LIC AAO Salary After 5 Years: The Life Insurance Corporation of India’s salary has been a deciding factor for those choosing to work there. One of the main factors encouraging applicants to the position of Assistant Administrative Officer is the LIC AAO remuneration. Additionally, it is one of the most sought-after positions in the insurance industry. The complete details of LIC AAO Salary After 5 Years, LIC AAO Salary after 10 years, LIC AAO salary after wage revision, LIC AAO Salary after 11th bipartite, LIC AAO Salary after 2 years, LIC AAO Salary after 7th pay commission, starting salary of AAO in LIC, etc., Exam candidates will have all of their questions answered after reading the article, which has a solid reputation. Here, we’re going over all the specifics of salary. Another appealing reason for the job is that it is a central level government position with a good scope of work.

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LIC AAO Salary 2023

The basic pay for LIC AAO’s in 2023 is Rs. 53600/- per month. This post explains the whole breakdown of the LIC AAO Salary in hand 2023. Various LIC AAO Salary and Allowances are included in the LIC AAO Salary in hand for 2023. Additionally, the LIC AAO Salary will be more desirable following the 2023 wage revision. Similar to how your initial LIC AAO Salary in 2023 will increase significantly over the next ten years, so will your LIC AAO Salary.

After adjustment, the LIC AAO pay scale in 2023 will be extremely high and satisfactory. After the 7th pay commission, the LIC AAO Basic Pay was increased. It is detailed in full here how much a LIC AAO make in terms of pay, allowances, and other benefits. Below is a detailed explanation of the information related to the LIC AAO Salary in 2023, LIC AAO Salary After 5 Years, up to the LIC AAO Salary after 10 years. Observe the LIC AAO Pay Scale 2023 shown below:

Pay Range for LIC AAO in 2023: Rs. 53600-2645(14)-90630-2865(4)-10209

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LIC AAO Salary After 5 Years

The LIC AAO Salary after 5 years is enormous. The incremental LIC AAO Salary 2023 structure is time-based. When compared to the initial payout, the LIC AAO pay scale following revision shows a clear increase. To learn the LIC AAO Salary following the seventh pay commission, keep reading. To clearly understand the basic LIC AAO Salary after 2, 5, 7, 10, and more years, please refer to the table.

LIC AAO Salary After 5 Years:

LIC AAO Salary After Years Amount (Basic Pay)
LIC AAO Salary After 2 years Rs. 56,245 /-
LIC AAO Salary After 5 years Rs. 64180 /-
LIC AAO Salary After 7 years Rs. 69470 /-
LIC AAO Salary After 10 years Rs. 77405 /-
LIC AAO Salary After 14 years Rs. 87985 /-

LIC AAO Job Profile 2023

The LIC AAO job profile 2023 is entirely dependent on the open positions in the company. Additionally, it will depend on what the recruiter believes will best suit you. Following your appointment to the LIC AAO position, you will be required to perform the following duties. An Assistant Administrative Officer’s (AAO) duties at LIC include administrative work. In essence, it is a desk job.

LIC AAO Job Description 2023

  1. Developing fresh plans, examining new and existing policies.
  2. Managing and submitting customer claims and settlements.
  3. Helping out and working with the other departments.
  4. To finish the task that has been delegated by the superior authority.
  5. Speaking with customers and addressing their concerns.
  6. Check current regulations for inaccuracies and false information.

FAQs – LIC AAO Salary After 5 Years

Q. What is the basic pay of LIC AAO 2023?

The basic pay of LIC AAO 2023 is Rs. 53,600/-

Q. What is the pay scale of LIC AAO 2023?

The pay scale of LIC AAO 2023 is Rs. 53600-2645(14)-90630-2865(4)-10209.

Q. What is the LIC AAO Salary after 5 years?

The LIC AAO Salary after 5 years is Rs. Rs. 64180 /-

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