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Current affairs are the most dynamic yet scoring among all sections and need to be prepared from the right source. Here, we cafunsta team, providing  Daily GK Updates, Current Affairs Questions, and Monthly  current affairs pdf.


May 15 | Daily Current Affairs 2021


1. International Day of Families is observed on which date?
A) May 13
B) May 14
C) May 15
D) May 16
E) May 17
Answer: C) May 15

  • May 15 is observed as the International Day of Families by the United Nations.
  • The International Day of Families was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 1993 so as to dedicate the whole day to families and appreciate their importance.
  • Since 1994, May 15 is celebrated as Family Day.
  • Since 1996, a theme is assigned to the day in order to highlight that particular issue, ranging from – “Families for all ages” and “Families: Educators and Providers of Human Rights”, to “Families and inclusive societies” and “Men in charge? Gender equality and children’s rights in contemporary families”.
  • The theme of this year’s International Day of Families is “Families and New Technologies.”

May 15 is celebrated as International Kangaroo Mother Care Awareness Day:

  • The International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day (May 15th) is a global event celebrated since 2011 by communities that appreciate Kangaroo Care parents, organizations, and professionals.


2. Harry Gurney is related to which sports?
A) Basketball
B) Hockey
C) Volleyball
D) Football
E) Cricket
Answer: E) Cricket

  • Former Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and England left-arm speedster Harry Gurney has decided to retire from cricket following a shoulder injury.
  • Gurney, 34, was part of KKR in 2019, and had picked up seven wickets in eight matches.
  • His best figures of two for 25 came against Rajasthan Royals in the Indian Premier League (IPL)
  • The Nottingham-born Gurney played 10 ODIs and two T20 Internationals for England in 2014.

Harry Gurney – Ex-KKR Pacer Retires From Cricket.


3. Raghunandan Lal Bhatia passed away. He was related to which field?
A) Politician
B) Writer
C) Dancer
D) Actor
E) Columnist
Answer: A) Politician

  • Former Union Minister, former Governor of Kerala and Bihar and six times MP Raghunandan Lal Bhatia succumbed to Coronavirus.
  • Bhatia was first elected in 1972 to the Lok Sabha from Amritsar Parliamentary Constituency. From 1975 to 1977, he was a member of the executive committee of Congress parliamentary party.
  • As a member of the Indian National Congress, Bhatia was re-elected to Lok Sabha from the same constituency in the 1980, 1985, 1992, 1996 & 1999 elections.
  • He served several parliamentary committees as Chairman and member besides being the member of several advisory committees of Parliament such as Ministry of Home Affairs, Education, Railways, Information & Broadcasting, Law and Justice and Company Affairs.
  • He served as president of Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee from1982 to 84 and also held the post of General Secretary of AICC in 1991.
  • Bhatia was inducted in the union cabinet as minister of state for External Affairs in July 1992 by the then Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao and remained on the job until 1993.
  • He served the nation as a Foreign Affairs Minister, as a Governor of Bihar from 2008 to 2009 and Governor of Kerala from 2004 to 2008.

Raghunandan Lal Bhatia – Former Union Minister and six times MP.


4. The World Bank has approved the provision of how much amount to support the ongoing national vaccine drive in Pakistan to help the country fight the COVID-19 pandemic?
A) USD 253 million
B) USD 353 million
C) USD 453 million
D) USD 553 million
E) USD 153 million
Answer: E) USD 153 million

  • The World Bank has approved the provision of USD 153 million to support the ongoing national vaccine drive in Pakistan to help the country fight the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • This comes under World Bank’s effort to help poor countries purchase and distribute vaccines, tests, and treatments.
  • As of May 13, the World Bank has approved vaccine projects in 21 countries amounting to more than USD 2 billion.

World Bank:
Founded: 1944
Members: 189 countries (IBRD), 173 countries (IDA)
Hq: Washington D.C, US
Head: David Malpass

Capital: Islamabad
Currency: Rupee
President: Arif Alvi
Prime Minister: Imran Khan

Pakistan – Receive USD 153mn from World Bank to aid COVID-19 vaccination drive.


5. Born a Muslim: Some Truths about Islam in India is authored by whom?
A) Sava Wahab
B) Ghazala Wahab
C) Wasala Wahab
D) Sneha Wahab
E) Geetha Wahab
Answer: B) Ghazala Wahab

  • “Born a Muslim: Some Truths about Islam in India” is authored by Ghazala Wahab and published by Aleph Book Company.
  • “Republic of Hindutva: How the Sangh is Reshaping Indian Democracy” is authored by Badri Narayan and published by Penguin/ Viking.
  • “How Beautiful We Were” is authored by Imbolo Mbue published by Canongate Books Ltd
  • “A Red-necked Green Bird; Ambai” is authored” by trs G.J.V. Prasad published by Simon & Schuster India.

Born a Muslim: Some Truths about Islam in India – Authored by Ghazala Wahab – Published by Aleph Book Company.


6. Which company partners with Elon Musk’s SpaceX for its Starlink satellite Internet service?
A) Amazon
B) Facebook
C) Instagram
D) Yahoo
E) Google
Answer: E) Google

  • Elon Musk-run SpaceX has announced a new partnership to bolster the use of its satellite Internet connectivity.
  • The US-based aerospace manufacturer has collaborated with Google Cloud to deliver data, cloud services, and applications to its enterprise customers.
  • Under the partnership, SpaceX will locate Starlink ground stations within Google data centre properties.
  • The company’s more than 1,500 low-Earth-orbit satellites will then enable secure, low-latency delivery of data through Google Cloud.
  • For those unaware, Starlink is a satellite network by SpaceX that uses thousands of small satellites deployed in the low Earth orbit (LEO).
  • These satellites periodically communicate with designated ground transceivers to enable data transfers at high speed.
  • The main aim of Starlink is to enable Internet coverage in the remote areas of Earth, where land-based Internet infrastructure cannot be built.

CEO: Sundar Pichai
Founded: 4 September 1998
Headquarters: Mountain View, California, United States

Headquarters: Hawthorne, California, United States of America
Founded: 6 May 2002
CEO: Elon Musk

Google + Elon Musk’s SpaceX – Starlink satellite Internet service.

7. The lander carrying China’s first Mars rover – Zhu Rong successfully landed on which planet?
A) Moon
B) Sun
C) Jupiter
D) Mars
E) Venus
Answer: D) Mars

  • The lander carrying China’s first Mars rover – Zhu Rong successfully landed on Mars.
  • Quoting China National Space Administration, state media said, Tianwen-1, consisting of an orbiter, a lander and a rover, was launched from the Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Site on the coast of southern China’s island province of Hainan on 23rd July in 2020 and entered the Mars orbit in February this year.

Capital: Beijing
Currency: Renminbi

China’s first Mars rover – Zhu Rong successfully landed on Mars.


8. Japan will extend an Emergency Grant Aid of approximately how much amount to India in response to the current surge of COVID-19 infections in the country?
A) 12.5 million US dollars
B) 13.5 million US dollars
C) 14.5 million US dollars
D) 15.5 million US dollars
E) 18.5 million US dollars
Answer: E) 18.5 million US dollars

Capital: Tokyo
Currency: Japanese Yen
Prime Minister: Yoshihide Suga

Japan – Send USD 18.5 Mln worth COVID-19 aid to India.


9. Which place based startup Jupitice Justice Technologies have developed the world’s first private digital court under the Private Justice System?
A) Delhi
B) Chandigarh
C) Jammu & Kashmir
D) Karnataka
E) Tamil Nadu
Answer: B) Chandigarh

  • A Chandigarh-based startup Jupitice Justice Technologies said to have developed the world’s first private digital court under the Private Justice System (Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR Mechanism) which brings India at the forefront of innovation in legal technology.
  • Jupitice’s Private Digital Court is a combination of the world’s first end-to-end digital justice delivery platform that facilitates all the participants involved in the dispute to perform tasks (case filing to awards & settlement) online and on a single platform.
  • Jupitice has also aggregated ADR professionals across the world to form its ‘Marketplace’ which makes it even easier for justice seekers to connect with justice providers.

Chandigarh startup – World’s first private digital court.

10. Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Package insurance scheme for COVID 19 health workers extended for how many days?
A) 140 days
B) 130 days
C) 120 days
D) 180 days
E) 110 days
Answer: D) 180 days

  • The Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Package Insurance scheme for Health Workers fighting COVID -19 has been extended for a period of 180 Days more.
  • This scheme was implemented with effect from March 3, 2020, and was to ensure in case of any adversity due to COVID-19, the families of Health Workers are taken care of.
  • This scheme has acted as a very effective safety net and has been able to provide relief to the dependents of Health Workers who have lost their lives due to COVID-19 while fighting the Pandemic.
  • Under this scheme, Private Hospital staff, Retired, Volunteer / Local urban bodies / Contract / Daily wage / Ad Hoc / outsourced staff requisitioned by the state / Central Hospital / Autonomous Hospitals of central / state / UTs, AIIMS &INIs / Hospitals of central ministries specifically drafted for the care of COVID 19 patients are covered.

Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Package insurance scheme – COVID 19 health workers extended for 180 days.

11. Tashi Yangjom Becomes First Indian Woman Climber To Scale Everest In 2021. She is related to which state?
A) Mizoram
B) Meghalaya
C) Assam
D) Tamil Nadu
E) Arunachal Pradesh
Answer: E) Arunachal Pradesh

  • Tashi Yangjom holds the title of the first Indian woman climber to scale Mount Everest in 2021.
  • She began the climb on May 9 and completed her journey on May 11, reaching the peak early 6 am.
  • Tashi Yangjom is from Arunachal Pradesh and trained at the National Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports (NIMAS) in Dirang, one of India’s leading adventure sport institutes

Arunachal’s Tashi Yangjom – First Indian Woman Climber to Scale Everest In 2021.

12. NABARD supplied Rs 1,236 crore from its Rural Infrastructure Development Fund for which state in FY21?
A) Mizoram
B) Meghalaya
C) Assam
D) Tamil Nadu
E) Arunachal Pradesh
Answer: C) Assam

  • National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) has supplied an all-time excessive quantity of Rs 1,236 crore from its Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF) through the monetary yr 2020-21 with Rural Connectivity Projects (Roads & Bridges) as the main focus space within the state of Assam.
  • NABARD has additionally sanctioned Rs 1150 crore to Government of Assam throughout 2020-21 underneath RIDF XXVI for creation of latest infrastructure tasks.
  • On implementation, these tasks will result in creation of 610 kms size of rural roads benefitting 1255 villages and favorably impacting about 16 lakh individuals of rural areas of Assam, apart from benefiting 2472 hectare underneath irrigation, augmentation of infrastructure improvement of 2437 elementary colleges and 23,397 ha underneath flood safety.

Abbreviation: National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
Recommendation Committee: B.Sivaramman Committee
Act: National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development Act 1981
Founded: 12 July 1982
Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Chairman: Govinda Rajulu Chintala

Capital: Dispur
CM: Himanta Biswa Sarma
Governor: Jagdish Mukhi

NABARD – Rs 1,236 crore from its Rural Infrastructure Development Fund for Assam in FY21.

13. Delhi cabinet approves how much amount assistance to auto, taxi drivers?
A) Rs 1,000
B) Rs 2,000
C) Rs 3,000
D) Rs 4,000
E) Rs 5,000
Answer: E) Rs 5,000

  • The Delhi Cabinet approved Rs 5,000 financial assistance to drivers and permit holders of autorickshaws, e-rickshaws, taxis, Phat Phat Sewa, eco-friendly Sewa, Gramin Sewa and maxi cabs in view of the financial hardships they might be facing due to the COVID pandemic.
  • On May 4, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had announced that one-time financial assistance of Rs 5000 will be provided to the PSV badge and permit holders of para-transit vehicles, namely autorickshaws, e-rickshaws, taxis, Phat Phat Sewa, eco-friendly Sewa, Gramin Sewa and maxi cabs, among others.
  • Earlier, in April 2020, the Delhi Government had launched 2 different schemes for PSV Badge holders and permit holders who had lost their means of livelihood during the first nationwide lockdown.

Capital: New Delhi
CM: Arvind Kejriwal
Governor: Anil Baijal

Delhi cabinet – Rs 5,000 assistance to auto, taxi drivers.

14. Which organization is creating a virtual museum space through its online summer programme NAIMISHA 2021?
Answer: D) NGMA

  • The National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi is creating a virtual museum space through its online summer programme NAIMISHA 2021.
  • This unique art fiesta will provide a platform to create and engage with the arts.
  • The planned workshops and hosts of related events are expected to spark imagination, creativity and interest in visual and other related arts.
  • The idea behind designing and delivering online interactive programmes is to provide a creative outlet to children, and indeed all interested adults.
  • Lead artists have joined the programme as teachers and mentors to add zest to this unique pedagogic carnival.
  • The announcement of the workshops on 13th May has been welcomed all over the country, evident from the number of children and adults who have already registered.
  • The NGMA NAIMISHA portal will also stream a curated film festival for the participants from NGMA’s private collection.
  • A session on storytelling and performances will be held every Friday.
  • During the opening week, maestro Saskia Rao – de Haas, iconic cellist and composer, will regale participants with her music and stories.
  • She will be accompanied by her fifteen-year-old gifted pianist son.
  • The exhibition of selected artworks from NAIMISHA 2021 will be displayed on NGMA’s website and SO-HAM the cultural media platform of NGMA for public viewing soon.

National Gallery of Modern Art – Start month long online summer workshop- NAIMISHA 2021 from 17th May.


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