Dams and Rivers in India State Wise: A dam is a physical obstruction that restricts water movement and creates a reservoir. Dams are typically constructed to use water to generate electricity. Hydroelectricity is the name given to this type of electricity. For those who are studying for competitive exams like IBPS, Insurance, SSC, Railway, Civil Service Commission, TNPSC, UPSC, and others, we are offering complete information on the List of Dams in India here. Due to its physical characteristics, India, a country of rivers, has a tremendous potential for the construction of large dams. The Himalayan Mountains are in the north, the Plateaus are in the center, and the Western and Eastern Ghats run along the country’s ocean borders in the south. India has already built about 5300 big dams and numerous more dams, water reservoirs, and other structures. Check out the article on reservoirs, along with the tallest, longest, and oldest dams in India.

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List of Major Dams and Rivers in India State Wise

We have listed a few of India’s most significant dams here since they are crucial to a well-informed India’s general understanding. The table below contains a complete list of India’s significant dams.

Dams And Rivers In India

Andhra Pradesh

List Of Dams and Rivers in Andhra Pradesh – Dams and Rivers in India
Dams River
Nagarjunasagar Dam Krishna
Somasila Dam Penna
Nizamsagar Dam Manjira
Srisailam Krishna
Kalyani Dam Swarnamukhi
Veligallu Dam Papagni
Ramagundam Godavari
Singur dam Manjira

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Arunachal Pradesh

List Of Dams and Rivers in Arunachal Pradesh
Dams River
Dibang Dibang
Kohira Dam Kohira
Ranganadi Ranganadi


List Of Dams and Rivers in Bihar – Dams and Rivers in India
Dams River
Nagi Dam Nagi River
Ranganadi Dam Ranganadi River, a tributary of the Brahmaputra River


List Of Dams and Rivers in Chhattisgarh
Dams River
Dudhawa dam Mahanadi
Minimata Bango (Hasdeo) Hasdeo
Gangreal Dam (R.S. Sagar) Mahanadi
Kutaghat Kharang


List Of Dams and Rivers in Gujarat
Dams River
Sardar Sarovar Dam Narmada
Ukai Dam Tapi
Dantiwada West Banas
Kandana Mahi
Kamleshwar Hiran
Dharoi Sabarmathi
Dholidhaja Bhogavo
Karjan dam Karjan
Aji Dam Aji
Sipu Dam Sipu
Mitti Dam Mitti

Himachal Pradesh

List Of Dams and Rivers in Himachal Pradesh – Dams and Rivers in India
Dams River
Chamera Dam Ravi
Maharana Pratap Sagar Dam Beas
Panda Dam Beas
Bhakra Nangal Dam Sutlej
NathpaJakhri Dam Sutlej
Koldam Sutlej
Kishau Tons
Pong Dam Beas

Jammu and Kashmir

List Of Dams and Rivers in Jammu and Kashmir
Dams River
Salal Dam Chenab
Uri Dam Jhelum
Baglihar Dam Chenab
Cholal Dam Cholal Choe
Chutak Hydroelectric Plant Suru
Nimoo Bazgo Hydroelectric Plant Indus
Pakal Dul Dam Marusudar
Kishenganga Dam KISHANGANGA


List Of Dams and Rivers in Jharkhand
Dams River
Konar Dam Konar
Tenughat Damodar
Maithon Barakar
Panchet Damodar
Chandil Subarnarekha
North Koel North Koel


List Of Dams and Rivers in Karnataka – Dams and Rivers in India
Dams River
Lakhya Lakya
Almatti Krishna
Bhadra Bhadra
Hemavathi Hemavathi
Hidkal Ghataprabha
Malaprabha Malaprabha
Linganamakki Sharavathi
Supa Kalinadi (Kali) River
Tunga Bhadra Thunga Bhadra
Kadra Kalinadi
Krishnaraja Sagar Kaveri
Basava Sagar Dam( Narayanpur) Krishna
Kodasalli Dam Kali
Kabini Dam Kabini


List Of Dams and Rivers in Kerala
Dams River
Malampuzha Malampuzha
Idukki Arch Dam Periyar
Kulamavu Kaliyar
Cheruthoni Periyar river
Idamalayar Edamalayar/ Periyar
Kakki Kakki
Mullaiperiyar Periyar
Neyyar Dam Neyyar
Parambikulam Parambikulam
Banasura Sagar Kabini
Walayar Walayar


List Of Dams and Rivers in Ladakh – Dams and Rivers in India
Dams River
Dumkar Hydroelectric Dam Indus

Madhya Pradesh

List Of Dams and Rivers in Madhya Pradesh
Dams River
Bargi Narmada
Bansagar Son
Indira Sagar Dam Narmada
Gandhi Sagar Dam Chambal
Madikheda Dam Sindh River
Omkareshwar Narmada
Tawa Tawa
Rajghat Betwa


List Of Dams and Rivers in Maharashtra – Dams and Rivers in India
Dams River
Aruna Dam Aruna
Upper Wardha Dam Wardha
Koyna Koyna
Bhatsa Bhatsa & Chorna River
Isapur Dam Penganga
Jayakwadi (Paithan) Godavari
Totladoh Pench
Warna Warna
Ujjani (Bhima) Bhima
Yeldari Purna
Mulshi Mula
Panshet Ambi
Girna Girna and Godavari River
Radhanagiri Bhogawati
Khadakwasla Mutha


List Of Dams and Rivers in Odisha
Dams River
Indravati Indravati
Mandira Sankh
Hirakud Mahanadi
Muran Muran
Rengali Brahmni
Kapur Kapur
Upper Kolab Kolab
Podagada Podagada
Balimela Reservoir Sileru
Haladia Dam Haladia


List Of Dams and Rivers in Punjab – Dams and Rivers in India
Dams River
Siswan Dam Siswan
Ranjit Sagar (Thein) Dam Ranjit Sagar (Thein)
Bakhra Nangal Dam Bakhra Nangal
Damsal Dam Damsal


List Of Dams and Rivers in Rajasthan
Dams River
Jawahar Sagar Chambal
Bisalpur Banas
Jawai Jawai/ Luni
Mahi Bajaj Sagar Dam Mahi
Rana Pratap Sagar Dam Chambal
Jaswant Sagar Dam Luni
Jakham Main Dam Jakham (Mahi)


List Of Dams and Rivers in Tamilnadu – Dams and Rivers in India
Dams River
Mettur Dam Cauveri
BhavaniSagar Bhavani
Aliyar Aliyar
Amaravathi Amaravathi
Sholaiyar Sholaiyar
Vaigai Vaigai
Chittar Chittar
Pechiparai Kodayar
Perunchani Paralayar
Pillur Dam Bhavani


List Of Dams and Rivers in Telangana
Dams River
Ramagundam Godavari
Manair Manair
NizamSagar Manjira
Singur Manjira
Somasila Pennar
SriramSagar Godavari
Srisailam Krishna
Musi Dam Musi

Uttar Pradesh

List Of Dams and Rivers in Uttar Pradesh – Dams and Rivers in India
Dams River
Dhanraul Ghaghar
Parichha Betwa
Rihand Rihand
Rajghat Betwa
GovindBallabh Pant Sagar Dam Rihand
Matatila Betwa


List Of Dams and Rivers in Uttarakhand
Dams River
Tehri Bhagirathi
Dhauliganga Dhauliganga
Lakhwar Yamuna
Jamrani Gola
Koteshwar Bhagirathi
Ramganga Ramganga

West Bengal

List Of Dams and Rivers in West Bengal – Dams and Rivers in India
Dams River
Kangasabati Kangasabati, Kumari
Panchet Dam Damodar
Durgapur Barrage Damodar
Farakka barrage Ganges

Longest Dam in India

In the Indian state of Odisha, a dam called Hirakud is constructed over the Mahanadi River, roughly 15 kilometres from Sambalpur. It is the world’s longest earthen dam. A 55 km long lake, the Hirakud Reservoir, extends beyond the dam.

Name Across River State
Hirakud Dam (Length = 25.79 km) Mahanadi river Odisha

Highest Dam in India

Tehri Dam is the tallest dam in India and ranks 12th in the world in terms of height with a height of 260.5 m. It is India’s largest hydroelectric power project, with a total planned installed capacity of 2400 MW. In the Indian state of Uttarakhand, the Tehri Dam is situated on the Bhagirathi River in the town of New Tehri. The Tehri dam measures 575 metres in length and 260 metres in height. The Tehri Dam’s initial phase was finished in 2006. It is a part of the Tehri hydropower complex and THDC India Ltd.

Name Across River State
Tehri Dam (Height = 260.5 m) Bhagirathi River Uttarakhand 

Oldest Dam in India

Karikala of the Chola dynasty constructed the Kallanai dam about 150 CE. It is situated on the other side of the Kaveri River, which divides Tamil Nadu’s Thanjavur and Tiruchirapalli districts. The district of Thanjavur contains the dam. situated 45 kilometres from Tanjavur and 15 kilometres from Tiruchirapalli. The Tamil Nadu government currently runs the Kallanai Dam, which was finished between the years 100 BC and 100 AD.

Name Across River State
Kallanai Dam Kaveri  Tamil Nadu

Benefits of Dams In India State Wise

Check out a few of the crucial details on the dams. How dams benefit society in the current age.

  • Supplying enough water for home and urban use,
  • A source of water for agriculture,
  • Water is required by numerous businesses,
  • The generation of hydroelectric electricity,
  • River navigation is the most affordable mode of transportation.
  • Dams Reservoirs are utilized for boating and fishing, giving many people a means of subsistence.
  • They are helpful in controlling river flow and assisting during times of flooding.

Reservoirs In India

Freshwater is stored in reservoirs, which can be man-made or formed naturally. Reservoir water can be used in a particular location. The significant reservoirs on India’s principal river are visible here. It is also a crucial component of general knowledge subjects.

Reservoir State River
Dindi Reservoir Telangana Krishna River
Lower Manair Reservoir Telangana Manair River
Tatipudi Reservoir Project Andhra Pradesh Gosthani River
Gandipalem Reservoir Andhra Pradesh Manneru River
Himayat Sagar Reservoir Telangana Osman Sagar
Shriram Sagar Reservoir Telangana Godavari River
Gobind Sagar Reservoir Himachal Pradesh Sutlej River
Maharana Pratap Sagar Reservoir Himachal Pradesh Pong Dam Lake
Ghataprabha Reservoir Karnataka Ghataprabha River
Hemavathi Reservoir Karnataka Hemavati River
Tawa Reservoir Madhya Pradesh Tawa River
Balimela Reservoir Odisha Sileru River
Aliyar Reservoir Tamil Nadu Aliyar River
Chittar Reservoir Tamil Nadu Chittar River
Krishnagiri Reservoir Tamil Nadu Thenpennai River
Manimuthar Reservoir Tamil Nadu Thamirabarani River
Pechiparai Reservoir Tamil Nadu Kodayar River
Shoolagiri Chinnar Reservoir Tamil Nadu Chinnar River
Thunakadavu Reservoir Tamil Nadu Thunakadavu River
Varattu Pallam Reservoir Tamil Nadu Kaveri River
Vidur Reservoir Tamil Nadu Sankaraparani River
Amaravathi Reservoir Tamil Nadu Amaravathi River
Gundar Reservoir Tamil Nadu Berijam Lake
Kullursandai Reservoir Tamil Nadu Arjuna Nadi
Pambar Reservoir Tamil Nadu Pambar River
Periyar Reservoir Tamil Nadu Periyar River
Stanley Reservoir Tamil Nadu Kaveri River
Uppar Reservoir Tamil Nadu Uppar River
Vattamalai Karai Odai Reservoir Tamil Nadu Odai River
Willingdon Reservoir Tamil Nadu Periya Odai River
Bhavanisagar Reservoir Tamil Nadu Bhavani River
Kodaganar Reservoir Tamil Nadu Kodagananar River
Manimukthanadhi Reservoir Tamil Nadu Krishna River
Parambikulam Reservoir Tamil Nadu Parambikulam River
Sholayar Reservoir Tamil Nadu Chalakudy River
Thirumurthi Reservoir Tamil Nadu Parambikulam and Aliyar River
Varadamanadhi Reservoir Tamil Nadu Aliyar River
Vembakottai Reservoir Tamil Nadu Vaippar River
Manjalar Reservoir Tamil Nadu Manjalar River
Salal Project Jammu and Kashmir Chenab River
Chutak Hydroelectric Project Jammu and Kashmir Suru River
Indira Sagar Project Madhya Pradesh Narmada River
Narmada Dam Project Madhya Pradesh Narmada River
Rihand Project Uttar Pradesh Rihand River and Son River

FAQs – Dams and Rivers in India State Wise

Q. Which Indian dam is the biggest?

The biggest dam in India is the Tehri dam on the Bhagirathi river in Uttarakhand.

Q. Which Indian dam is the longest?

The longest dam in India is the Hirakud dam on the Mahanadi River in Odisha.

Q. Which dam in India is the oldest?

The oldest dam in India is the Kallanai Dam on the Kaveri River. From 100 BC to 100 AD, Karikala Cholan of the Chola Dynasty constructed it.

Q. NizamSagar dam is located in which state?

NizamSagar dam is located in the state of Telangana.

Q. Indravati dam is located in which state?

Indravati dam is located in the state of Odisha.

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