SSC General Awareness PDF: Staff Selection Commission is an organization under Government of India to recruit staff for various posts in the various ministries and departments of the government of India and in subordinate offices. The Commission conducts CGL, CHSL, CPO, GD Exams in which the general awareness section plays an integral role in your success. Candidates consistently preparing with the SSC general awareness questions and answers pdf given here can easily score good marks in the SSC general awareness section. Time is not a bounding factor in the SSC general awareness section. Candidates’ general knowledge and skills will be tested through the general awareness section in the SSC exams. Aspirants targeting to crack various SSC exams, must read this article completely to get an idea about the exam pattern, syllabus, topic wise weightage and preparation techniques to ace the SSC GA/GK section with SSC CGL general awareness PDF course given here. Consistent preparation with the SSC general awareness study material pdf helps you achieve your target score at ease. Let’s jump into the article for more details of SSC General Awareness PDF.

SSC General Awareness PDF Course

Our SSC general awareness questions and answers pdf is provided with exam point of view questions. Aspirants can get to know more about exam trends and syllabus by practicing the SSC general awareness study material pdf 2022 adequately. Aspirants targeting to crack various SSC exams exams can make use of the SSC general awareness pdf free download in the form of SSC CGL general awareness PDF, SSC CHSL general awareness pdf, SSC MTS general awareness pdf, SSC GD general awareness PDF, etc.,

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Exam Pattern of SSC General Awareness Section (CGL, CHSL, CPO, GD Exams)

The exam pattern of SSC general awareness section for various SSC exams with the number of questions and maximum marks details is given. The questions covered in SSC General Awareness PDF is as per the latest exam pattern.

SSC General Awareness Section In Exams Number of Question Max. Marks
SSC CGL 25  50
SSC CHSL 25 50
SSC CPO 50 50
SSC GD 25 25
SSC JE 50 50
SSC MTS 25  25
SSC Stenographer  50  50

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Syllabus of SSC General Awareness Section (CGL, CHSL, CPO, GD Exams)

To gain an edge in the examination, the general awareness section is always a score booster. In the SSC General awareness section, a candidate’s general knowledge and knowledge about day-to-day affairs or happenings in and around the world are tested. The questions covered in the SSC General Awareness PDF is as per the latest syllabus given. The SSC General awareness section is classified into 4 major categories such as,

  1. Static GK
  2. Current Affairs
  3. General Science
  4. Miscellaneous

General Awareness Section-wise Important Topics

Subject Important Topics
Physics Gravity, Work, Pressure, Units of Measurement, Sound, Heat, Magnetism, Electronics
Chemistry Uses, Common Names and Composition of Various Chemicals, Alloys, Definition Based Questions (Heat, Oxidation, Reduction etc.), SI units, Chemical Change & Physical Change, Chemistry in Everyday life
Biology Parts of Plant & their Functions, Parts of Human Body & their Functions, Basics of Animal Kingdom, Diseases, Prevention & Cure, Nutrients & Deficiency Diseases
Ancient History Important Topics: Indus Valley Civilization, Buddhism & Jainism, Post-Mauryan Kingdoms, The Gupta Period, The Mauryans
Medieval History Important Topics: Establishment & Expansion of the Delhi Sultanate, Religious Movements in the Fifteenth & Sixteenth Centuries, Mughal Dynasty, Later Mughals, The Maratha State
Modern History Important Topics: European Penetration & British Conquest of India, Major Battles, Social & Cultural Awakening in India, The Great Revolt of 1857, Indian National Congress, Nationalist Movement, 1905-1918: Growth of Militant Nationalism, Struggle for Swaraj – I, 1919 – 1927, Struggle for Swaraj – II, 1927- 1947, Governors-General of India, Indian Princely States
Geography Movement Of Earth, Winds Soils In India, Interior Of Earth, Ocean & Ocean Currents, Agriculture In India, Latitudes & Longitudes, Volcanoes & Earthquakes, Transportation In India, Solar System, Habitats, Mineral Resources In India, Atmosphere, Physical Features Of India, Forests In India, All you need to know about the States of India, Rivers In India, World Geo. Facts I.E. Continents in the World.
Polity Framing Of The Constitution, President, Governor, Sources Of Indian Constitution, Vice President, Vidhan Sabha, Schedules & Parts Of Indian Constitution, Attorney General Of India, Vidhan Parishad, Chief Ministers, Comptroller Auditor General, Panchayats, Citizenship, Lok Sabha, Parliamentary Funds, Article 370, Rajya Sabha, Supreme Court, Emergency In India, Bills, High Court, Commissions, Prime Minister & Cabinet Ministers, Writs.
Computer Development of Computers, Input & Output Devices, Memory, Abbreviations
Current Affairs Last 6 – 8 Months, Important government schemes, awards and honors, sports news, books and authors, new appointments, etc.

Topic-wise Question Weightage of General Awareness Section

Aspirants preparing for SSC exams such as SSC GD, CGL, CHSL, CPO etc., can refer to the number of questions of the particular topic with difficulty level which were asked in the exam. The SSC General Awareness PDF is curated based on the topic wise weightage. Refer to the difficulty level and weightage of topics asked in the exam.

SSC CGL General Awareness Topics Weightage And Difficulty Level

Topic No. of Questions Level
History 5-6 Moderate
Geography 2 Easy-Moderate
Polity 5-6 Difficult
Economics 2 Moderate
Science 7-8 Easy-Moderate
Current Affairs 3-4 Moderate

SSC CHSL General Awareness Topics Weightage And Difficulty Level

Topic No. of Questions Level
Polity 2 Easy-Moderate
History 2-3 Moderate
Chemistry 3-4 Easy-Moderate
Books and Authors 2-3 Easy-Moderate
Geography 2-4 Easy-Moderate
Biology 2-3 Moderate
Physics 1-2 Moderate
Static GK 2-4 Easy-Moderate

SSC CPO General Awareness Topics Weightage And Difficulty Level

Topic No. of Questions Level
History 7 Easy
Geography 1 Moderate-Difficult
Polity 8 Easy-Moderate
Economics 8 Easy-Moderate
Biology 6 Difficult
Chemistry 5 Difficult
Physics 4 Difficult
Computer 2 Moderate-Difficult
Books & Authors 1 Difficult
Current Affairs 8 Easy

Tips to Crack SSC General Awareness Section

Look upon these basic tips to score well in the SSC general awareness section. The SSC General awareness PDF practice with dedicated preparation will make you improve your scores. Here are some tips for SSC General Awareness so that you can prepare well.

  • Prioritize your topics: As SSC general awareness syllabus is vast, aspirants can give importance to the repeated topics in the previous year papers. Also, aspirants can refer to the topic wise weightage given above.
  • Analyze Previous Year Question Papers: Aspirants must refer to the previous year question papers to recognize the topics that are frequently asked in the SSC exams.
  • Remember The Facts: Try to relate the facts or person name, location, or your surroundings. Try to revise what you have learned. Learn everything with interest and focus on its relevance in our life.
  • Revision is a must as it would consolidate whatever you have studied.
  • Read magazines, newspapers, daily current affairs and watch news channels for SSC General Knowledge.
  • Always create notes. It will help you to revise all the topics which you have covered in SSC Current Affairs.
  • Practice the SSC Bundle PDF Course given which is curated by studying the SSC general awareness previous year papers.

SSC General Awareness PDF 2022 – FAQs

Q. What type of GK is asked in SSC?

The general awareness section asked in exams are divided into four main categories. They are Static GK, Current Affairs, General Science and Miscellaneous topics.

Q. What are the topics under general awareness?

General awareness comprises various topics, such as sports, general knowledge, polity, economics, history, geography, science, scientific research, etc. 

Q. Which material is best for SSC general awareness?

SSC PDF Course by CAFunsta is one of the best materials for general awareness preparation.

Q. How to study general awareness for SSC Exams?

SSC general awareness preparation requires thorough knowledge of the topics asked, previous year weightage and difficulty level. Revising is one of the important factors in general awareness preparation. For more info, refer to the article.

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