Singapore meet in view of Covid pandemic.


9. T-Hub partners with nine new leading companies to help its startups during pandemic. T-Hub is related to which state?
A) Arunachal Pradesh
B) Tamil Nadu
C) Andhra Pradesh
D) Mizoram
E) Telangana
Answer: E) Telangana

  • T-Hub, India’s largest facility for innovation and entrepreneurship, and backed by the Telangana government, announced partnership with nine new leading companies to help its startups accelerate their growth during Coronavirus pandemic by providing various operational services.
  • T-Hub joined hands with Cashfree, Cassixcom, CFO Bridge, Conduira,, Handysends, Lunchclub, Sapience and The Legal Capsule, and the companies will support all its startups with a suite of services for efficient functioning and will be aligned to the drastically changing needs of startups to grow since the pandemic, Hyderabad-based T-Hub said in a release here.
  • This alliance benefits the service providers as well by giving them a platform to showcase their offerings and establish them as reliable partners for our start-ups.
  • These service providers enable T-Hub to create a strong entrepreneurial support infrastructure to aid in the long-term sustainability of startups, especially the early-stage ones.
  • Each startup has different budgets and requirements, hence T-Hub has carefully curated this pool of service providers to propel startups on the path to success and makes them economically viable entities, he said.
  • T-Hub’s service provider partners offer startups free credits and access to various service offerings starting from automating their management process to executing well-planned marketing strategies.

T-Hub + Nine New leading companies – Help its startups during pandemic.

10. Which state launched an app for home isolation tracking covid patients?
A) Arunachal Pradesh
B) Tamil Nadu
C) Andhra Pradesh
D) Bihar
E) Telangana
Answer: D) Bihar

  • Bihar government launched ‘HIT Covid App’ to ensure regular monitoring and tracking of those Civid-19 patients, who are in home isolation across the state.
  • HIT stands for home isolation tracking.
  • Health workers will visit the patients at home every day and feed data in the app after measuring their temperature and oxygen level.
  • These data will be monitored at the district level.
  • If the oxygen level is below 94, the patient will be shifted to the nearby dedicated Covid health centres for proper treatment.

Capital: Patna
CM: Nitish Kumar
Governor: Phagu Chauhan

Bihar – Home isolation tracking app for govind patients.

11. Tribal Affairs Ministry & which company sign MoU for digital transformation of Tribal Schools?
A) Microsoft
B) Amazon
C) Infosys
E) Accenture
Answer: A) Microsoft

  • Tribal Affairs Ministry and Microsoft have signed an MoU for digital transformation of Tribal Schools such as Eklavya Model Residential Schools and Ashram Schools.
  • The collaboration seeks to skill educators and students in next-generation digital technologies including Artificial Intelligence.
  • Under the program, 250 Eklavya Model Residential school, EMRS have been adopted by Microsoft out of which 50 EMRS schools will be given intensive training.
  • In the first phase, 500 master trainers will be trained.

Tribal Affairs:
Minister: Arjun Munda
Constituency: Khunti, Jharkhand

Founded: 4 April 1975
Headquarters: Redmond, Washington D.C., United States of America
CEO: Satya Nadella

Tribal Affairs Ministry + Microsoft – MoU for digital transformation of Tribal Schools.

12. Delhi govt. announces how much amount ex-gratia to families of those who died due to COVID-19?
A) Rs 10,000
B) Rs 20,000
C) Rs 30,000
D) Rs 40,000
E) Rs 50,000
Answer: E) Rs 50,000

  • Delhi Government has announced Rs 50,000 ex-gratia to the families of those who died due to COVID-19.
  • Families where the breadwinner died, will also get Rs 2500 monthly pension besides the ex-gratia.
  • The decision has also been taken to provide tRs 2500 monthly to orphaned children whose parents have died due to COVID.
  • This amount will be given till the age of 25 years and they will also be provided free education.

Capital: New Delhi
CM: Arvind Kejriwal
Governor: Anil Baijal

Delhi govt. – Rs 50,000 ex-gratia to families of those who died due to COVID-19.


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