Daily Current Affairs December 20

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December 20 | Daily Current Affairs 2023

Important Days – Daily Current Affairs December 20

1. When is International Human Solidarity Day observed?
A) December 22
B) September 18
C) December 20
D) September 20
E) December 15
Answer: C) December 20

  • Theme: Advocate for Change
  • International Human Solidarity Day is observed on December 20 to celebrate the ideal of unity in diversity and raise public awareness regarding the importance of solidarity.
  • In the Millennium Declaration, published on September 18, 2000, ‘solidarity’ is identified as one of the fundamental values of international relations in the 21st century.
  • On December 20, 2002, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) established the World Solidarity Fund intending to eradicate poverty and promote human and social development in developing nations.
  • Later on, the UNGA on December 22, 2005, passed resolution 60/209, which recognises solidarity as one of the fundamental and universal values that should guide relations between people in the 21st century.
  • In this regard, December 20 was proclaimed as the International Human Solidarity Day.

Banking and Finance – Daily Current Affairs December 20

2. What is the expected remittance level for India in 2024, as per the World Bank’s outlook?
A) $125 billion
B) $130 billion
C) $135 billion
D) $140 billion
E) $145 billion
Answer: C) $135 billion

  • India is expected to be the top recipient for remittances in 2023 with a 12.4 per cent increase in inflows to $125 billion, according to data released by the World Bank.
  • The World Bank report has stated that the remittance outlook for India for 2024 is strong, with growth expected to moderate to 8 per cent, taking remittance levels to $135 billion in 2024.
  • The World Bank also highlighted that the growth in remittances to India will also hinge on developments in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries (GCC), as almost 29 per cent of the flows originate from its mostly less-skilled migrants employed in the GCC countries.
  • Remittances: “remittance” refers to the funds migrants send to their relatives in their home country while working and living abroad.

Top Remittance Recipients in South Asia:

  • India – $ 125 Billion
  • Pakistan – $24 Billion
  • Bangladesh – $ 23 Billion
  • Nepal – $ 11 Billion
  • Srilanka – $ 5.4 Billion

Top Remittance Recipients among low income and middle-income countries:

  • India – $ 125 Billion
  • Mexico – $ 67 Billion
  • China – $ 50 Billion
  • The Phillippines – $40 Billion
  • Egypt, Arab – $24 Billion

Business and Economy – Daily Current Affairs December 20

3. What is the goal of ONDC’s partnerships with Google and Meta?
A) Enhance Government Services
B) Promote Digital Art
C) Expand E-commerce Protocol
D) Explore Outer Space
E) Develop Educational Apps
Answer: C) Expand E-commerce Protocol

  • Ministry of commerce-backed e-commerce protocol Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) announced two separate partnerships with Google and Meta, to expand its outreach to small businesses through Google Maps and WhatsApp.

Open Network for Digital Commerce:

Founded: 31 December 2022
CEO: Thampy Koshy


HQ: Menlo Park, Califoria, USA
Founders: Larry Page, Sergey Brin
CEO: Sundar Pichai


Founded: 4 January 2004
Founders: Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes
HQ: Menlo Park, California, US
Chairman and CEO: Mark Zuckerberg

4. What is the name of the artificial intelligence, automation, and analytics-powered user interface launched by Hinduja Global Solutions?
A) HGS Agent Y
B) HGS Agent Z
C) HGS Agent X
D) HGS Agent AI
E) HGS Agent Insight
Answer: C) HGS Agent X

  • Hinduja Global Solutions has launched HGS Agent X, a single, integrated artificial intelligence, automation, and analytics-powered user interface providing backbone for world-class contact centre operations.
  • HGS Agent X leans into the power of voice interaction by transcribing 100 per cent of the voice of the customer.
  • Turning this unstructured voice into data provides a 360-degree view of customers desires and uses this insight to power agent engagements with a unified knowledge base and learning and engagement tools.

Hinduja Global Solutions Limited:

HQ: Bengaluru, Karnataka
CEO: Partha DeSarkar

Awards – Daily Current Affairs December 20

5. What is the cash prize awarded annually to authors who win the Gaja Capital Business Book Prize?
A) Rs 5 lakh
B) Rs 10 lakh
C) Rs 15 lakh
D) Rs 20 lakh
E) Rs 25 lakh
Answer: C) Rs 15 lakh

  • The Gaja Capital Business Book Prize 2023 has been jointly won by Against All Odds: The IT Story of India (Rs 799, Penguin) by Kris Gopalakrishnan, N Dayasindhu and Krishnan Narayanan, and Winning Middle India: The Story of India’s New-Age Entrepreneurs (Rs 599, Penguin) by TN Hari and Bala Srinivasa.
  • The Rs 15 lakh cash prize is awarded annually to authors of narrative non-fiction about Indian business and entrepreneurship.
  • Note: Gaja Capital Business Book 2022 award was won by The Indian Express National Rural Affairs and Agriculture Editor Harish Damodaran for Broke to Breakthrough: The Rise of India’s Largest Private Dairy Company

National Affairs – Daily Current Affairs December 20

6. What is the total value of the contract signed between the Ministry of Defence and MDL for the procurement of six NGOPVs?
A) Rs 1000.89 crore
B) Rs 1500.89 crore
C) Rs 1614.89 crore
D) Rs 2000.89 crore
E) Rs 2500.89 crore
Answer: C) Rs 1614.89 crore

  • Ministry of Defence (MoD) signed a contract with Mumbai-based state-owned Mazagon Dockyard Shipbuilders Ltd (MDL) for procurement of six Next Generation Offshore Patrol Vessels (NGOPVS) for the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) valued at Rs 1614.89 crore.
  • Out of the six vessels, to be manufactured under the Buy (Indian-IDDM) category, four would replace the existing aging OPVs and the remaining two would augment the ICG fleet.
  • Along with several high-tech advanced features and equipment, these 115m OPVS would be equipped with facilities like multipurpose drones, AI capability, and Wirelessly Controlled Remote Water Rescue Craft Lifebuoy, enabling greater flexibility and operational edge to the ICG to face new age multidimensional challenges.

Mazagon Dockyard Shipbuilders Ltd (MDL):

HQ: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Chairman and MD: Sanjeev Singhal

7. What is the total combined capacity of the 50 approved solar parks across 12 states in India?
A) 30,490 MW
B) 35,000 MW
C) 37,490 MW
D) 40,000 MW
E) 45,000 MW
Answer: C) 37,490 MW

  • The Indian government has confirmed the approval of 50 solar parks across 12 states with a total combined capacity of 37,490 megawatts (MW).
  • The government is actively executing its “Development of Solar Parks and Ultra Mega Solar Power Projects” scheme, aiming to achieve a target capacity of 40 gigawatts (GW).
  • Under this initiative, with 10,401 MW of solar projects already commissioned in 19 out of 40 parks.
  • Gujarat leads the way with 12,150 MW of solar park projects in the pipeline, followed by Rajasthan with 8,276 MW.
  • Other states involved in this ambitious renewable energy endeavor include Andhra Pradesh (4,200 MW), Madhya Pradesh (4,180 MW), Uttar Pradesh (3,730 MW), and Karnataka (2,500 MW).
  • Additionally, Jharkhand has 1,089 MW of solar park projects in the pipeline, while Maharashtra has 750 MW, Kerala 155 MW, Chhattisgarh 100 MW, and Mizoram 20 MW.

8. What was the share of agriculture in India’s GDP during the last fiscal year?
A) 25%
B) 20%
C) 15%
D) 10%
E) 5%
Answer: C) 15%

  • Share of agriculture in India’s GDP declined to 15 per cent last fiscal year from 35 per cent in 1990-91 due to rapid growth in the industrial and service sector.
  • In growth terms, agriculture and allied sector has registered an average annual growth of 4 per cent during last five years.


  • PM-KISAN scheme was launched in 2019.
  • It is an income support scheme providing Rs 6,000 per year in three equal instalments.
  • More than Rs 2.81 lakh crore has been released so far to more than 11 crore farmers as on November 30, 2023.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP):

  • Gross domestic product (GDP) is the total monetary or market value of all the finished goods and services produced within a country’s borders in a specific time period.
  • GDP provides an economic snapshot of a country, used to estimate the size of an economy and its growth rate.
  • GDP can be calculated in three ways, using expenditures, production, or incomes and it can be adjusted for inflation and population to provide deeper insights.
  • In India, contributions to GDP are mainly divided into 3 broad sectors – agriculture and allied services, industry and service sector.
  • In India, GDP is measured as market prices and the base year for computation is 2011-12.
  • GDP at market prices = GDP at factor cost + Indirect Taxes – Subsidies.

Over All Review

Important Days

  • International Human Solidarity Day is observed on December 20.

Banking and Finance 

  • India to top IN NUMBERS remittance inflows in 2023.

Business And Economy

  • ONDC partners with Google, Meta to reach small businesses.
  • Hinduja Global unveils Al interface for contact centres.


  • Gaja Capital Business Book Prize 2023 announced.

National Affairs

  • Govt inks Rs 1614-crore pact with Mazagon Dockyard Shipbuilders for 6 offshore patrol vessels.
  • Govt approved 50 solar parks in 12 states.
  • Share of agriculture in GDP fell to 15% in FY23.


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