Daily Current Affairs March 04

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March 04 | Daily Current Affairs 2024

Important Days – Daily Current Affairs March 04

1. What significant event occurred in 2014 regarding World Hearing Day?
A) Establishment of the World Hearing Foundation
B) Designation of March 3 as World Hearing Day by the World Health Assembly
C) Launch of the Global Ear Health Campaign
D) Introduction of the Ear and Hearing Care Initiative
E) Celebration of the first World Hearing Day in multiple countries
Answer: B) Designation of March 3 as World Hearing Day by the World Health Assembly

  • World Hearing Day is celebrated on March 3
  • The theme for World Hearing Day 2024 is “Changing mindsets: Let’s make ear and hearing care a reality for all.
  • The roots of World Hearing Day can be traced back to the First International Conference on Prevention and Rehabilitation of Hearing Impairment in Beijing, China, in 2007.
  • The conference marked the initiation of global endeavours to address hearing-related issues.
  • In 2014, the World Health Assembly designated March 3 as World Hearing Day.
  • The chosen date, symbolic of the shape of two ears, has since become an annual occasion to spotlight hearing care and the impact of hearing loss on individuals and communities.

2. Why was March 4 chosen as National Safety Day in 1972?
A) To commemorate a historic safety achievement
B) To align with the anniversary of a significant safety-related event
C) Because it was the founding day of the National Safety Council
D) To coincide with other national safety initiatives
E) Because it marks the beginning of spring, symbolizing renewal and safety
Answer: C) Because it was the founding day of the National Safety Council

  • National Safety Day is observed on March 4.
  • In India, March 4 also marks the start of the National Safety Week.
  • In 1996, on March 4, the Ministry of Labour and Employment of the Government of India established the National Safety Council as a self-financing non-governing body.
  • In the year 2000, the National Safety Council was established as a public trust under the Bombay Public Trust Act of 1950.
  • In 1972, National Safety Day was announced on the day the National Safety Council was established.
  • Since then, the day has been observed every year.


Obituary – Daily Current Affairs March 04

3. What was Arun Kumar Sharma known for?
A) Literature
B) Archaeology
C) Medicine
D) Politics
E) Sports
Answer: B) Archaeology

  • Renowned archaeologist and Padma Shri awardee, Arun Kumar Sharma passed away at the age of 91 in Raipur.
  • Sharma was one of the key witnesses in the Ram Janmabhoomi case and played a crucial role in providing archaeological evidence supporting the presence of a Hindu Mandir at the disputed site in Ayodhya.
  • Arun Sharma, who had served as the archaeological advisor to the Chhattisgarh Government, during his tenure in Chhattisgarh, conducted excavations in various places, including Sirpur, Tareghat, Sirakot, Arang, Tala and Malhar.


Banking and Finance – Daily Current Affairs March 04

4. When is the effective date of the amalgamation between Fincare Small Finance Bank Ltd. and AU Small Finance Bank Ltd.?
A) March 1, 2024
B) April 1, 2024
C) May 1, 2024
D) June 1, 2024
E) July 1, 2024
Answer: B) April 1, 2024

  • The Reserve Bank of India has approved the merger between Fincare Small Finance Bank Ltd. and AU Small Finance Bank Ltd.
  • The effective date of the amalgamation shall be April 1, 2024.
  • All the branches of Fincare Small Finance Bank Ltd. will function as branches of AU Small Finance Bank Ltd. with effect from April 1, 2024

AU Small Finance Bank:

HQ: Jaipur
Founder: Sanjay Agarwal
Chairman: Raj Vikash Verma
MD and CEO: Sanjay Agarwal


Appointments – Daily Current Affairs March 04

5. Who has been named as the new Prime Minister of Tuvalu?
A) Kausea Natano
B) Feleti Teo
C) John Smith
D) Mary Johnson
E) None of the above
Answer: B) Feleti Teo

  • Lawmakers in Tuvalu have named former Attorney General Feleti Teo as the Pacific Island nation’s new prime minister, weeks after a general election that put the country’s ties with Taiwan in the spotlight.
  • Teo was the only candidate nominated by his 15 lawmaker colleagues and was declared elected without a vote.
  • Teo’s elevation to prime minister comes after his pro-Taiwan predecessor, Kausea Natano, lost his seat in the January 26 election.


Capital: Funafuti
Currency: Tuvaluvan Dollar
Prime Minister: Feleti Teo

Awards – Daily Current Affairs March 04

6. Who has been honored with the Maharashtra Bhushan Award 2024?
A) Dr. Pradeep Mahajan
B) Dr. Anil Kapoor
C) Dr. Rohit Sharma
D) Dr. Priya Patel
E) Dr. Sunil Gupta
Answer: A) Dr. Pradeep Mahajan

  • Dr Pradeep Mahajan, the Founder and CMD of StemRx Hospital and Research Centre, and StemRx Bioscience Solutions, has received the Maharashtra Bhushan Award 2024.
  • This recognition celebrates his pioneering work in regenerative medicine, highlighting his significant contributions to the field.

7. Who was awarded the Best Performance in Accounts during the Financial Year 2023-24 on the occasion of the 48th Foundation Day of the Indian Civil Accounts Service?
A) Ministry of Finance
B) Ministry of Information & Broadcasting
C) Ministry of External Affairs
D) Ministry of Commerce and Industry
E) Ministry of Home Affairs
Answer: B) Ministry of Information & Broadcasting

  • On the occasion of 48th Foundation Day of the Indian Civil Accounts Service Ministry of Information & Broadcasting has been given away the Award for Best Performance in Accounts during Financial Year 2023-24.
  • Currently, Ajay S Singh (ICAS: 1994) is heading the vertical as the Chief Controller of Accounts in Ministry of I&B.

International Affairs – Daily Current Affairs March 04

8. What is the name of the Iranian research-sensing satellite launched by Russia?
A) Pars 1
B) Vostochny 1
C) Soyuz 1
D) Cosmos 1
E) Sputnik 1
Answer: A) Pars 1

  • Russia launched into space an Iranian research satellite which will scan Iran’s topography from an orbit of 500 km (310 miles).
  • The remote Pars 1 research-sensing satellite, launched by a Russian Soyuz rocket from the Vostochny Cosmodrome, weighs 134 kg (295 pounds) and is equipped with three cameras.


  • Russia sent Iran’s remote Khayyam sensing satellite into orbit in 2022 from Kazakhstan’s Baikonur Cosmodrome, reflecting deeper scientific cooperation between the two U.S.-sanctioned countries


Capital: Tehran
Currency: Iranian Rial
President: Ibrahim Raisi

9. Which organization hosted the 54th annual WTCA Global Business Forum?
A) United Nations
B) World Bank
C) World Trade Centers Association
D) International Monetary Fund
E) World Economic Forum
Answer: C) World Trade Centers Association

  • The World Trade Centers Association hosted the 54th annual WTCA Global Business Forum, an international trade organization connecting more than 300 World Trade Center (WTC) locations in nearly 100 countries – and World Trade Center Bengaluru.
  • The event was held with a specific focus on investment opportunities across 12 diverse industry sectors, positioning India as a global investment destination.
  • Themed “EPIC: Empowering Progress through Innovation & Collaboration,” the Global Business Forum was inaugurated by D.K. Shivakumar, Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka.
  • Several Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) were signed today on the sidelines of the event amongst member countries.
  • The Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce (BCIC) signed three MoUs at the event, including one that will see the industry body set up virtual offices in the Netherlands.

National Affairs – Daily Current Affairs March 04

10. Which state government is set to launch the Indiramma Housing Scheme?
A) Maharashtra
B) Telangana
C) Kerala
D) Karnataka
E) Tamil Nadu
Answer: B) Telangana

  • The Telangana government is set to launch the Indiramma Housing Scheme.
  • This initiative aims to provide affordable housing to the state’s poor population.

About Indiramma Housing Scheme:

  • The scheme offers financial assistance of Rs 5 lakh to eligible beneficiaries.
  • Those who already own a housing plot will receive the funds for construction.
  • For individuals without a plot, the government will provide a land allocation along with financial aid.
  • The initial phase targets 3,500 houses per Assembly constituency.


Capital: Hyderabad
Chief Minister: Revanth Reddy
Governor: Tamilisai Soundararajan

11. What is the name of the premium petrol for which Neeraj Chopra is the brand ambassador?
A) Velocity
B) Thrust
C) Turbo
D) Speed
E) Power Plus
Answer: D) Speed

  • Bharat Petroleum Corporation (BPCL), a Fortune 500 Maharatna Energy Conglomerate has introduced Olympic and World Javelin Champion Neeraj Chopra as the brand ambassador for their premium petrol ‘speed’.


  • G. Krishnakumar, chairman and managing director, BPCL,

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited:

HQ: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Chairman and MD: G Krsihnakumar

12. Who developed the Haj Suvidha App?
A) Ministry of Minority Affairs
C) Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology
D) National Informatics Centre
E) Indian Space Research Organisation
Answer: B) BISAG-N

  • Union Minority Affairs Minister Smriti Zubin Irani the Haj Suvidha App that would provide necessary information and direct access to important services like training modules, flight details, and accommodation to those embarking on the annual pilgrimage.
  • Ms. Irani inaugurated a two-day Training of Trainers Programme as part of preparations for Haj 2024 at the Vigyan Bhavan in New Delhi in the presence of Minister of State for Minority Affairs John Barla.
  • As part of the government’s efforts to make Haj a smoother and more comfortable experience, Ms. Irani launched the Haj Suvidha App for the benefit of all Haj pilgrims.
  • Haj Suvidha App has been developed by BISAG-N.
  • Ms. Irani also released the Haj Guide-2024 which has been prepared to make pilgrims aware of various aspects of the pilgrimage with special emphasis on the use of the Haj Suvidha App for the pilgrims.
  • The guide is published in 10 languages and will be issued to all the Haj pilgrims.

13. What is the significance of Chapchar Kut for the Mizos?
A) It marks the beginning of the new year
B) It commemorates the end of a major agricultural task
C) It celebrates the Mizos’ victory in a historical battle
D) It honors the elders of the community
E) It signifies the onset of monsoon season
Answer: B) It commemorates the end of a major agricultural task

  • Chapchar Kut is the biggest festival of the Mizos, which is celebrated in March after completion of the most arduous task of Jhum operation (jungle-clearing).
  • The celebration saw various cultural performances, including the traditional bamboo dance known as “Cheraw”.


Capital: Aizawl
Chief Minister: Lalduhoma
Governor: Kambhampati Hari Babu

14. What is the purpose of the Department of Telecommunication’s new platform, Chakshu?
A) To simplify reporting on fraudulent calls and messages
B) To provide real-time intelligence-sharing among stakeholders
C) Both A and B
D) To facilitate re-verification of phone numbers
E) None of the above
Answer: C) Both A and B

  • The department of telecommunication’s new platform, Chakshu, simplifies reporting on fraud calls and messages, and allows for real-time intelligence-sharing among several stakeholders.
  • Chakshu will allow Indian citizens to report fraudulent communication–whether received on call or SMS or social media like WhatApp.
  • Once such information is received, the platform will trigger re-verification, and failing re-verification the number will be disconnected.
  • The platform will also contain information regarding cases detected as misuse of telecom resources.
  • Chakshu will function as a backend repository for citizen-initiated requests on the Sanchar Saathi platform for action by the various stakeholders.

15. What was the total worth of the developmental projects inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Telengana?
A) Rs 10,000 crore
B) Rs 25,000 crore
C) Rs 36,000 crore
D) Rs 45,000 crore
E) Rs 56,000 crore
Answer: E) Rs 56,000 crore

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated, dedicated to the nation and laid the foundation stone of multiple developmental projects related to power, rail and road sectors worth more than Rs 56,000 crore.
  • He launched the projects at an official function in Adilabad, Telangana.
  • The 800 MW capacity NTPC Unit 2, one of the projects, is meant to further boost the electricity generation capacity of Telangana.
  • The completion of electrification of Ambari-Adilabad-Pimpalkhuti rail lines and the foundation stone laying for two major National Highway projects in Adilabad, Bela and Mulugu were included in the projects.

List of Projects inaugurated by PM in Telengana:

  • Dedicated NTPC’s 800 MW (Unit-2) of Telangana Super Thermal Power Project in Peddapalli, Telangana.
  • Dedicated 660 MW (Unit-2) of North Karanpura Super Thermal Power Project in Chatra, Jharkhand.
  • Dedicated the Fly Ash Based Light Weight Aggregate Plant at Sipat, Bilaspur in Chhattisgarh;
  • Dediicated STP Water to Green Hydrogen Plant at Greater Noida in Uttar Pradesh.
  • Foundation stone of Singrauli Super Thermal Power Project, Stage-III (2×800 MW) in Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh
  • Flue Gas CO2 to 4G Ethanol Plant at Lara, Raigarh in Chhattisgarh
  • Sea Water to Green Hydrogen plant at Simhadri, Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh and Fly Ash Based FALG Aggregate Plant at Korba in Chhattisgarh.
  • Inaugurated seven projects and also laid the foundation stone of one project of Power Grid Corporation of India.
  • Inaugurated National Hydroelectric Power Corporation’s (NHPC’s) 380 MW Solar Project at Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. Around 792 million units of green power will be generated each year from the project.
  • Foundation of Bundelkhand Saur Urja Limited’s (BSUL’s) 1200 MW Jalaun Ultra Mega Renewable Energy Power Park in Jalaun, Uttar Pradesh. The park will generate about 2400 million units of electricity every year.
  • Inaugurated three solar power projects of Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam (SJVN) in Jalaun and Kanpur Dehat in Uttar Pradesh.
  • Inaugurated Naitwar Mori Hydro Power station along with associated transmission line in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand.
  • Foundation stone of two solar projects of SJVN in Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh & Dhubri, Assam; and also of 382 MW Sunni Dam Hydro Electric Project in Himachal Pradesh.
  • Foundation of TUSCO’s 600 MW Lalitpur Solar Power Project in Lalitpur district of UP. The project envisages generating 1200 million units of green power per year.
  • Inaugurated ReNew’s Koppal-Narendra Transmission Scheme for evacuation of 2500 MW power from Renewable Energy. This inter-state transmission scheme is located in Koppal district of Karnataka. Other power sector-related projects of Damodar Valley Corporation and IndiGrid will also be inaugurated by the Prime Minister.
  • In addition to the power sector, projects in the road and rail sector were also taken up during the visit. The Prime Minister dedicated the newly electrified Ambari – Adilabad – Pimpalkhuti rail line to the nation. He also laid the foundation for two major National Highway projects connecting Telangana with Maharashtra and Telangana with Chhattisgarh through NH-353B and NH-163.

Over All Review

Important Days

  • World Hearing Day is observed on March 3.
  • National Safety Day is observed on March 4.


  • Padma Shri Awardee Arun Sharma, famed Archaeologist & key witness in Ram Janmabhoomi Case, breathes his last at 91.

Banking and Finance 

  • RBI approves merger of Fincare SFB with AU Small Finance Bank.


  • Tuvalu names Feleti Teo as new prime minister.


  • Dr Pradeep Mahajan receives Maharashtra Bhushan Award 2024 for work in Regenerative Medicine.
  • Ministry of I&B awarded for Best Performance in Accounts.

International Affairs

  • Iran’s Pars 1 satellite enters space after Russian launch.
  • World Trade Center’s Association hosts Global Business Forum.

National Affairs

  • Telangana To Launch Indiramma Housing Scheme.
  • Bharat Petroleum introduces Neeraj Chopra as brand ambassador for ‘speed’.
  • Haj Suvidha App launched, Haj Guide for 2024 released by Smriti Irani.
  • Chapchar Kut festival celebrated across Mizoram with traditional fervor.
  • India launches Chakshu—a platform for reporting fraud calls and texts.
  • PM Narendra Modi launches development projects worth more than Rs 56,000 crore in Telangana.


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