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Current affairs are the most dynamic yet scoring among all sections and need to be prepared from the right source. Here, we cafunsta team, providing  Daily GK Updates, Current Affairs Questions, and Monthly  current affairs pdf.


February 10 | Daily Current Affairs 2021


1. World Pulses Day is observed on which date?
A) February 11
B) February 12
C) February 13
D) February 10
E) February 19
Answer: D) February 10

World Pulses Day:

  • The UN General Assembly in 2019 decided to dedicate a day to Pulses to increase awareness and access to pulses globally known as World Pulses Day.
  • The World Pulses Day falls on February 10 every year and recognised Pulses as a global food.
  • On World Pulses Day, people make efforts in creating awareness about the importance of Pulses in sustainable food production.
  • Donations of pulses are made to provide it to the people it is not easily accessible.
  • On World Pulses Day 2021 know about the significance, history, theme, and benefits of Pulses which is an important food for healthy growth.

History and significance:

  • The UN General Assembly after recognizing the value of pulses in 2013, adopted 2016 as the International Year of Pulses (IYP).
  • The UN, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), increased the public awareness of the nourishing and environmental benefits of pulses.
  • As the International Year of Pulses succeeded Burkina Faso (a landlocked country in West Africa) proposed the observance of World Pulses Day. In 2019, the General Assembly announced February 10 as the World Pulses Day.


  • World Pulses Day 2021 is under theme #LovePulses.
  • Pulses are important for a healthy diet. Take this day as an opportunity to raise awareness and recognize the contribution of pulses to sustainable food systems and healthy food cycle.

Financial Literacy Week:

  • The Reserve Bank of India has launched the Financial Literacy Week on the theme of ‘Credit Discipline and Credit from Formal Institutions’.
  • As a part of nationwide campaign, Reserve Bank of India, Delhi is observing Financial Literacy Week from February 8-12, 2021, to propagate financial education.
  • The theme selected for current year FLW is ‘Credit Discipline and Credit from Formal Institutions’ which will be observed from February 8-12, 2021.
  • This theme is one of the strategic objectives of the National Strategy for Financial Education 2020-2025.
  • Focus will be on responsible borrowing; borrowing from formal institutions and timely repayments.
  • Banks have been advised to disseminate the information and create awareness among its customers and general public.

National Deworming Day:

  • Every year February 10 and August 10 are observed as the National Deworming Day (NDD).
  • The day aims at eradicating intestinal worms also referred to as Soil-Transmitted Helminths (STH), among children within the age bracket of 1-19 years.
  • In February 2015, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare constituted NDD in 277 districts of 11 States and Union Territories (UTs) including Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Haryana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, and Tripura.
  • In 2016, the NDD, each day and programme dedicated to deworm children, was scaled up to hide all the districts across the country. Since then, it’s observed twice a year on February 10 and August 10, across the state.
  • Consistent with the World Health Organisation, about 241 million children in India within the ages of 1-14 years are at risk of parasitic intestinal worms or STH.
  • This suggests India accounts for about 28 per cent of the entire number of children globally estimated to be at-risk of STH infections.


2. Which Bank ties up with LoanTap Credit for co-lending to MSMEs?
A) State Bank of India
B) Indian Overseas Bank
C) Indian Bank
D) Bank of Baroda
E) Bank of Maharashtra
Answer: E) Bank of Maharashtra

  • State-owned Bank of Maharashtra said it has entered into a co-lending agreement with the Pune-based non-banking financial company LoanTap Credit Products, for MSME loans.
  • Under the co-lending model, the bank will have an exposure of up to 80 per cent while the rest will be borne by the LoanTap.
  • Co-lending is the system introduced by RBI in the wake of the liquidity crisis at non-banking finance companies to enhance the credit flow to the unserved and underserved sector and make available funds to the ultimate beneficiary at an affordable cost.
  • In September 2018, RBI had come out with a co-origination model between banks and NBFCs for providing credit to the priority sector. Last year in November, RBI rechristened the scheme as Co-Lending Model (CLM), and revised the terms to provide greater operational flexibility to the lending institutions.
  • The co-lending model provides ease of loan sanctions at borrower’s convenience through digital lending platforms, which cover end-to-end loan processing cycle without manual intervention, from on-boarding of customers to loan disbursement and monitoring.

Bank of Maharashtra:
HQ: Pune, Maharashtra
CEO: A S Rajeev
Tagline: One Family One Bank

Bank of Maharashtra + LoanTap Credit – Co-lending to MSMEs.

3. Bangladesh receives how much amount from World Bank for safe water and sanitation services in Rural areas?
A) USD 100 mn
B) USD 200 mn
C) USD 300 mn
D) USD 400 mn
E) USD 500 mn
Answer: B) USD 200 mn

  • Bangladesh has received USD 200 million for Water Sanitation, Hygiene (WASH) project for rural areas from the World Bank.
  • The project is planned to help 3.6 million to access hygienic sanitation facilities and about 6 lakh people to access clean water in rural areas.
  • More than 3 lakh poorest households will receive fully subsidised toilets. Apart from household water connections, the project will construct 3000 community piped water schemes.
  • The project will install about 312 public toilets and 2,514 hand-washing stations at crowded public places, such as markets and bus stations.
  • About 1,280 community clinics will have new or renovated facilities.
  • The project will help prevent diseases and protect citizens from COVID 19 and other infectious diseases.
  • The credit from the World Bank’s International Development Association, has a 30-year term, including a five-year grace period.

Capital: Dhaka
Currency: Bangladeshi Taka
President: Mohammad Abdul Hamid
Prime Minister: Sheikh Hasina

World Bank:
Founded: 1944
Members: 189 countries (IBRD), 173 countries (IDA)
HQ: Washington D.C, US
Head: David Malpass

Bangladesh – Receive USD 200 mn from World Bank for safe water and sanitation services in Rural areas


4. Which IIM inked an MoU with Madhya Pradesh urban development and housing department to help in capacity building of its personnel?
A) IIM Lucknow
B) IIM Indore
C) IIM Bombay
D) IIM Guwahati
E) IIM Bangalore
Answer: B) IIM Indore

  • With an objective to enhance capacity building of the personnel of the Urban Development and Housing Department (UD&HD), Government of Madhya Pradesh and Urban Local Bodies (ULBs), IIM Indore signed a MoU with UD&HD.
  • The MoU was signed in the presence of urban development and housing minister Bhupendra Singh, IIM Indore director Prof Himanshu Rai, IAS officer Manish Singh and UAD commissioner Nikunj Kumar Srivastava.
  • In order to ensure overall development of the city, it is necessary, useful and relevant to provide basic training to empower the public servants and representatives of various cadres posted under the Department of Urban Development and Housing.
  • Collaboration with IIM Indore is a commendable step to achieve this goal. IIM Indore is one of the renowned institutes in the country with Triple Crown accreditation.

Madhya Pradesh:
Capital: Bhopal
CM: Shivraj Singh Chouhan
Governor: Anandiben Patel

IIM Indore + Madhya Pradesh urban development and housing department – Help in capacity building of its personnel.

5. Which IIT incubated start-up Pi Beam launched an electric two-wheeler that can charge faster than a smartphone and comes with a range of 50 km?
A) IIT Ropar
B) IIT Mandi
C) IIT Bombay
D) IIT Hyderabad
E) IIT Madras
Answer: E) IIT Madras

  • IIT Madras-incubated start-up Pi Beam launched an electric two-wheeler that can charge faster than a smartphone and comes with a range of 50 km called ‘PiMo,’ the sustainable and affordably priced utility e-bike is targeted towards personal and commercial needs.
  • PiMo is positioned between an electric bicycle and entry-level electric scooter, offering a top speed of 25 kmph.

IIT Madras – Incubated start-up Pi Beam – Electric two-wheeler.

6. Which Arab country’s “Hope” probe successfully entered Mars’ orbit, making history as the Arab world’s first interplanetary mission?
A) Kazakhstan
C) Afghanistan
D) Iraq
E) Iran
Answer: B) UAE

  • The United Arab Emirates’ “Hope” probe successfully entered Mars’ orbit, making history as the Arab world’s first interplanetary mission.
  • The probe is designed to reveal the secrets of Martian weather, but the UAE also wants it to serve as an inspiration for the region’s youth.
  • Hope is the first of three spacecraft to arrive at the Red Planet this month after China and the US also launched missions in July, taking advantage of a period when the Earth and Mars are nearest.
  • The UAE’s venture is also timed to mark the 50th anniversary of the unification of the nation’s seven emirates.
  • The probe, named “Al-Amal”, Arabic for “Hope” rotated and fired all six of its powerful thrusters to dramatically slow its average cruising speed of 121,000 kilometres (75,000 miles) per hour to about 18,000 kph.
  • The UAE this week also projected onto the Dubai night sky images of Mars’ two moons — Phobos and Deimos — to allow residents “to see what the probe sees”.
  • The wealthy Gulf state now becomes the fifth space entity to reach Mars, with the China mission due to become the sixth.
  • Only the US, India, the former Soviet Union and the European Space Agency have successfully reached the Red Planet in the past.
  • “Hope” will orbit the Red planet for at least one Martian year, or 687 days, using three scientific instruments to monitor the Martian atmosphere.
  • It is expected to begin transmitting information back to Earth in September 2021.
  • Unlike the other two Mars ventures, China’s Tianwen-1 and the Mars 2020 Perseverance from the United States, the UAE’s probe will not land on the Red Planet.

Capital: Abu Dhabi
Currency: UAE Dirham

UAE – ‘Hope’ probe enters Mars orbit in first for Arab world.


7. Which country unveiled an ambitious 10-year space program includes missions to the moon?
A) China
C) Iraq
D) Iran
E) Turkey
Answer: E) Turkey

  • Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan unveiled an ambitious 10-year space program for his country that includes missions to the moon, sending Turkish astronauts into space and developing internationally viable satellite systems.
  • Erdogan announced the program, seen as part of his vision for placing Turkey in expanded regional and global role, during a live televised event laced with special effects.
  • Erdogan also declared Turkey’s aim to send Turkish citizens into space with international cooperation, to work with other countries on building a spaceport and to create a “global brand” in satellite technology.

Capital: Ankara
Currency: Turkish Lira
Turkey – Unveil space program including 2023 moon mission


8. Who inaugurates the World Sustainable Development Summit 2021?
A) S. Jaishankar
B) Nirmala Sitharaman
C) Amit Shah
D) Ramnath Kovind
E) Narendra Modi
Answer: E) Narendra Modi

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the World Sustainable Development Summit 2021.
  • The theme of the Summit is ‘Redefining our common future: Safe and secure environment for all’.
  • Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali, President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana; James Marape, Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea; Mohamed Nasheed, Speaker of the People’s Majlis, Republic of Maldives; Amina J Mohammed, Deputy Secretary-General, United Nations, and Prakash Javadekar, Union Minister of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change will be present on the occasion.
  • The 20th edition of The Energy and Resources Institute’s (TERI) flagship event, the World Sustainable Development Summit, will be held online from February 10 to February 12 and will bring together a wide number of governments, business leaders, academicians, climate scientists, youth, and the civil society in the fight against climate change.

Prime Minister, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, Department of Atomic Energy, Department of Space and All important policy issues and All other portfolios not allocated to any Minister:
Minister: Narendra Modi
Constituency: Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

Narendra Modi – Inaugurate World Sustainable Development Summit 2021.

9. Rajya Sabha passes Major Port Authorities Bill ___ giving greater autonomy to major ports in country?
A) 2024
B) 2023
C) 2022
D) 2021
E) 2020
Answer: E) 2020

  • A bill that seeks to provide greater autonomy in decision-making to 12 major ports in the country and professionalise their governance by setting up boards was introduced in the Rajya Sabha.
  • The Major Port Authorities Bill, 2020, seeks to repeal the Major Port Trusts Act of 1963.
  • It has already been passed by the Lok Sabha last year.
  • The bill aims to provide for regulation, operation and planning of major ports in India and to vest the administration, control and management of such ports upon the boards of major port authorities.
  • The legislation seeks at reorienting the governance model in central ports to landlord port model in line with the global practice.
  • Introducing the bill in the Upper House, Shipping Minister Mansukh Mandaviya said the legislation seeks to make the 12 big ports across the country more competitive and enhance ease of doing business
  • India has 12 major ports — Deendayal (erstwhile Kandla), Mumbai, JNPT, Marmugao, New Mangalore, Cochin, Chennai, Kamarajar (earlier Ennore), V O Chidambarnar, Visakhapatnam, Paradip and Kolkata (including Haldia).

Rajya Sabha – Pass Major Port Authorities Bill 2020.

10. Atal Beemit Vyakti Kalyan Yojana’s relaxed benefits extended for how many more months?
A) 7
B) 6
C) 5
D) 4
E) 3
Answer: B) 6

  • The labour ministry has issued a draft notification proposing to increase the relaxed advantages beneath the Atal Beemit Vyakti Kalyan Yojana for one more six months from January 1, 2021 to June 30, 2021.

Atal Beemit Vyakti Kalyan Yojana – Relax benefits extended for 6 more months.

11. Which Armed Forces’ largest exercise — Theatre Level Operational Readiness Exercise (Tropex 21) underway in the Indian Ocean Region?
A) Indian Navy
B) Indian Air Force
C) Indian Army
D) A & B
E) A, B & C
Answer: A) Indian Navy

  • Indian Navy’s largest exercise — Theatre Level Operational Readiness Exercise (Tropex 21) — to test its combat readiness in the context of the current geo-strategic environment is underway in the Indian Ocean Region.
  • The month-long drill will witness joint exercises by ships and aircraft and other assets of the Indian Air Force, Army and the Indian Coast Guard in the IOR, including its adjunct waters.
  • The theatre-level exercise also aims to validate the Navy’s offensive-defence capabilities in a complex multi-dimensional scenario, safeguard national interests in the maritime domain and promote stability and peace in the IOR.
  • The exercise comes at a time when India is facing both Pakistan and China.
  • Tropex-21 assumes great significance amid a threatening security scenario and as India’s role increases in the IOR and the Indo-Pacific.
  • In the first phase, the Navy had conducted coastal defence exercise ‘Sea Vigil’ along the entire coastline and island territories of India on January 12 and 13, 2021.
  • This exercise aimed to validate the coastal defence set-up of the country, which was entirely revamped after the 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai.
  • The exercise witnessed large-scale participation from the Navy, Coast Guard, Marine Police of 13 coastal states and Union Territories along with other stakeholders in the maritime domain.
  • ‘Sea Vigil’ was followed by a large-scale tri-service amphibious exercise ‘Amphex-21’, which was conducted in the Andaman and Nicobar group of islands from January 21-25.
  • The exercise was aimed at validating India’s capabilities to safeguard the territorial integrity of its island territories and enhance operational synergy and joint war capabilities among the three services.
  • This large-scale exercise puts to test and validate Navy’s concept of operations in various conflict scenarios, hone its fighting skills, bolster its role towards maritime security in the wider Indian Ocean Region and is in keeping with the theme of being a ‘combat-ready, credible and cohesive force’.

Indian Navy – Combat-readiness exercise Tropex-21 underway in IOR.

12. Investor Education and Protection Fund Authority signs MoU with which University for utilising tele lecturing facility of Gyan Darshan channel?
A) Mahatma Gandhi University
B) Bharathiyar University
C) Anna University
D) Indira Gandhi National Open University
E) Madurai Kamaraj University
Answer: D) Indira Gandhi National Open University

  • The Investor Education and Protection fund Authority (IEPFA) and Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for collaboration in utilising the tele-lecturing facility of Gyan Darshan Channel (EPMC) for telecast of Investor Awareness Programmes (IAPs) through distance learning mode.
  • IGNOU has carved a niche for itself as the national resource Centre for Open and Distance Learning with international recognition and presence.
  • It is heartening to see that IGNOU is providing seamless access to sustainable and learner-centric quality education and training to all by using innovative technologies.
  • IEPFA is sure to benefit from this association with IGNOU and Gyan Darshan channel in spreading the Investor Education and Awareness messages.

IEPFA + IGNOU – Utilising tele lecturing facility of Gyan Darshan channel.

13. Which Minister launched the Investment Corner under PDC on the revamped website?
A) Commerce and Industry Minister
B) Petroleum and Natural Gas & Steel Minister
C) External Affairs Minister
D) Home Minister
E) Finance Minister
Answer: B) Petroleum and Natural Gas & Steel Minister

  • Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas & Steel Dharmendra Pradhan launched the Investment Corner under the Project Development Cell (PDC), on the revamped website of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas.
  • On registering with the PDC, the investor can indicate her/his plans to invest in a sector of preference in case of new investor; and seek facilitation in case of any issue/ challenge that may need resolution.
  • This will enable the investor community to reach out to the Ministry.
  • It added that the Investor Corner will enable it to effectively implement the Cabinet’s decision to set up Project Development Cells (PDC).

Petroleum and Natural Gas and Steel:
Minister: Dharmendra Pradhan
Constituency: Rajya Sabha MP, Madhya Pradesh

Petroleum Ministry – Investment corner on revamped site.


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