Weekly Current Affairs Quiz – December 4-10 2021

1) Manu Bhaker was crowned the women’s 10m air pistol champion, by shooting _____-  in the 64th  National Shooting Championship final.
A) 124.7
B) 342.5
C) 241.6
D) 198.5
E) 298.7

Answer: C) 241.6
2) Nirmala Sitharaman ranked 37th in the Forbes’ 100 most powerful women of the world,her ranking improved by ___ from last year?
A) 7 Ranks
B) 11 Ranks
C) 4 Ranks
D) 18 Ranks
E) 2 Ranks
Answer: C) 4 Ranks
3) “She is a Changemaker” series was held in collaboration with Rhambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini, located in ________.
A) Pune, Maharashtra
B) Nagpur, Maharashtra
C) Mumbai, Maharashtra
D) Thane, Maharashtra
E) Amaravath, Maharashtra
Answer: D) Thane, Maharashtra
4) International Cooperative Alliance Asia-Pacific (ICA-AP) has members from how many countries in Asia-pacific Region?
A) 164
B) 110
C) 84
D) 65
E) 32
Answer: E) 32
5) Xiomara Castro is appointed as first female president of Hondrus,What is the Currency of Honduras?
A) Lira
B) Tegucigulpa
C) Lempira
D) Kuna
E) West African CFA Franc
Answer: C) Lempira
6) Industrialist and philanthropist Ratan Tata will be conferred Assam’s highest civilian award known as _______.
A) Assam Saurav
B) Assam Naurav
C) Assam Gaurav
D) Assam Baibhav
E) Assam Amrauv
Answer: D) Assam Baibhav
7) Anu Malik & Udit Narayan honoured with DR APJ Abdul Kalam Award 2021,Udit is related to which field?
A) Scientist
B) Politician
C) Freedom Fighter
D) Sports
E) Singer
Answer: E) Singer
8) ADB’s Loan  $350 mn supports the policies established by _______ for universal coverage of piped water supply & improved sanitation.
A) Ministry of Home Affairs
B) Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
C) Ministry of Women & Child Development
D) Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs
E) Ministry of Tribal Affairs
Answer: D) Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs
9) FICCI headquartered in New Delhi,Who is the Director General of FICCI?
A) Rekha Menon
B) Uday Shankar
C) Sanjiv Mehta
D) Srinith Chopper
E) Arun Chawla
Answer: E) Arun Chawla
10) Small Finance Banks in India are required to extend ____– % of its ANBC (Adjusted Net Bank Credit) for priority sector lending?
A) 50 %
B) 65 %
C) 70 %
D) 75 %
E) 80 %
Answer: D) 75 %
11) According to SIPRI, The arms sales of HAL increased by how much % in 2020 compared to 2019?
A) 4 %
B) 1.5 %
C) 2.8 %
D) 3.1 %
E) 5.2 %
Answer: B) 1.5 %
12) World Soil Day is Coincides with the birthday of Thailand’s King,Name him ?
A) HM King Thutmose III Opira
B) HM King Hatshepsut am asha
C) HM King Amenhotep al shid
D) HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej
E) HM King Djoser syuhi II
Answer: D) HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej
13) The Banks that are listed in the 2nd schedule of the RBI Act, 1934, The bank’s paid-up capital & raised funds must be _____ to qualify as a scheduled bank.
A) At least Rs 10 Crore
B) At least Rs 5 lakh
C) At least Rs 1 Crore
D) At least Rs 10 lakh
E) At least Rs 5 Crore
Answer: B) At least Rs 5 lakh
14) Air version of ______  supersonic cruise missile was test-fired from the Sukhoi 30 MK-I Aircraft?
A) AgniRus
B) BrahMos
C) Sukrus
D) Vigorous
E) Alpha-IR
Answer: B) BrahMos
15) Ashok Leyland inks pact with Bank of Baroda for vehicle financing,Who is the Founder of Ashok Leyland?
A) Rekha Sharma
B) Vipin Sondhi
C) Arun N Kumar
D) Raghunandan Saran
E) Vinith Agarwal
Answer: D) Raghunandan Saran





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