Daily Current Affairs May 16

Dear Champions, as you all know that a lot of competitive exams have been notified consequently. Candidates have to prepare themselves according to the level of competition and expectation of the Recruitment board. Regarding that one of the most important topic is Daily Current Affairs May 16. Current Affairs in the form of contemporary events of national & international play a crucial role in almost every competitive exams like Banking, Insurance, SSC, UPSC, TNPSC, Railway etc.

Current affairs are the most dynamic yet scoring among all sections and need to be prepared from the right source. Here, we cafunsta team, providing  Daily GK Updates, Current Affairs Questions, and Monthly  current affairs pdf.


May 16 | Daily Current Affairs 2024

Important Days – Daily Current Affairs May 16

1. What is the significance of May 16 in relation to the International Day of Light?
A) It marks the founding of UNESCO
B) It commemorates the first successful laser operation
C) It is the day the incandescent light bulb was invented
D) It celebrates the invention of fiber optics
E) It honors the contributions of Thomas Edison
Answer: B) It commemorates the first successful laser operation

Event and Location:

  • Event: International Day of Light
  • Location: Celebrated globally

Mandates and Objectives:

  • Objective: Highlight the importance of light and its applications in various fields.
  • Mandate: Proclaimed by UNESCO on November 24, 2017.

History of the International Day of Light:

Ancient Times:
  • Egyptians, Greeks, and Chinese studied light phenomena like reflection and refraction.
Renaissance and Enlightenment:
  • Significant advancements in optics by scholars like Leonardo da Vinci and Isaac Newton.
19th and 20th Centuries:
  • Invention of the incandescent light bulb by Thomas Edison.
  • Development of lasers and fiber optics.
Modern Era:
  • Light-based technologies are crucial in fields like medicine, communications, and art.


  • Scientific Advancements: Recognizes contributions of scientists and engineers in light-based technologies.
  • Cultural and Artistic Expression: Celebrates light as a symbol of creativity in art, photography, film, and architecture.
  • Education and Outreach: Promotes education and awareness about the importance of light in science and technology.
  • Sustainable Development: Highlights the role of light-based technologies in energy efficiency, solar power, and environmental monitoring.

Static GK Information:


United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO):

  • Founded Year: 1945
  • Director-General: Audrey Azoulay
  • Headquarters: Paris, France

Tabular Summary:

Key Details Information
Event International Day of Light
Location Global
Date of Celebration May 16
Proclaimed By UNESCO
Date Proclaimed November 24, 2017
Reason for May 16 Date Commemorates the first successful laser operation by Theodore Maiman in 1960
Historical Context  Ancient civilisations’ study of light, Renaissance advancements by Leonardo da Vinci and Isaac Newton, 19th and 20th centuries’ innovations by Thomas Edison and others
Significance  Recognizes scientific advancements, Celebrates cultural and artistic contributions, Promotes education and outreach, Highlights role in sustainable development

Sports – Daily Current Affairs May 16

2. When did Sunil Chhetri announce his retirement from international football?
A) After the FIFA World Cup 2022
B) After the FIFA World Cup 2026
C) After the FIFA World Cup 2026 qualifier against Kuwait
D) After the AFC Asian Cup
E) After the ISL 2026 season
Answer: C) After the FIFA World Cup 2026 qualifier against Kuwait

Event and Location:

  • Event: Retirement announcement of Sunil Chhetri from international football
  • Location: Announced via a video message on social media platform X

Mandates and Objectives:

  • Objective: Sunil Chhetri’s decision to retire after the FIFA World Cup 2026 qualifier against Kuwait.
  • Mandate: Announced on June 6.

Details of the Announcement:

  • Retirement Date: After the FIFA World Cup 2026 qualifier against Kuwait on June 6.
  • Platform: Social media platform X
  • Career Span: 20 years
  • Matches Played for India: 145 caps
  • Goals Scored: 94 goals


  • Duty, Pressure, and Joy: Chhetri reflected on his career as a mix of duty, pressure, and immense joy.
  • Strange Feeling: He felt strange reviewing his career accomplishments.
  • Enjoyment: Intends to enjoy the remaining time with the national team.
  • Next Generation: Hinted at giving opportunities to the next generation of Indian strikers.

Static GK Information:


Sunil Chhetri:

  • Age: 39 years
  • National Team Caps: 145
  • Goals Scored: 94
  • Career Span: 20 years

Indian National Football Team:

  • Founded Year: 1937
  • Head Coach: Igor Štimac
  • Home Stadium: Salt Lake Stadium, Kolkata, India

Tabular Summary:

Key Details Information
Event Sunil Chhetri announces international retirement
Location Announced via social media platform X
Retirement Date After FIFA World Cup 2026 qualifier against Kuwait
Date of Qualifier June 6
Career Span 20 years
Matches Played for India 145 caps
Goals Scored 94 goals
Significance of Announcement Reflection on career, enjoyment of remaining games, next generation opportunities
Quotes  Duty, pressure, and immense joy, Enjoying training and games, Importance of the match against Kuwait

Obituary – Daily Current Affairs May 16

3. Which position did Kamla Beniwal NOT hold during her political career?
A) Governor of Gujarat
B) Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan
C) Speaker of Rajasthan Assembly
D) Governor of Mizoram
E) Governor of Tripura
Answer: C) Speaker of Rajasthan Assembly

Event and Location:

  • Event: Death of Veteran Congress Leader Kamla Beniwal
  • Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Mandates and Objectives:

  • Objective: Announcement of Kamla Beniwal’s death and her contributions to Indian politics.
  • Mandate: Various political roles held by Beniwal throughout her career.

Career Highlights:

  • Political Party: Indian National Congress

Positions Held:

  • Governor of Gujarat: Served as the governor of Gujarat.
  • Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan: Held the position of Deputy Chief Minister in Rajasthan.
  • Governor of Mizoram: Served as the governor of Mizoram.
  • Governor of Tripura: Served as the governor of Tripura.
  • MLA: Elected seven times as a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) in Rajasthan.
  • Committee Roles: Chairperson and member of various committees in the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly.


  • Contributions: Notable contributions in Indian politics, administration, and governance.
  • Legacy: Left a legacy of commitment, loyalty, and exemplary work in politics and governance.

Static GK Information:


Indian National Congress:

  • Founded Year: 1885
  • Current President: Mallikarjun Kharge
  • Headquarters: 24 Akbar Road, New Delhi, India

Tabular Summary:

Key Details Information
Event Death of Kamla Beniwal
Location Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
Age at Death 97
Political Party Indian National Congress
Positions Held  Governor of Gujarat, Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Governor of Mizoram, Governor of Tripura, Seven-time MLA in Rajasthan
Condolences Expressed By  Kalraj Mishra, Bhajanlal Sharma, Ashok Gehlot, Vasudev Devnani
Significance of Contributions Exemplary work in politics, administration, and governance

Banking and Finance – Daily Current Affairs May 16

4. Who attended the event as the chief guest during PhonePe’s announcement of its UPI collaboration with LankaPay in Sri Lanka?
A) Nandalal Weerasinghe
B) Santosh Jha
C) Channa de Silva
D) Ritesh Pai
E) Shashi Kandambi
Answer: B) Santosh Jha

Event and Location:

  • Event: PhonePe’s launch of UPI in Sri Lanka
  • Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka

Mandates and Objectives:

  • Objective: Enable UPI payment acceptance across LankaQR merchant points.
  • Mandate: Partnership between PhonePe and LankaPay announced on May 15.

Details of the Collaboration:

  • Announcement Date: May 15
  • Partners: PhonePe and LankaPay
  • Key Feature: Indian tourists can now use UPI for payments at LankaQR merchants nationwide.


  • Convenience for Indian Tourists: Seamless and secure payment options using UPI in Sri Lanka.
  • Fintech Connectivity: Enhances bilateral relations between India and Sri Lanka.
  • Support for Digital Initiatives: Aids in the development of Sri Lanka’s Unique Digital Identity Program and other digital projects.

Static GK Information:



  • Founded Year: 2015
  • CEO: Sameer Nigam
  • Headquarters: Bangalore, India


  • Founded Year: 2013
  • CEO: Channa de Silva
  • Headquarters: Colombo, Sri Lanka

Tabular Summary:

Key Details Information
Event Launch of UPI by PhonePe in Sri Lanka
Location Colombo, Sri Lanka
Announcement Date May 15
Chief Guest Santosh Jha, High Commissioner of India to Sri Lanka
Partners PhonePe and LankaPay
Key Feature UPI payment acceptance at LankaQR merchants
Significance for Tourists Seamless and secure payments using UPI

Business and Economy – Daily Current Affairs May 16

5. What is the new deadline for LIC to achieve the minimum 10% public shareholding requirement as granted by SEBI?
A) May 16, 2024
B) May 16, 2025
C) May 16, 2026
D) May 16, 2027
E) May 16, 2028
Answer: D) May 16, 2027

Event and Location:

  • Event: Extension of deadline for LIC to achieve 10% public shareholding
  • Location: India

Mandates and Objectives:

  • Objective: SEBI mandates listed companies to maintain a minimum public shareholding of 10%.
  • Mandate: LIC, listed in May 2023, originally had until May 16, 2024, to comply. The new deadline is May 16, 2027.

Important Terms Explained:

  • Public Shareholding Requirement: A SEBI regulation requiring a minimum of 10% of a listed company’s shares to be held by the public.
  • Disinvestment: The process of selling off government stakes in a public enterprise to private investors.

Impact on Stakeholders:

For LIC Investors:
  • Increased Liquidity: The extended timeframe may lead to increased liquidity once disinvestment begins.
  • Long-Term Performance: Investors can focus on LIC’s long-term performance and growth.
For the Market:
  • Reduced Volatility: The extension helps mitigate potential market volatility due to large-scale sell-offs.
  • Fundamental Focus: Encourages market to focus on LIC’s financial health and growth.
For LIC:
  • Strategic Planning: More time for LIC to plan and execute a strategic disinvestment.
  • Core Business Focus: Allows LIC to concentrate on its primary insurance business.

Static GK Information:


Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC):

  • Founded Year: 1956
  • Chairman: Siddhartha Mohanty
  • Headquarters: Mumbai, India

Tabular Summary:

Key Details Information
Event Extension of deadline for 10% public shareholding
Location India
Original Deadline May 16, 2024
New Deadline May 16, 2027
Reason for Extension Market conditions, finding the right investor, minimizing market impact
Implications for Investors Potential increased liquidity, focus on long-term performance
Implications for Market Reduced short-term volatility, focus on fundamentals
Implications for LIC More time for strategic planning, focus on core business


Appointments – Daily Current Affairs May 16

6. Who has been named NASA’s first Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer?
A) Bill Nelson
B) Kate Calvin
C) David Salvagnini
D) James Webb
E) Joe Biden
Answer: C) David Salvagnini

Event and Location:

  • Event: Appointment of NASA’s first Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer
  • Location: NASA Headquarters

Mandates and Objectives:

  • Objective: To guide NASA’s responsible use of AI in missions and research.
  • Mandate: In alignment with President Biden’s Executive Order on the Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Development and Use of Artificial Intelligence.

Details of the Appointment:

  • Appointed By: NASA Administrator Bill Nelson
  • Appointee: David Salvagnini
  • Previous Role: Chief Data Officer at NASA
  • New Role: Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer


  • Aligning strategic vision and planning for AI usage across NASA.
  • Supporting development and risk management of AI tools, platforms, and training.
  • Continuing collaboration with government agencies, academic institutions, and industry partners.


  • Historical Usage: NASA has utilized AI for decades in supporting missions, research projects, and developing autonomous systems.
  • Acceleration of Discovery: AI can accelerate the pace of discovery in space exploration and Earth sciences.
  • Collaborative Efforts: Ensures NASA remains at the forefront of AI technology and its responsible use.

Background of Appointee:

  • Joined NASA: June 2023

Previous Experience:

  • 20+ years in technology leadership in the intelligence community.
  • Director of the architecture and integration group and chief architect at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.
  • Served in the Air Force for 21 years, retiring as a communications and computer systems officer in May 2005.

Static GK Information:


National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA):

  • Founded Year: 1958
  • Administrator: Bill Nelson
  • Headquarters: Washington, D.C., USA

Tabular Summary:

Key Details Information
Event Appointment of NASA’s first Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer
Location NASA Headquarters
Appointed By NASA Administrator Bill Nelson
New Appointee David Salvagnini
Previous Role Chief Data Officer at NASA
New Role Responsibilities  Align strategic vision for AI usage across NASA, Support development and risk management of AI tools, platforms, and training, Continue collaboration with external partners
Significance  AI’s role in accelerating discovery, Ensuring NASA’s leadership in responsible AI use

Awards – Daily Current Affairs May 16

7. What is the highest honour given by the Sahitya Akademi, which was awarded to Ruskin Bond?
A) Sahitya Akademi Award
B) Sahitya Akademi Bal Sahitya Puraskar
C) Sahitya Akademi Translation Prize
D) Sahitya Akademi Fellowship
E) Sahitya Akademi Yuva Puraskar
Answer: D) Sahitya Akademi Fellowship

Event and Location:

  • Event: Ruskin Bond awarded the Sahitya Akademi Fellowship
  • Location: Mussoorie, India

Mandates and Objectives:

  • Objective: Recognize Ruskin Bond’s contributions to literature
  • Mandate: Award presented by Sahitya Akademi president Madhav Kaushik and Sahitya Akademi secretary K. Sreenivasarao

Details of the Award:

  • Award: Sahitya Akademi Fellowship
  • Significance: Highest literary honour given by the Sahitya Akademi

About Ruskin Bond:

  • Date of Birth: May 19, 1934
  • Place of Birth: Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh
  • Literary Career: Active for over 50 years
  • Genres: Fiction, non-fiction, romance, children’s literature, essays, and stories

Notable Works:

  • Novels and Short Stories: Vagrants in the Valley, Once Upon a Monsoon Time, Angry River, Strangers in the Night, All Roads Lead to Ganga, Tales of Fosterganj, Leopard on the Mountain, Too Much Trouble


  • Film: 1978 Hindi film Junoon based on A Flight of Pigeons
  • TV Series: Ek Tha Rusty on Doordarshan
  • School Curriculum: Stories like The Night Train at Deoli, Time Stops at Shamli, Our Trees Still Grow in Dehra
  • Film Adaptations: The Blue Umbrella (2005), 7 Khoon Maaf (2011) based on Susanna’s Seven Husbands

Other Honors:

  • Padma Shri: 1999
  • Padma Bhushan: 2019
  • Sahitya Akademi Bal Sahitya Puraskar: 2012

Static GK Information:


Sahitya Akademi:

  • Founded Year: 1954
  • Current President: Madhav Kaushik
  • Headquarters: New Delhi, India

Tabular Summary:

Key Details Information
Event Awarding of Sahitya Akademi Fellowship to Ruskin Bond
Location Mussoorie, India
Date of Birth of Ruskin Bond May 19, 1934
Place of Birth Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh
Award Presented By Madhav Kaushik and K. Sreenivasarao
Significance of Award Highest literary honour by Sahitya Akademi
Literary Career Over 50 years


Defence – Daily Current Affairs May 16

8. What is the main purpose of the BHISHM portable cubes tested by the Indian Air Force?
A) To provide mobile communication units
B) To offer educational services
C) To deliver rapid and comprehensive medical aid during emergencies
D) To facilitate food distribution
E) To serve as temporary housing units
Answer: C) To deliver rapid and comprehensive medical aid during emergencies

Event and Location:

  • Event: Testing of BHISHM portable hospital for airdrop
  • Location: Agra, India

Mandates and Objectives:

  • Objective: To test and ensure the deployability of BHISHM portable hospitals for emergency situations.
  • Mandate: Part of “Project BHISHM” Bharat health initiative for Sahyog, Hita, and Maitri.

Details of the Test:

  • Tested By: Indian Air Force
  • Purpose: Deployment of portable hospitals to handle emergencies anywhere.

Features of BHISHM Portable Hospital:

  • Treat up to 200 casualties.
  • Equipped with innovative tools for disaster response.
  • Integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data analytics for real-time monitoring and efficient management.
  • Components: 72 transportable parts that can be carried by hand, cycle, or drone.
  • Deployment Time: Can be set up within 12 minutes.
  • Design: Robust, waterproof, lightweight, and suitable for various configurations.
Past Deployment:
  • Event: Pran Pratishtha ceremony in Ayodhya on January 22.
  • Purpose: Enhance medical preparedness and response capabilities.


  • Emergency Response: Provides immediate and comprehensive medical aid during mass casualty incidents.
  • Flexibility: Designed for rapid deployment in diverse emergency scenarios, ensuring prompt medical assistance.

Static GK Information:


Indian Air Force:

  • Founded Year: 1932
  • Chief of Air Staff: Air Chief Marshal Vivek Ram Chaudhari
  • Headquarters: New Delhi, India

Tabular Summary:

Key Details Information
Event Testing of BHISHM portable hospital for airdrop
Location Agra, India
Tested By Indian Air Force
Capabilities  Treat up to 200 casualties, Equipped with AI and data analytics, Real-time monitoring and management
Components 72 transportable parts
Deployment Time Within 12 minutes
Design Robust, waterproof, lightweight


National Affairs – Daily Current Affairs May 16

9. What event was commemorated by the release of the Rs 250 coin by Defence Secretary Giridhar Aramane?
A) The 200th anniversary of MDL
B) The launch of the midget submarine Arowana
C) The commissioning of the Solar Electric Hybrid boat
D) The 250th anniversary of Mazagon Dock Limited
E) The launch of the Fuel Cell Electric Ferry SUCHI
Answer: D) The 250th anniversary of Mazagon Dock Limited

Event and Location:

  • Event: Release of a commemorative Rs 250 coin
  • Location: New Delhi, India
  • Occasion: 250th anniversary of Mazagon Dock Limited (MDL)

Mandates and Objectives:

  • Objective: To commemorate the 250th anniversary of MDL
  • Mandate: Organized by MDL with Defence Secretary Giridhar Aramane as the chief guest

Details about MDL:

  • Foundation Year: 1774, started as a dry dock in Mazagon, Mumbai
  • Incorporation: 1934 as a private limited company, nationalized in 1960
  • Status: Mini-Ratna 1 status since 2006
  • Specialty: Premier naval shipyard building warships, submarines for the Indian Navy, and other vessels

Recent Achievements of MDL:

  • Midget Submarine Arowana: Launched platform design and hull, aimed at developing a full-fledged submarine by 2028
  • Solar Electric Hybrid Boat: Commissioned, developed in partnership with private companies
  • Fuel Cell Electric Ferry SUCHI: Zero-pollution vessel with low acoustic signatures
    Commemorative Coins in India:
  • Issuance Authority: Government of India under the Coinage Act 1906 (last amended in 2011)
  • Circulation Responsibility: RBI circulates minted coins through banks
  • First Commemorative Coin: Issued in 1964 to commemorate Jawaharlal Nehru’s birth anniversary

Minting Locations:

  • Cities: Mumbai, Alipore (Kolkata), Hyderabad, NOIDA (UP)

Static GK Information:


Mazagon Dock Limited (MDL):

  • Founded Year: 1774
  • Status: Mini-Ratna 1
  • Headquarters: Mumbai, India

Tabular Summary:

Key Details Information
Event Release of commemorative Rs 250 coin
Location New Delhi, India
Occasion 250th anniversary of Mazagon Dock Limited (MDL)
Chief Guest Defence Secretary Giridhar Aramane
MDL Foundation Year 1774
MDL Nationalization Year 1960
MDL Status Mini-Ratna 1 since 2006
Specialty of MDL Building warships and submarines for Indian Navy
First Commemorative Coin 1964, Jawaharlal Nehru’s birth anniversary
Minting Locations Mumbai, Alipore (Kolkata), Hyderabad, NOIDA (UP)

Over All Review

Important Days

  • The International Day of Light is celebrated annually on May 16.


  • Sunil Chhetri announced his retirement from international football.


  • Veteran Congress Leader and Former Governor Kamla Beniwal passed away at 97.

Banking and Finance 

  • PhonePe launched its UPI in SriLanka in collaboration with LankaPay.

Business And Economy

  • LIC granted 3-year time to achieve 10% public shareholding.


  • NASA Names First Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer.


  • Author Ruskin Bond receives Sahitya Akademi Fellowship.


  • Testing of BHISHM portable hospital for airdrop.

National Affairs

  • Special Commemorative Coin Released on MDL Shipyard 250th Anniversary.


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