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What are Public Sector Banks?

  • When more than 50% of the equity or total stock or shareholdings is held by the government of India, it is called public sector banks.
  • The government formulates all the financial guidelines for public sector banks. 
  • The public sector banks operate under the government to inspire trust in the depositors that their money is safe. 
  • As a result, the majority of public sector banks have a sound customer base. 
  • Public sector banks launch new schemes based on the interest of the customers. 
  • They also charge less for their services than private banks. 
  • Besides working in the public interest, nationalised banks in India also earn huge profits.

Now, let’s look at the Public Sector Banks In India And Their Headquarters list given below.

Public Sector Banks In India List 2022

List of public sector banks in India with government shareholdings as at end-March 2022 is tabulated. Aspirants can prepare the public sector banks in India UPSC, SSC, Bank and other competitive exams.

List Of Public Sector Banks In India Established Year Government Shareholding %
State Bank of India 1955 57.59%
Bank of Baroda 1908 63.97%
Canara Bank 1906 62.93%
Punjab National Bank 1894 73.15%
Indian Bank 1907 79.86%
Union Bank of India 1919 83.49%
Bank of India 1906 81.41%
Central Bank of India 1911 93.08%
Bank of Maharashtra 1935 90.90%
UCO Bank 1943 95.39%
Indian Overseas Bank 1937 96.38%
Punjab and Sind Bank 1908 98.25%

12 Public Sector Banks And Their Headquarters And Taglines State Wise

The list of 12 public sector banks headquarters and taglines with chairman/MD and CEO details are tabulated.

Bank Headquarters Chairman/MD & CEO Tagline
State Bank of India Mumbai Shri Dinesh Kumar Khara


With You all the way, Pure

Banking Nothing Else, The

Nation Bank on Us, The

Banker to Every Indian, A

Bank of the Common Man

Union Bank of

India ( Anchor

Bank) + Andhra


Corporation Bank)

Mumbai Rajkiran Rai G Good People to Bank with
Bank of India Mumbai Atanu Kumar Das Relationship Beyond


Central Bank of


Mumbai Pallav Mohapatra Central to you since 1911
Bank of


Pune A S Rajeev One Family One Bank
Indian Bank (

Anchor Bank) +

Allahabad Bank)

Chennai Ms. Padmaja Chundru Your Own Bank
Indian Overseas bank Chennai Partha Pratim Sengupta Good People to Grow with
Punjab National

Bank ( Anchor

Bank) + Oriental

Bank of


United Bank of


New Delhi S. S. Mallikarjuna Rao The Name You Can Bank


Punjab & Sind


New Delhi S Krishnan Where Service is a way of


Canara Bank (

Anchor Bank) +

Syndicate Bank



Lingam Venkata


Together we can
Bank of Baroda+

Dena Bank+

Vijaya Bank

Vadodara, Gujarat Sanjiv Chadha India’s International Bank
UCO Bank Kolkata, West


Atul Kumar Where Service Is A Way Of Life

Bank Mergers In India List 2022

The Government of India has consolidated 10 Public Sector Banks into 4 banks. Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman has made the bank merger announcement  in 2019. As per the finance minister, the merger would help to manage the capital more efficiently. The amalgamation of the PSBs is based on bad loans intensity and regional factors. After these mergers, the country has a total of 12 public sector banks, including State Bank of India (SBI) and Bank of Baroda (BoB). This will result in seven large public sector banks and five smaller ones. The customers including depositors of merging banks will be treated as customers of the banks in which these banks have been merged.

Bank Mergers In India 2022
Sl. No Acquirer Banks Banks to be Merged
1. Punjab National Bank(PNB) Oriental Bank of Commerce and United Bank of India
2. Indian Bank Allahabad Bank
3. Canara Bank Syndicate Bank
4. Union Bank of India Andhra Bank and Corporation Bank

Public Sector Banks In India Ranking

Here we have listed the top 10 public sector banks in India with their assets weightage and market capitalisation values. The Indian government merged ten public sector banks into four to restructure them and optimize functionality, significantly increasing profits. The State Bank of India is one of the biggest banks in India and worldwide.

Public Sector Banks In India By Size

Rank Bank Market Capitalisation Top Banks In India By Assets (Total Assets)
1 State Bank of India (SBI) 5.34 trillion INR 51.78 lakh crores INR
2 Bank of Baroda 838.02 billion INR 11.55 lakh crores INR
3 Punjab National Bank 482.28 billion INR 13.39 lakh crores INR
4 Canara Bank 558.21 billion INR 11.54 lakh crores INR
5 Bank of India (BOI) 303.05 billion INR 7.26 lakh crores INR
6 Union Bank of India 427.86 billion INR 1,071,705.84 crore
7 Central Bank of India (CBI) 196.62 billion INR 3.69 lakh crores INR
8 IDBI Bank 510.20 billion INR 3.01 lakh crores INR
9 UCO Bank 172.76 billion INR 2.53 lakh crores INR
10 Indian Bank 330.66 billion INR 6.26 lakh crores INR

Challenges Of Public Sector Banks

There are many challenges in the functioning of nationalised banks. Some of the challenges are listed below.

  • In rural areas, some of these banks are having financial loss. Whereas in urban areas, these banks show a huge positive response.
  • High overdue amount. The government generally waives the loans of farmers and other backward sectors with the intent to help these sectors. This often results in a high overdue amount on public sector banks.
  • Competing with some top notch private banks having good infrastructure and customer service that people are drawn to is a challenging one.
  • Many public sector banks follow the conventional banking methods, making them less attractive to the younger, tech-savvy generation.
  • Non-Performing Assets.

FAQs – Public Sector Banks In India And Their Headquarters

Q. What are public sector banks?

When more than 50% of the equity or total stock or shareholdings is held by the government of India, it is called public sector banks.

Q. Which is the biggest public sector bank in India?

The biggest public sector bank in India is State Bank of India.

Q. Why is the government merging PSBs in India?

Increase in NPAs (non performing assets) of banks and banks are short of enough credit to finance large projects. Hence the government has decided to merge banks.

Q. What is Financial Inclusion?

Guaranteeing access to monetary services timely and adequate credit wherever required by vulnerable sections like weaker sections of society and low-income groups at a reasonable cost is called Financial inclusion.

Q. Which are the banks that got merged into the Bank of Baroda?

The banks that got merged into the Bank of Baroda are Dena bank and Vijaya bank.

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