Current Affairs Memory Based Questions for IBPS CLERK 2021 Mains Exam:

Dear Champions, Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) on conducting recruitment of Clerical cadre in multiple banks all over the country. All the Public Sector Banks utilize this exam as a base to fill the vacancies for this post. The exams will be conducted in 2 levels, i.e Preliminary examination and Mains examination. The mains examination for the recruitment of IBPS Clerk took place on January 25, 2022.

This section had 50 questions and the level of the questions asked was Easy -moderate. In this section most of the questionsCurrent Affairs related to contemporary events of national & international importance of November/December/January.
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Some of the questions are as follows:
    1. INS Vishakhapatnam made by?
    2. U in USSD ?
    3. Solar Charkha Misssion by which ministry?
    4. 3rd Largest Continent in orld?
    5. Khuda Baksh Library where?
    6. ILP (Inner Line Permit) not mandatory in which North East State?
    7. Steel Company to open steel plant in Odisha?
    8. ___ + World Bank = loss sharing agreement for EVs
    9. Which of these are part of CAPF ?
    10. Paytm ONE97 IPO amount ?
    11. Highest Profit of which company in Q2, 2021 ?
    12. How many AIFI as of now ?
    13. CRAR – PSBs how much?

  1. Type of submarines INS VELA ?
  2. PLI Scheme – Loan Corpus Hiked to what amount for Solar Cell ?
  3. Yamuna International Airport constructed by which airport ?
  4. Wildlife Institute of India in which place of Himachal?
  5. Largest Rubber producing State ??
  6. HARBINGER theme ?
  7. ADB loan amount for COVID19 Vaccine – 2 Bn and 1.5 Bn both given.
  8. GAREEB KALYAN ANNA YOJANA extended to ????
  9. Blue Flag Certificate 2 New Beaches Name ???
  10. Which Bank is still in PCA?
  11. Spinny is _ what type of company is ???
  12. SLR Rate??
  13. BRICS Bank also known as ??
  14. NHFS India’s population decreasing because of decline in it’s which type of Fertility?? Rajnath Singh statement
  15. S in ESG?
  16. Business Sutra Book Author.
  17. Amount not remember, Infrastructure Bond signed by which bank?
  18. What can not be performed at Retail Direct platform of RBI?
  19. Janjatiya Gaurav Diwas when?
  20. 1st ever QR Code based Soundbox launched by which SFB ?
  21. Paytm Payment Bank included 2nd schedule of which act of RBI??
  22. India Post + IPPB + which insurance company launched 2 new insurance product ???
  23. Bengal Tiger became National Animal in which year?
  24. Emperor Of All Maladies author ??
  25. UN convention of Sea and Lands for maritime border line in ocean signed in which year ??
  26. Commission for OBC in 2017?
  27. Isobaric Lines drawn on map denotes which quantity to be same ???
  28. Chumbi Valley Location?
  29. Ruchir Sharma left which organization ?
  30. INDIA + USA how much percent equi-relaxation on e-commerce?
  31. OMBUDSMAN to be appointed for which type of NBFC who has 50 Crore Capital?
  32. Penalty on ATM Manager Tata Communication Payment Ltd. ?
  33. Which bank raised 3595 Rs. bonds ??
  34. Tibetian Parliament in Exile HQ at which place?
  35. Head of the committee of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code
  36. Base year for Family Health Survey?
  37. Which of the following comes under CAPF ?

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