July 20


    Dear champions, Welcome to the Daily Current Affairs Quiz "July 20". Your total score and the points you scored will be displayed at the end of the Quiz or after the time out.

    1. Where is the headquarters of FIDE- World chess federation?

    2. Who has been named as the emerging women footballer of the year by AIFF?

    3. Who has been adjuged as the best refree by AIFF?

    4. The logo of Women’s Asian 2022 football cup that takes place in India has Worli art . This art belongs to which state?

    5. Where is the headquarters of Asian Football Confederation?

    6. Arpita Mukherjee won National Junior Girls’ championships in which sport?

    7. The F1 driver Valatteri Botas belongs to which country?

    8. Pulitzer prize winning Danish siddiqui who passed away worked for which journal?

    9. Multilink ties-up with NSDL payments bank to build 4000+ ______ in India.?

    10. HDFC ERGO general insurance company has rolled out new policy- Optima secure which is a ______ policy?

    11. Who is the country director of World Bank that has signed $125 million loan with Kerala for Natural disaster Preparedness?

    12. Dhanalaxmi bank tiesup with SMCglobal securities limited for offering 3 in 1 services – Savings account, Demat Account and______ account?

    13. Paytm Payments bank tied up with Indusind bank for offering Fixed Deposits account with customers. Select the tagline of IndusInd Bank.

    14. HDFC bank launched Parivartan Covid Crisis Support scholarship for students under which the minimum &maximum loan limits for students is?

    15. Bank of Maharastra signed MOU with NABARD for boosting PSL- Priority sector based lending. Who is the CEO of Bank of Maharastra?

    16. LIC introduced Arogya Rakshak Health Insurance plan the covers parents /Spouse aged between 18 and 65 and children under which age?

    17. Kotak Mahindra bank signed MOU with Indian ______ for salary accounts?

    18. "Becoming" is a book authored by whom?

    19. IIT Ropar developed AMLEX- for rationing which parameter of human body

    20. NSE foundation along with NITIAayog & UNICEF launched which program for COVID-19 Awareness Program.?

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