Daily Current Affairs December 29

Dear Champions, as you all know that a lot of competitive exams have been notified consequently. Candidates have to prepare themselves according to the level of competition and expectation of the Recruitment board. Regarding that one of the most important topic is Daily Current Affairs December 29. Current Affairs in the form of contemporary events of national & international play a crucial role in almost every competitive exams like Banking, Insurance, SSC, UPSC, TNPSC, Railway etc.

Current affairs are the most dynamic yet scoring among all sections and need to be prepared from the right source. Here, we cafunsta team, providing  Daily GK Updates, Current Affairs Questions, and Monthly  current affairs pdf.


December 29 | Daily Current Affairs 2023

Banking and Finance – Daily Current Affairs December 29

1. What stake has the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) permitted ICICI Pru Mutual Fund to acquire in Federal and RBL Bank?
A) 5%
B) 7%
C) 10%
D) 15%
E) 20%
Answer: C) 10%

  • RBI permits ICICI Pru Mutual Fund to acquire 10% stake in Federal and RBL Bank.
  • Reserve Bank of India has also accorded approval to ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company Ltd (ICICI AMC) for acquiring up to 9.95 per cent stake in RBL Bank and Equitas Small Finance Bank.
  • The approval granted by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is subject to the compliance with the relevant provisions of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949, RBI’s Master Direction and Guidelines on Acquisition and Holding of Shares or Voting Rights in Banking Companies.

2. What is the implementation timeline for the ASBA-like facility in the secondary market as approved by SEBI?
A) 1 January, 2023
B) 1 January, 2024
C) 1 February, 2024
D) 1 March, 2024
E) 1 April, 2024
Answer: B) 1 January, 2024

  • National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has announced the launch of an Application Supported By Blocked Account-like facility in the secondary market.
  • The ‘UPI for Secondary Market’ initiative is supported by key stakeholders, including clearing corporations, stock exchanges, depositories, stockbrokers, banks, and UPI app providers.
  • ASBA-like facility of ‘Trading supported by blocked amount in secondary market’ through block mechanism was approved by the market regulator Sebi, based on the Reserve Bank of India approved facility of single-block-and-multiple-debit in UPI, with the implementation timeline of 1 January, 2024.
  • Initially, this functionality will be available for limited set of pilot customers.
  • During this pilot, investors can block funds in their bank accounts, which will only be debited by the clearing corporations upon trade confirmation during settlement. Clearing corporations will directly process payouts to these clients on a T+1 basis – which means any trade-related settlements must be completed within one day from the day of the transaction.
  • This beta launch is facilitated by brokerage app Groww, and UPI apps such as BHIM, and Yes Pay Next.
  • Initially, HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank customers can avail of this facility.
  • HDFC Bank, HSBC, ICICI Bank, and Yes Bank are serving as sponsor banks for the clearing corporation and exchanges

Application Supported by Blocked Account (ASBA):

  • Application Supported by Blocked Amount (ASBA) is a process used to apply for Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) or Follow-on Public Offerings (FPOs) in India.
  • Under this process, investors’ application money remains in their bank accounts but is temporarily blocked or reserved until the shares are allotted.
  • Once the shares are allotted, the blocked amount is debited from the investor’s account, and the remaining amount is unblocked or released.
  • Investors may submit their ASBA applications to these SCSB (Self Certified Syndicate Banks)

Secondary Market:

  • The secondary market is where investors buy and sell securities.
  • Trades take place on the secondary market between other investors and traders rather than from the companies that issue the securities.
  • People typically associate the secondary market with the stock market.
  • The secondary market is where securities are traded after they are put up for sale on the primary market.

Appointments – Daily Current Affairs December 29

3. Who is the first woman to head the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF)?
A) Rahul Rasgotra
B) Nina Singh
C) Anish Dayal Singh
D) Vivek Srivastava
E) None of the above
Answer: B) Nina Singh

  • Intelligence Bureau officer Rahul Rasgotra getting the charge of the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) and Nina Singh becoming the first woman to head the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF).
  • Nina Singh is currently the Special Director General of CISF.
  • Rasgotra was a special director in the Intelligence Bureau (IB).
  • Anish Dayal Singh has been made the Director General (DG) of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF).
  • Vivek Srivastava will be Director General, Fire Service, Civil Defence and Home Guards.

Awards – Daily Current Affairs December 29

4. Who was honored with the “Man of the Year-2023” award by Shri Amit Shah, the Home Minister of India?
A) L.P. Hemanth K. Srinivasulu
B) James Marape
C) Celeb Media
D) Datadensity
E) Advanced Biotech
Answer: A) L.P. Hemanth K. Srinivasulu

  • Mr. L.P. Hemanth K. Srinivasulu, the newly appointed Director of the Latin America and Caribbean Trade Council, was honored with the prestigious “Man of the Year-2023” award by Shri Amit Shah, the Home Minister of India.
  • The award recognizes Mr. Hemanth’s outstanding contributions to trade diplomacy and global economic relations.
  • His strategic influence is evident in shaping the direction of companies such as Advanced Biotech, Datadensity, and Celeb Media.
  • He has recently received several accolades, including an International Award from the Indo-African Trade Council, an Appreciation of Service Award from James Marape, the President of Papua New Guinea, and the Trade Excellence Award from the Cuban Ministry.
  • Recently he was elevated to the position of Commonwealth Director.

Science and Technology – Daily Current Affairs December 29

5. What is the primary objective of ISRO’s PSLV-C58 Mission?
A) Launching communication satellites
B) Conducting lunar exploration
C) Studying Earth’s atmosphere
D) Research in space-based polarisation measurements of X-ray emission
E) Observing gravitational waves
Answer: D) Research in space-based polarisation measurements of X-ray emission

  • ISRO’s PSLV-C58 Mission will launch XPoSAT in to an Eastward low inclination orbit.
  • After injection of the satellite, the PS4 stage will be re-started twice to reduce the orbit in to 350 km circular orbit to maintain in 3-axis stabilised mode for Orbital Platform (OP) experiments.
  • The PSLV Orbital Experimental Module-3 experiment will be executed meeting the objective of 10 identified payloads, supplied by ISRO and IN-SPACe.
  • XPoSAT is the first dedicated satellite from ISRO to carry out research in space-based polarisation measurements of X-ray emission from celestial sources.
  • It carries two payloads – POLIX (Polarimeter Insttrument in X-rays) and XSPECT (X-ray Spectroscopy and Timing).
  • The POLIX is realised by Raman Research Institute, Bengaluru, and XSPECT is by Space Astronomy Group of UR Satellite Centre, Bengaluru.
  • These payloads enable simultaneous studies of temporal, spectral, and polarization features of bright X Ray.
  • The mission’s objectives include measuring X-Ray polarization and conducting long time spectral and temporal studies of cosmic X rays.
  • This mission has a lifetime of 5 years.

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO):

Founded: 15 August 1969
HQ: Bengaluru, Karnataka
Chairman: Sreedhara Somnath

International Affairs – Daily Current Affairs December 29

6. How much crude oil did Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) purchase in Indian rupees from Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)?
A) 500,000 barrels
B) 750,000 barrels
C) 1 million barrels
D) 1.5 million barrels
E) 2 million barrels
Answer: C) 1 million barrels

  • India, the world’s third largest energy consumer, for the first-time ever paid the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in rupees for the purchase of crude oil.
  • India formalised an agreement with the UAE to settle in rupees.
  • Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) paid to buy one million barrels of crude oil in Indian rupees from Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC).
  • In addition, some Russian oil imports have also been made at a rate of rupees.
  • India is dependent on imports for more than 85 percent of its oil needs, which necessitates the introduction of payment for crude oil in rupees.
  • Note: Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has decided to permit importers to make payments in rupees and exporters to receive payments in local currency.

Indian Oil Corporation:

HQ: New Delhi
Chairman: Shrikant Madhav Vaidhya

7. Which regional organization signed a free trade agreement with South Korea?
A) European Union (EU)
B) Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)
C) Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)
D) North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
E) African Union (AU)
Answer: C) Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)

  • The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) signed a free trade agreement with South Korea.
  • South Korea will remove tariffs on almost 90% of all items, including liquefied natural gas (LNG), and other petroleum products.
  • The Gulf states will scrap tariffs on 76.4% of traded products and 4% of traded goods.
  • The FTA will also cover trade in goods, services, government procurement, as well as cooperation among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), customs procedures, intellectual property, among others.
  • Trade between the Gulf and South Korea jumped to $78 billion from $50 billion between 2021 and 2022.

Gulf Cooperation Council:

  • The Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf is a regional, intergovernmental, political, and economic union comprising Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.
  • The Charter of the GCC was signed on 25 May 1981, formally establishing the institution.
  • HQ: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Secretary General: Jassim Muhammad Al Budaiwi

National Affairs – Daily Current Affairs December 29

8. Where is the 12th edition of ‘Divya Kala Mela’ taking place from December 29, 2023, to January 7, 2024?
A) Mumbai
B) Delhi
C) Surat, Gujarat
D) Jaipur
E) Bhopal
Answer: C) Surat, Gujarat

  • Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (Divyangjan) {DEPwD), MoSJ&E, GoI through National Divyangjan Finance and Development Corporation (NDFDC, an apex corporation under (DEPwD) is organized event showcasing the products and craftsmanship of Divyang entrepreneurs/artisans from across the country, ‘Divya Kala Mela’ from 29th December 2023 – 7th January 2024 in Surat, Gujrat.
  • The Divya Kala Mela, Surat is the 12th one in series starting from 2022 (i) Delhi, 2-6 December 2022, (ii) Mumbai, 16th to 25th February 2023, (iii) Bhopal, 12th to 21st March 2023, (iv) Guwahati, 11th to 17th May 2023 (v) Indore, 17th to 23rd June 2023 (vi) Jaipur 29th June to 5th July 2023 (vii) Varanasi, 15th to 24th September,2023 (viii) Secunderabad, Hyderabad 6th to 15th October 2023 (ix) Bengaluru, Karnataka 27th October to 5th November, 2023 (x) Chennai, TN 17th to 26th November, 2023, (xi) Patna (Bihar) 8th – 17th December 2023.
  • Around 100 Divyang artisans/artists and entrepreneurs from about 20 states/UTs will be displaying their products and skills.
  • There would be Products in the following broad category: Home Décor & Lifestyle, Clothing, Stationery and eco-friendly products, packaged food and organic products, Toys & Gifts, Personal Accessories – Jewellery, Clutch Bags.

9. Who inaugurated the new design and test facility at Aero Engine Research and Development Centre (AERDC) of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL)?
A) Prime Minister Narendra Modi
B) Defence Minister Rajnath Singh
C) Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat
D) Defence Secretary Shri Giridhar Aramane
E) Home Minister Amit Shah
Answer: D) Defence Secretary Shri Giridhar Aramane

  • Defence Secretary Shri Giridhar Aramane inaugurated a new design and test facility at Aero Engine Research and Development Centre (AERDC) of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) in Bengaluru, Karnataka.
  • The AERDC is currently involved in the design and development of several new engines including two strategic engines – Hindustan Turbo Fan Engine (HTFE) of 25 kN thrust for powering trainers, UAV’s, twin engine small fighter aircraft or regional jets and Hindustan Turbo Shaft Engine (HTSE) of 1200 kN thrust for powering light and medium weight helicopters (3.5 to 6.5 tonnes in single/ twin engine configuration).
  • The new state-of-the-art facility, spanning over 10,000 sq. meters, houses special machines, advanced setups leveraging on computational tools, in-house fabrication facility and two test beds for testing HTFE-25 and one testbed each for testing HTSE-1200 and upcoming JV engine for IMRH to be co-developed by Safran, France and HAL.
  • In addition, the newly developed facility has set-ups for testing Air producer of Jaguar, Gas Turbine Starter Unit (GTSU) – 110 M2 and 127E of Light Combat Aircraft, Auxiliary Power Units of Indian Multi-Role Helicopter and Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft, Gas Turbine Electrical Generator (GTEG)-60 for An-32 aircraft.
  • This center is the only design house that has developed test beds for engines of both Western and Russian origin.
  • The Centre has successfully developed & certified PTAE-7 engine, the first indigenous turbojet engine of India powering Lakshya (Unmanned Aircraft), Gas Turbine Electrical Generator GTEG-60 for starting An-32 aircraft, Air starter ATS 37 & Air producer for starting Adour-Mk 804E/811 on Jaguar Aircraft and Shakti engine for powering ALH to support Ad804/811 engine of Jaguar aircraft.

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL):

HQ: Bengaluru, Karnataka
Chairman and MD: CB Ananthakrishnan

10. What is the primary purpose of the National Transit Pass System (NTPS)?
A) Facilitate seamless transit of agricultural products
B) Enable seamless transit of industrial goods
C) Enhance the transit of passenger vehicles
D) Facilitate the seamless transit of timber, bamboo, and other forest produce
E) Streamline the transit of petroleum products
Answer: D) Facilitate the seamless transit of timber, bamboo, and other forest produce

  • Union Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change and Labour and Employment Shri Bhupender Yadav launched the National Transit Pass System (NTPS) pan-India to facilitate the seamless transit of timber, bamboo, and other forest produce across the country.
  • Currently, the transit permits are issued for transport of timber and forest produce based on state specific transit rules.
  • The NTPS is envisioned as a “One Nation-One Pass” regime, which will enable seamless transit across the country.
  • This initiative will streamline the issuance of timber transit permits by providing a unified, online mode for tree growers and farmers involved in agroforestry across the country, contributing to the ease of doing business.
  • Two vehicles carrying timber and other forest produce from Gujarat and Jammu & Kashmir were flagged-off which are bound for West Bengal and Tamil Nadu.
  • The QR coded transit permits generated under NTPS will allow check gates across various states to verify the validity of the permits and allow seamless transit.


  • Indian Forest and Wood Certification Scheme and the Trees Outside Forest Initiative endeavours collectively aim to boost agroforestry practices in the nation.

Keypersons in this event:

  • Union Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change and Labour and Employment, Bhupender Yadav
  • Minister of State for Environment, Forest, and Climate Change, Ashwini Kumar Choubey
  • Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Smt. Leena Nadan
  • Director General of Forests and Special Secretary, Shri. Chandra Prakash Goyal

11. What is the objective of the Rural Diabetes Prevention & Control Campaign?
A) Treat existing cases of diabetes in rural areas
B) Promote awareness and prevention of Type 1 diabetes
C) Address the epidemic of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in rural areas
D) Focus on diabetes research in urban areas
E) Provide diabetes care in metropolitan cities
Answer: C) Address the epidemic of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in rural areas

  • The Union Minister of State (Independent Charge) Science & Technology; MoS PMO, Personnel, Public Grievances, Pensions, Space and Atomic Energy launched the Rural Diabetes Prevention & Control Campaign in village Purana Ramnagar of Varanasi district, a Village Adoption Program under the aegis of Research Society for Study of Diabetes in India (RSSDI) – Uttar Pradesh Chapter.
  • The spread of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus is assuming epidemic proportions in India.
  • Earlier this disease was confined to the affluent and in cities, but now its prevalence in rural areas is alarming.
  • ICMR-INDIAB Study revealed that UP has 18% of its population in pre-diabetes stage.
  • RSSDI UP Chapter adopted four villages in Barabanki in 2019 where people’s lives are better and diabetes control is improved.
  • The past three decades witnessed a 150 per cent increase in the number of people with diabetes in the country, according to ICMR.
  • The main concern is the progressive lowering of the age at which Type 2 Diabetes is being diagnosed, with the disease prevalence becoming apparent in the age group of 25-34 years in both urban and rural areas.

Type 2 Diabetes:

  • Type 2 diabetes (T2D) is a chronic condition that happens when you have persistently high blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia).
  • Healthy blood sugar (glucose) levels are 70 to 99 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL). If you have undiagnosed Type 2 diabetes, your levels are typically 126 mg/dL or higher.
  • T2D happens because your pancreas doesn’t make enough insulin (a hormone), your body doesn’t use insulin properly, or both.
  • This is different from Type 1 diabetes, which happens when an autoimmune attack on your pancreas results in a total lack of insulin production.
  • People who are middle-aged or older are most likely to get this kind of diabetes.
  • It used to be called adult-onset diabetes or diabetes mellitus.
  • But type 2 diabetes also affects kids and teens, mainly because of childhood obesity

12. Which company was awarded the contract for the construction and delivery of 07 x 250 Men Ferry Craft in line with “Aatmanirbhar Bharat” initiatives?
A) Shalimar Works Ltd, Kolkata
B) Tata Projects
C) L&T Shipbuilding
D) Reliance Naval and Engineering Ltd
E) Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL)
Answer: A) Shalimar Works Ltd, Kolkata

  • Contract for construction and delivery of 07 x 250 Men Ferry Craft was concluded with M/s Shalimar Works Ltd, Kolkata, in consonance with “Aatmanirbhar Bharat” initiatives of the Government of India.
  • Six out of Seven Ferrycraft have already been delivered to IN.
  • Seventh Ferrycraft, ‘Manjula’ (Yard 786) has been delivered to Indian Navy on 29 Dec 23 in presence of Rear Admiral Deepak Kumar Goswami, ASD (Mbi).
  • With a capacity to ferry 250 Men, Induction of ‘Manjula’ (Yard 786) would provide impetus to Operational Commitments of IN by facilitating Transportation of both Men and Material between Indian Naval Ports and Ships/Submarines at anchorage.

13. Which company signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Government of Gujarat for the expansion of food manufacturing capabilities?
A) Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation Limited
B) Sheetal Bhalerao
C) Wardwizard Foods and Beverages Limited
D) Both A and C
E) Both B and C
Answer: C) Wardwizard Foods and Beverages Limited

  • Wardwizard Foods and Beverages Limited announces the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Government of Gujarat, in the expansion of food manufacturing capabilities in the state.
  • D. H. Shah, IAS, representing the Government of Gujarat as the Managing Director of Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation Limited, and Sheetal Bhalerao, as the Chairperson and Managing Director of Wardwizard Foods and Beverages Ltd, signed the agreement.
  • The MoU underscores the commitment of both entities to promoting industrial development and employment generation.


Capital: Gandhinagar
Chief Minister: Bhupendrabhai Patel
Governor: Acharya Devvrat

14. What is the total worth of the 29 road projects sanctioned in Ladakh by the central government?
A) Rs 800.45 crore
B) Rs 1,000.75 crore
C) Rs 1,170.16 crore
D) Rs 1,500.20 crore
E) Rs 2,000.40 crore
Answer: C) Rs 1,170.16 crore

  • The central government has sanctioned 29 road projects worth Rs 1,170.16 crore in the union territory of Ladakh
  • The ministry has also allocated Rs 181.71 crore for eight bridges under the Central Road and Infrastructure Fund (CRIF) scheme for FY 2023-24.
  • The CRIF scheme was introduced in Jammu and Kashmir in 2000-01 to develop and maintain national highways, state roads, rural roads, and railways under and over bridges.
  • The ministry had announced the upgrade and widening of the 230km-long Kargil-Zanskar road in the union territory, which forms part of the National Highway 301 in September 2023.
  • This enhancement is expected to stimulate economic activities, particularly in agriculture and tourism, contributing to the overall infrastructural development of Ladakh.


  • Under the ‘Bharatmala Pariyojana’ a total of Rs 5.35 trillion has been approved for development of 34,800 km of national highway corridors.
  • As on November 2023, projects of 26,418km have been awarded and 15,045km length have been completed.
  • A total of Rs 4.10 trillion has been spent under Bharatmala Pariyojana up till October.
  • Dwarka expressway, which spans 29.06km, is being built at the cost of Rs 250.77 crore per km, against the estimated Rs 18.2 crore per km that was sanctioned by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA).


Capitals: Leh, Kargil
Union Territory: 31 October 2019
Lieutenant Governor: B D Mishra

15. What is the total foreign direct investment (FDI) that flowed into Maharashtra during the first quarter of the financial year 2023-24 (April to June 2023)?
A) Rs 18,422 crore
B) Rs 24,896 crore
C) Rs 31,075 crore
D) Rs 36,634 crore
E) Rs 42,109 crore
Answer: D) Rs 36,634 crore

  • Maharashtra, which ranked first in attracting foreign direct investment of ₹1,18,422 crore in the fiscal 2022-23, also tops first quarter of the financial year 2023-24
  • The foreign investment of Rs 36,634 crore has flowed into Maharashtra for the period April to June 2023, according to Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) data.
  • The State has received more FDI than Delhi, Karnataka and Telangana, which ranked second, third and fourth respectively.


  • The State revised administration approval of Rs 18,399 crore for 47 irrigation projects in Vidarbha.
  • A total area of 2 lakh 23 thousand 474 hectares in Vidarbha will come under irrigation through these projects.


Capital: Mumbai
Chief Minister: Eknath Shinde
Governor: Ramesh Bais

Over All Review

Banking and Finance 

  • RBI permits ICICI Pru Mutual Fund to acquire 10% stake in Federal, RBL Bank.
  • NPCI launches ASBA like facility for secondary market.


  • Nina Singh becomes first woman DG CISF, Rahul Rasgotra appointed ITBP chief.


  • Mr L P Hemanth K Srinivasulu Receives ‘Man of the Year 2023’ Award from Home Minister Shri Amit Shah.

Science and Technology

  • ISRO is preparing to launch the X-Ray Polarimeter Satellite (XPoSat) on January 1, 2024.

International Affairs

  • In a first, India pays in rupees to buy crude oil from UAE.
  • GCC-South Korea sign free trade deal in boost to Gulf-Asia economic ties.

National Affairs

  • 12th DIVYA KALA MELA-2023 to be inaugurated in Surat, Gujarat.
  • Defence Secretary inaugurates new design & test facility at HAL’s Aero Engine Research & Development Centre in Bengaluru.
  • Shri Bhupender Yadav launches National Transit Pass System (NTPS)-‘One Nation-One Pass’ to facilitate the seamless transit of timber, bamboo, and other forest produce across the country.
  • Dr Jitendra Singh launches Rural Diabetes Prevention & Control Campaign in village Purana Ramnagar of Varanasi district.
  • Wardwizard Foods and Gujarat Govt ink MOU to boost food manufacturing.
  • Centre sanctions 29 road projects worth Rs 1,170 Crore in ladakh.
  • Maharashtra tops FDI in 2022-23, leads the first quarter of 2023-24.


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