IBPS Exams Post Preference 2023: The information on Post Preference In IBPS Exams is provided here for candidates who plan to appear for the IBPS exams of the Clerk, PO, and SO positions. Candidates taking the IBPS PO and IBPS SO tests must indicate their IBPS Exams Post Preference 2023 between the clerk, PO, and SO positions or between the IBPS exams they have applied for. The IBPS Exams Post Preference 2023 should be given during the PO/MT & Specialist Officers exams interview procedure. After being successfully selected in the interview, the positions would only be assigned to the candidates based on their post preferences in the IBPS Exams 2023. Candidates should be cautious while selecting their desire for a position. Once entered, the preference cannot be modified. This IBPS Exams Post Preference 2023 is stated by the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection through the IBPS Clerk notice 2023. Candidates can read this article’s further explanation of IBPS Exams Post Preference 2023.

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IBPS Exams Post Preference 2023

Post Preference For IBPS Exams 2023: Candidates who apply under CRP-PSB-XIII for more than one position, such as Clerks, Probationary Officers/Management Trainees, and Specialist Officers, may be asked to select which position they desire to be considered for. Once executed, the option cannot be altered or updated. After the candidate has been assigned as per the preferred post, he or she will have no further say in the allocation of the other positions. At the time of the PO/MT & Specialist Officer interviews, more details on this will be announced on the official IBPS website.

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Important Points: IBPS Exams Post Preference

Before choosing their position preference in the IBPS Exams 2023, candidates should take in mind the items listed below.

  • If a candidate passes both the PO and Clerk tests and is given the preference for Clerk, then PO. The work will then be assigned to the candidate depending on the top priority.
  • Candidates should therefore exercise extreme caution when choosing their top priorities.
  • Candidates might express their preference based on how well they performed on the tests as the preference should be expressed at the time of the interview process.

FAQs – Post Preference In IBPS Exams 2023

Q. Is giving the post priority required for IBPS Exams?

Yes. If a candidate has applied for two or more IBPS tests, they should indicate their preference for the position during the interview.

Q. After the results of the IBPS exams are released, may I revise my preference for a post?

No, the IBPS post preference cannot be modified after it has been filed successfully.

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