Daily Current Affairs January 20 & 21

Dear Champions, as you all know that a lot of competitive exams have been notified consequently. Candidates have to prepare themselves according to the level of competition and expectation of the Recruitment board. Regarding that one of the most important topic is Daily Current Affairs January 20 & 21. Current Affairs in the form of contemporary events of national & international play a crucial role in almost every competitive exams like Banking, Insurance, SSC, UPSC, TNPSC, Railway etc.

Current affairs are the most dynamic yet scoring among all sections and need to be prepared from the right source. Here, we cafunsta team, providing  Daily GK Updates, Current Affairs Questions, and Monthly  current affairs pdf.


January 20 & 21 | Daily Current Affairs 2024

Ranking – Daily Current Affairs January 20 & 21

1. Which companies did LIC surpass to become the seventh most-valued company in market capitalization?
A) Reliance Industries and HDFC Bank
B) Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Infosys
C) ITC and Hindustan Unilever
D) State Bank of India (SBI) and ICICI Bank
E) Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) and Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC)
Answer: C) ITC and Hindustan Unilever

  • The market capitalisation of LIC stood at Rs 5.92-lakh crore.
  • LIC has now surpassed ITC and Hindustan Unilever to occupy the seventh most-valued company in market capitalization.
  • LIC turned attractive due to a slew of factors that included compelling valuation, bullish sentiment towards public sector stocks, strong embedded value (EV) growth led by buoyant equity markets and the possibility of a step up in dividends.
  • Meanwhile, LIC has announced the launch of Jeevan Dhara-II.
  • This product is a non-linked, non-participating, individual savings deferred annuity plan.

Market Capitalisation:

  • Market capitalization refers to how much a company is worth as determined by the stock market.
  • It is defined as the total market value of all outstanding shares.
  • To calculate a company’s market cap, multiply the number of outstanding shares by the current market value of one share.
  • Companies are typically divided according to market capitalization: large-cap ($10 billion or more), mid-cap ($2 billion to $10 billion), and small-cap ($300 million to $2 billion).
  • Market cap is often used to determine a company’s size, then evaluate the company’s financial performance to other companies of various sizes.
  • In investing, companies with larger market capitalization are often safer investments as they represent more established companies with generally longer history in business.

Life Insurance Corporation:

  • Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) is an Indian multinational public sector life insurance company headquartered in Mumbai.
  • It is under the ownership of Government of India and administrative control of the Ministry of Finance.
  • Founded: 1 September 1956
  • Chairperson: Siddharth Mohanty

Business and Economy – Daily Current Affairs January 20 & 21

2. Who are the partners in the joint venture Digital Connexion that launched its first data centre in India?
A) Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries, Brookfield Infrastructure, and Digital Realty
B) Tata Group, Microsoft, and Amazon
C) Adani Enterprises, Google, and IBM
D) Infosys, Blackstone, and Cisco
E) Wipro, Vodafone, and Facebook
Answer: A) Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries, Brookfield Infrastructure, and Digital Realty

  • Digital Connexion, a joint venture between Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries, Canada’s Brookfield and US-based Digital Realty, launched its first data centre in India, at Ambattur in Chennai.
  • The centre started with a processing capacity of 20 megawatt (Mw) and will expand it to 100 Mw, making it one of the largest such facilities in the country.
  • Digital Connexion is planning to start a 40 Mw data centre in Mumbai, a top company executive told Business Standard.
  • The first phase of the data center, MAA10, will offer 20 Mw of information technology (IT) load and features design that enables customers to adapt their infrastructure in response to varied workload demands, accommodating anything from single cabinet needs to multi-megawatt requirements.
  • In July, Reliance partnered with Brookfield Infrastructure and Digital Realty to develop data centers in India. Each partner holds a 33.33 per cent stake in the joint venture.

Reliance Industries:

Founded: 1958
Founder: Dhirubhai Ambani
HQ: Mumbai, Maharashtra
CMD: Mukesh Ambani

Science and Technology – Daily Current Affairs January 20 & 21

3. What is the main feature of the X-59 supersonic aircraft unveiled by NASA and Lockheed Martin?
A) Vertical takeoff and landing capability
B) Ability to fly at hypersonic speeds
C) Reduced sonic booms
D) Solar-powered propulsion
E) Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) design
Answer: C) Reduced sonic booms

  • NASA and Lockheed Martin have unveiled the X-59 supersonic aircraft, capable of flying at speeds of 925 miles per hour and causing less sonic booms.
  • The aircraft is designed to redefine the future of supersonic travel.
  • The 100-foot-long and 30-foot-wide plane was rolled out by NASA and Lockheed Martin in Palmdale, California.
  • The aircraft is designed to reach 1.5 times the speed of sound while reducing a sonic boom to a weak thump with its v-shaped wing and elongated nose.
  • The company originally had expected to fly the X-59 in 2021.
  • The overall project, including testing, will cost about $632 million over eight years.


  • After launching in 1976 and experiencing expensive maintenance as well as a deadly crash in 2000, the Concorde, which had a top speed of 1,350 miles per hour, was retired almost twenty years ago.
  • Its new offspring can reach speeds of 925 miles per hour and cause less of a sonic boom in the communities below due to the advancements in design, shaping, and technologies.
  • When planes break the sound barrier — called Mach 1 — a loud and continuous sonic boom is created that can shatter windows on the ground.
  • The US banned civilian aircraft from reaching this speed over land in 1973.


  • The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is an independent agency of the U.S. federal government responsible for the civil space program, aeronautics research, and space research.
  • Founded: 29 July 1958
  • HQ: Washington DC, USA
  • Administrator: Bill Nelson


National Affairs – Daily Current Affairs January 20 & 21

4. What project did PM Modi inaugurate in Solapur, Maharashtra?
A) Swachh Bharat Mission
B) Smart Cities Mission
C) AMRUT projects
D) Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) – Rural
E) Make in India initiative
Answer: C) AMRUT projects

  • PM Modi lays the foundation for Rs 2,000 crore worth of AMRUT projects in Solapur, Maharashtra, and dedicates over 90,000 houses completed under PMAY-Urban, including 15,000 houses in Raynagar Housing Society.


  • In the last ten years, more than 30 lakh crore rupees have been transferred directly to the accounts of women, farmers, youth and the poor.
  • Ten crore fake beneficiaries were weeded out using JAM trinity of Jan Dhan-Aadhar -Mobile.
  • 25 crore people in the country have come out of poverty in the last nine years.
  • The Ayushman Card that provides medical treatment up to 5 lakh rupees, saving about 1 lakh crore rupees on medical expenses.
  • Similarly, medicines are available at an 80 percent discount on Jan Aushadhi Kendra saving about 30 thousand crore rupees of poor patients. Jal Jeevan mission is saving citizens from waterborne diseases
  • The government provided life insurance schemes for the poor with Rs 2 lakhs cover for accidents and life insurance.
  • The Jan Dhan Yojna which connected 50 crore poor with the banking system by opening up bank accounts and now where 10,000 beneficiaries got bank assistance under PM Svanidhi.

Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT):

  • Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT) was launched on 25th June 2015 in selected 500 cities and towns across the country.
  • The Mission focuses on development of basic infrastructure, in the selected cities and towns, in the sectors of water supply; sewerage and septage management; storm water drainage; green spaces and parks; and non-motorized urban transport.
  • A set of Urban Reforms and Capacity Building have been included in the Mission.
  • It was launched by Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs.
  • 50,000 crores were spent in total over five years, from FY 2015–16 to FY 2019–20, on AMRUT.
  • Due to the Center’s inability to reach goals for urban redevelopment in 500 communities, the AMRUT mission time has been extended until March 31, 2021.

5. When did the Kokborok language become the official language in Tripura?
A) 1965
B) 1970
C) 1975
D) 1979
E) 1984
Answer: D) 1979

  • Tripura celebrated the 46th Kokborok Day on 19 January 2024 through public meetings, processions and discussions to recognise, promote and preserve the indigenous language.
  • The Kokborok language acts as a lingua franca of most of the 19 tribal communities of the state.
  • As per government estimates, 8,14,375 people from Tripura, Reang, Jamatia, Noatia, Kalai, Rupini, Murasing and Uchoi communities speak Kokborok in Tripura.
  • The tribal language became the official language in 1979.


Capital: Agartala
Chief Minister: Manik Saha
Governor: Indrasena Reddy

6. What recent collaboration has the Indian Army entered into?
A) Partnership with a foreign defense agency
B) Collaboration with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY)
C) Joint military exercises with neighboring countries
D) Alliance with the Ministry of Defense
E) Cooperation with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)
Answer: B) Collaboration with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY)

  • The Indian Army has recently forged a crucial collaboration with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY).
  • This partnership aims to enhance defense technology, paving the way for a more robust and technologically advanced armed forces.
  • This strategic alliance holds immense importance for aspirants preparing for various government exams, including those for positions in the defense sector, such as NDA, CDS, and other related examinations.

Keypoints on the collaboration between Indian Army and MEITY:

  • Strengthening National Security through Technology.
  • MEITY’s Role in Defense Technological Advancements.
  • Implications for Aspirants in Defense Sector Exams.
  • Significance of Technological Preparedness in Modern Warfare.
  • Aligning Exam Preparation with Current Defense Trends.

Over All Review


  • LIC becomes 7th most valued company in market-cap.

Business And Economy

  • RIL, int’l partners launch data centre in Chennai, their first in India.

Science and Technology

  • NASA unveils X 59 supersonic jet ‘Son of Concorde’.

National Affairs

  • PM lays foundation stone for AMRUT projects worth Rs 2,000 crores in Maharashtra.
  • Tripura govt celebrates 46th Kokborok Day to promote, preserve Indigenous language.
  • Indian Army and MEITY Collaborate for Enhanced Defense Technology.


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